Life after six months (+ photo dump)

Believe me when I say I would do anything just to escape a confrontation. Even though I have so much time on my hands, you would suddenly find me working out, reading a book, or worst, writing a blog post even though no one has heard anything from me for the past six months. That’s how much I hate it.

I know I have to face that conversation the soonest, but for now, let me run and try to be productive by writing again.

Nothing has changed, to be honest. Life (still) is shitty and I don’t think it will be lighter anytime soon. I’ve been doing my best to stay afloat but the waves keep reminding me na fuck, Amielle, you don’t know how to swim. You think I would have learned by now since it’s almost a year since the downfall happened, but nope, I’m still drowning.

I lost friends, people who I thought would be there for me when I’m at my lowest, people who I thought would be a helping hand but turned out to be the one who cut us more instead. I lost self-esteem, money, faith, and trust – a lot of it – this year. I have lost a lot.

So when I tell you how much I value the people and things in my life right now, the very few quality ones, know that it came from the bottom of my heart. It’s the same level of honesty as this post’s first sentence.

We still have to catch up on a lot of stories but for now, let me just dump some photos so you can say, “It’s nice seeing you smile again, Amielle.” Hahaha always craving for words of affirmation talaga! I guess some things never change. They never will. :)

Have a great month ahead everyone. I’ll be back.

Love, Amielle

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18 thoughts on “Life after six months (+ photo dump)

  1. Hi Miel, whatever hardships you are experiencing right now, know that we have God to run to. And whenever you feel you are drowning, si Lord ang magiging lifesaver mo. Kapit lang. Isang mahigpit na YAKAP.


  2. Hi, Amielle! Glad to see a post from you again! I check your site time and again hoping to read something from you. Your dailies post inspired me to write again somehow. Hehe! I am drowning, too. Suffocating even. But we will get through this!


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