dailies • just ranting

[this post is written in taglish.]

may 16, 2022 • 11:53

there are days where i don’t feel like existing at all. i want to leave all my responsibilities behind and not worry about anything anymore. i’m so tired. i really am.

screw you, k. look at what you’ve done.

may 17, 2022 • 21:46

butterflies in my stomach. grabe.

may 18, 2022 • 13:28

i don’t know how to win this fight anymore.

may 19, 2022 • 21:48

what a day!!

may 21, 2022 • 08:33

grabe the one liner thoughts above. obviously another fucked up (and busy) week for me. haha. good morning, saturday. the week flew by really fast. i feel like i could have done more but didn’t, thanks to my anxiety, and now i have to cram (again) just to have progress. i honestly don’t want responsibilities anymore. please.


for some reason, i woke up today singing taylor swift songs. buti pa si mareng taylor, doctor na. then there’s me.. not knowing what her next step is.

gusto ko nang bumalik ng uae. sobrang napapagod na ako sa mga isipin dito. i know that sounds really selfish and unfair; paulit ulit nalang rin ako for the past few months, pero tangina kasi. hahaha kakapagod.


having samgyupsal right now!! feeling ko deserve ko ‘to after mastress at tumakas sa law office.

may 24, 2022 • 11:42

pang-apat ko na yata ‘tong extend. i was supposed to leave on the 20th and i’m still here.


7 thoughts on “dailies • just ranting

    1. I want to pero I feel guilty if I’m doing something fun for myself. Huhu di ko alam. I feel like I don’t deserve na mag enjoy knowing my fam’s super stressed.

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    2. Hugs!!! Whether after or even during this stressful time, I hope may something (anything) that would at least make you guys smile and laugh together. But it’s not wrong to “escape” sometimes, Miellyyy; it’s about what you need, not what you think you (don’t) deserve. <3 Fighting! Praying for you :)

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  1. Missed seeing you around, Ate! I’ve been listening to Miss Taylor’s songs for probably a week already hehe I hope you’re doing good. If not, then it’s okay to not be okay at times. Sending you hugs with consent. 🤎


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