dailies • f the rich

may 12, 2022 • 12:09

fuck the rich.

yup, that’s how i’m starting today’s daily. i’d like to go back to the time where all this shit started — where all of a sudden, the people were divided into two: the rich and the poor.

the so called “rich privileges” will always be one of the things i could endlessly talk about. how someone poor can have the same talent, knowledge, and skills of someone rich, but will never get to achieve the rich’s success because he doesn’t have the same connections the rich has.

one can never be too rich. what will you do with all that money, anyway? even if you donate to so many organizations, you still have a lot left in your bank. JUST sitting in your bank. fucked up.

may 12, 2022 • 13:54

this thing that i need to do.. it’s draining.

i don’t want to do this anymore. i want everything to be finished cause i’m so, so tired; i just want to leave and never go back. why does this have to happen to my family again?

i need a break. and a big, warm hug. asap.

may 13, 2022 • 11:01

it’s nice when you see people you barely talk to anymore achieve the things they want.

even if you don’t know much about their life now, seeing them having or doing something you know they wanted even before — because you’ve talked about it together — gives you that sense of joy that maybe, hopefully, they’re doing okay.

may 14, 2022 • 07:37

i would like to hit myself in the head for always cramming and procrastinating. remember this thing that i’ve been dragging to do for days? i finished doing it in one hour. :—)

may 15, 2022 • 12:17

i’m not a big fan of spontaneous plans. i mean, i can be from time to time, but always? a big no.

i don’t like it when a plan is just.. pending.

pending, undecided, hanging and unsure. you don’t know if you’re going somewhere today or not and you can’t plan anything else for the day because your day depends on that pending plan. ugh

may 15, 2022 • 15:22

if my family isn’t going through something right now, i’m pretty sure i’ll be somewhere in europe, traveling. not stuck in my bedroom, sleepy, and in period pain.

9 thoughts on “dailies • f the rich

  1. Loads of prayers for you and your family Miel. I hope and pray this overs soon inshaAllah, so you all can have a sigh of relief and you can travel wherever you want 🙂

    Yaakap!!! 🤗🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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