the aftermath


the first week was the hardest.

spending almost three weeks in georgia and genuinely loving every bit of it made me get so attached to the country that i wouldn’t leave if there weren’t any personal stuff i need to work on in the uae. i even extended my stay for another week, that’s how much i loved being there.

i know this sounds super cheesy and emotional – how i’m feeling this way when it’s only a few weeks – but i know i shouldn’t be sorry for how i feel. it’s valid to feel this way and if i feel sad about it, i’m allowed to be sad about it. someone also told me to stop saying sorry a lot.


i never wanted to leave. georgia was my escape from how lonely my life is/was in the uae and i was so, so happy during my stay; i can’t even put it into words. i was so happy.


nothing is permanent. i am very well aware of that.

that’s why i went to georgia practicing non-attachment – not just on specific stuff or people but non-attachment to literally everything. but one thing i learned about myself is that i can never be that type of person. i know a few but it’s not just.. me. i tried and obviously failed. pretty bad.

it took me days to unpack my clothes cause i was afraid it would bring back a lot of memories. it did. (in fact, i’ve only unpacked my carry-on up til now.) i wanted to delete unnecessary photos cause i don’t want my storage wasted. but have i done it? i haven’t. i can barely scroll through my phone gallery.


bad decisions. why do i think i can handle non-attachment pretty well? why do i think i can be as detached as the people around me?

so hung up on you, georgia. i’m so hung up on you.