another scheduled post

oct 5, 10:53 pm

here’s the thing. i think no one can figure out how i’m feeling since i’ve been very “unreadable” nowadays. and to be honest? i’m okay with that.

she’s writing a lot? ah, she’s probably freaking lonely.

she’s writing a lot? ah, she’s probably happy, living her best life.

i remember having this convo with my bestfriend whom i haven’t talked to for more than four years. in the middle of catching up, he said i’ve changed a lot. he told me how i don’t have any favorites anymore – be it on food or even a color (!!) – or how i just don’t feel excited over little things anymore. heck, that time i even said i don’t wanna get married for lyf.

it’s something i still think of to this date.

is it because i’m growing older that i started to lose interest on things that aren’t relevant in my life now? is it because life took a big part of me when i was in pain a few years back? i don’t know. but whatever that reason is, thank you, because i have something to write about tonight.

oct 6, 12:22 pm

good morning. :) i like this. i like writing my thoughts out randomly. it feels like i’m back on tumblr, writing freely as much as i want. it feels nice.

though i’m pretty sure this will be another scheduled post again; since all my previous posts are. even though it seems like i’m kinda active on wordpress lately, i’m not. hope that explains the unanswered engagements from my posts. huhu sorry. i needed some time out for myself.

by the time you’re reading this, i’m out of the country doing another solo travel (of almost 2 weeks!!) but i promise i’ll catch up with your posts when i can.

oct 7, 01:15 am

remember how i wanted to be a writer and was so hardworking to make this blog my portfolio? that phase is gone. i stopped writing for others a long time ago, so this blog is as vulnerable and honest as it is now. this blog is mine and i will continue making it that way.

it’s time i get to be honest with myself again. so buckle up, i’m taking you with me.

10 thoughts on “another scheduled post

  1. i love this! I love that you are writing at the most random times. I’m doing the same because….wala lang, masaya hahahaha and hindi nakaka pressure. I love that I’ve found another person who blogs just for her own sake. I miss these types of posts.

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