you can’t fix people. let alone change them. the only thing you can do is try to help them be better and be their best self. but if they’re not willing to be acceptive of that change, then there’s literally nothing else you can do.

you can’t keep on draining yourself just to push someone to move out of their comfort zone. to think outside of their comfort zone. to make them realize how big their potential is.

leave. if that relationship is giving you nothing but negative emotions every single time, leave.

if someone really wants to be with you, they won’t even wait for you to tell them what needs to be done. they will have the initiative to do things, to say things. they won’t wait until you’re upset and mad just for them to realize something’s wrong. that something needs to be changed.

i have said this millions of times — know what you deserve. you’re already working on yourself and you deserve someone who’s doing the same.

you deserve someone who wants to grow with you. not someone you have to force to grow with you. someone with initiative. someone with plans and actually start on it. someone you can trust the future with. someone brave enough to get out of his comfort zone. someone who would compromise together with you. not someone who’s afraid to move and stay in the same spot he’s been in for so long. not someone who doubts himself and his abilities so much. not someone who, even after you’ve given solutions, still gives you nothing but shallow (and fixable) excuses.

you deserve so much better.

and i know you’re afraid – so, so afraid – of what’s going to happen next, but at least you’re brave enough to move and take a step forward. from a personal experience, you know not a lot of people do that. keep going. you’re doing great.

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