you know how when there are talks and the speaker goes, ask anything, there are no stupid questions? nope, can’t be me.

i don’t like stupid questions. i really don’t.

i don’t have the patience for it. especially when the answer is right. there. in front of you.

i don’t like explaining things, especially when you can find the answer to your question easily — if only you read and took some time to understand it. as what the elders would say, “if that’s a snake, it would have bitten you already.” a few times may be acceptable but if it just keeps on repeating, i get really annoyed asap. your brain is there for a reason, use it well.

i can be a patient person – most of the time, i am – but obviously, there are limits to everything.

i used to question myself if i’m bad for not having the patience for these things; not until i’ve watched a couple’s vlog years ago, and they were asked what the girl’s pet peeve is. the guy goes, “she doesn’t like stupid questions,” to which the girl agreed and explained the same stuff i just said above. i was like.. see? that’s normal.

i’m not impatient. i just have less patience for such conversations. that’s different.

5 thoughts on “patience

  1. omg. same pet peeve! 🙄 i hate it pag paulit ulit. you already know what to do, but for some reason you keep effing it up. like how??? kaya minsan nakakainis pag papatawarin mo agad tapos uulit na naman eh (ay yes may hugot pala hahaha, not just in romantic relationships ok?? haha)


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