August photo dump: covid restrictions, pink drink, Mimi, etc.

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August 18, 2021

I tried cooking arrozcaldo for the first time and it was.. salty. At first.

Mom told me to add hot water and more lemon to fix it, so no worries, arrozcaldo has been saved. Heh 😁 This is my favorite comfort food whenever I’m sick that’s why I really wanna learn how to do this.

August 19, 2021

My Aunt and Dad went for their vaccine booster shot today. It’s not required but personally, I feel like it’s Abu Dhabi’s subtle way of pushing people to take the vaccine. We have an app called Al Hosn and for you to get a green pass – a pass which allows you to enter malls, restaurants, gyms, hotels, beaches, etc.; or to summarize: most public spaces – you have to be fully vaccinated. On top of that, you need to take a PCR test every 30 days to maintain the green pass. There are free PCR tests around the city but if you’re boujee enough, you can pay 65 dirhams for a test.

picture ko daw s’ya

Take note: this is only in Abu Dhabi ha. Dubai and other emirates feel like another country because of little to no covid restrictions. It was only last week when Abu Dhabi opened its borders again for everyone without negative PCR results needed. For the last 16 months, you can enter Abu Dhabi ONLY if you have a negative PCR test result. I remember the dates cause that’s the last time I’ve been to Dubai!

One of my fave dinners during our stay at my Dad’s. He cooked sisig!

August 20, 2021

Here’s more photos of Mimi being silly and watching her fish friends.

August 22, 2021

I was invited for Kaylie’s birthday. 💜 Purple heart for my co-ARMY!

These girls are growing up so fast. 5 years ago, it was KC (the girl at the back) who I was babysitting. Now they have a new baby around.

August 23, 2021

Mimi being clingy while sleeping! Ugh, I miss her.

August 27, 2021

Time to go back to the city cause my Aunt’s vacation leave is over! We dropped by Dalma Mall first for some postpaid-related stuff then I tried Starbucks’ new pink drink before leaving. It was… okay.

It had coconut syrup and I don’t like coconut-flavored drinks, unless it’s just pure coconut juice, if that makes sense. It was years back – way way way back in HS or university days – when I tried a Bailey’s drink that had a coconut taste to it. I didn’t like it. Kaya ‘yun, whenever I drink something coconut-y, it takes me back to that time and it ruins the whole drink for me. Piña Colada? Nope. #TeamCosmopolitan 🍹 #ImABasicBish

We ate at Ming’s Chamber for dinner! Every time my Dad visits us in the city, I always make sure that we eat somewhere good. I like treating him to places with good (and actual) food instead of his usual pick na puro fast food.

We had mie goreng (really good!), mongolian beef (meh, didn’t like it at all. nothing still compares to pf’s mongolian beef) and yang chow fried rice (tasty! good enough for 3 pax).

August 28, 2021

My dad’s going back to Ruwais today and I bought pasalubong for Mimi! Dami n’ya new food! 🥰 We also ate at Off the Hook seafood restaurant for lunch.

Cat heaven right there!

August 31, 2021

JK’s vlive. Almost 3 hours of JK live, nag-birthday salubong pa kami. Haaay. To be in this fandom. 😌

That’s it. Nothing happened on the last few weeks of August since I was just at my Dad’s place. I was mostly reading a book or watching BTS; I swear that’s about it. Haha. I need to do something constantly, something that would make me productive.

I just wanna travel full-time.

And I’ve been thinking a lot about it actually.. Should I be, I don’t know, a content creator? I mean, I really enjoy doing films before, writing stories about my life. I just need that passion back.

Anyway, how was your August? I know it’s more than a month back and I’d understand if you barely remember how it went. I won’t even remember much of these if I didn’t have the photos, but I hope you had a great one. If not, just keep going. We’ll keep going and going and going until we find the place we’d be happy to stay in. Stay safe everyone. Love and light.


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