Sunday Currently vol. 16

Hello. It’s almost 3 am and I’m just mindlessly scrolling on my phone so why not write a Sunday Currently instead?


How to Make Friends with the Dark by Kathleen Glasgow and The Hating Game by Sally Thorne.

I have finally finished A Little Life a week ago – thank God – and it’s honestly the most depressing book I have ever read my whole life. Did I cry? Yes. But the tears only came on the last 5 or 10 pages of the book. The ending’s already expected, tbh. It’s just.. It’s painful. Beautifully written but painful. 3.5 out of 5; honestly won’t recommend this book unless you want your life to get worse.

I also finished three books in three days after A Little Life. The Love Hypothesis, 4 out of 5, super cute and light read; The Boy Who Steals Houses, 4.5 out of 5 and its short story prequel, The Girl Who Steals Christmas, 3.5 out of 5.

Bon Voyage Season 2 Episode 7.

(Was) Listening
to Korean OST Instrumentals when I was starting to write this post but had to pause it since I can’t write anything while listening to music. Same goes with reading. I can’t read books while listening to any kind of music. Even if it’s an instrumental. Nope.

Also!! Have you heard Coldplay x BTS’ new song? Here’s My Universe. Please listen to it! They just released an acoustic version today, too. Enjoy. :)

About what my dreams mean lately. I’ve been dreaming of people I know on a personal level this past week, it’s driving me crazy. Is it because I watched Judy or Weylie again? Is it because today’s September 26?

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell perfume. Got it as a freebie from my travel agency when we went to Georgia last July. I used it today cause Ate Pau, Tita Hy, JR, and I went to Denny’s for dinner to celebrate our investment’s one-year anniversary. Grabe, time flies.

For my family and loved ones’ good health always, especially my Mom & Dad who’s out most of the time working.

For everyone to receive the same blessings I received this year. Even more than that.

Life humbled me so much these past years so I hope this won’t come off as a brag. It’s just.. I’ve been nothing but grateful with everything that’s happening in my life and my family’s life that I genuinely hope everyone gets to experience the same. It’s not much but when you don’t have expectations with life anymore, everything it throws at you comes off as a blessing.

My university shirt and my friend, Red’s, shorts. I kind of own it now since I never gave it back to him.

He lent it to me when we went to Al Maya Island last summer. I was wearing denim shorts and I wasn’t aware that it’s not allowed pala sa pool – yup, I’m dumb sumtymz – so good thing he has an extra pair.

My new Shein haul!! I’ve ordered some clothes from Shein (getting ready for something, pero secret muna) and I’m so excited to wear them!

To sleep early but I’m still failing on that – obviously. The other day I found my old Tumblr account, which led me to my old WordPress account, hanggang biglang, ay.. 6 am na pala.

Some good stretch in my body. I feel like kulang lang ako sa stretch that’s why I’m super antukin lately. Or maybe I’m just really depressed. Nyork. I really need to go back to the gym.

Grateful. Really, really grateful, from-the-bottom-of-my-heart grateful. Thank you, Lord; thank you, universe; thank you so much for everything. My heart may not be in its happiest condition right now but at least, I can buy books, clothes, and food and that makes me feel better.

Pero sana lang maging totoong better na ‘no kasi ang mahal naman ng lungkot na ‘to????

Oh well… That’s all for this week’s entry. Thank you for taking the time to read this! Sending hugs to everyone and have a great week ahead!

Love, Amielle

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Currently vol. 16

    1. Hmmmm…. Try mo lang if want mo talaga Ate. Pero don’t say I didn’t warn you. Ems. Hahaha try mo kahit a few chapters. Okay naman sya super heavy lang talaga.


  1. Did you finish na In The Soop 1? Also grabe di pa ako tapos sa Bon Voyage! Kaloka huhu daming content. Bakit kasi ngayon lang tayo grr hahahahaha
    Also, I super love My Universe huhuhu
    Next read ko yung The Love Hypothesis :D
    Miss you Aimz! <3


    1. Yes!! Yun pinaka-una nilang variety show ko na niwatch after ko sila madiscover sa Tiktok. Hahahaha. Grabe no ang daming content di ko talaga mahabol parang hanggang end of the year nakaline up 😭 Miss you!! Love u!


  2. My Universe!!! <3 Not (yet) a BTS fan, but have been a Coldplay fan since foreverrrr!

    I'm trying to get back on reading para hindi puro KDrama laman ng utak ko. Hahaha! I'm restarting with The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck :P

    Good luck with the sleeping bit! :)


  3. Una sa lahat! Di ko gets bat nawala ung pagkaka-follow ko sa blog mo? Labo.

    Ang galing mo magbasa huhu can’t finish books anymore like I used to. Most depressing book I’ve read is Kite Runner. If you haven’t read it, ganda!


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