August photo dump: thoughts, birthday celebs, Louvre, et al.

Hello, mabuhay! I was reading Maine’s blog last night and got inspired to write about my daily hanash lately. It’s been a while since I wrote something personal, and for some reason, I had to step back and think why I stopped doing it, when it was actually one of the reasons why I started blogging in the first place.

I’ve always liked sharing pieces of myself to everyone, but I guess through time, I just became more and more of a private person who rarely share anything. I learned to protect the people who are dear to me, learned how to keep memories – especially the precious ones – only to myself, and at times, I even shut myself off completely from everyone if needed.

But then there are those days where I would randomly get messages from friends or strangers that says, “I liked reading your blog cause it feels like you’re talking to me and we’re just catching up.” That’s exactly what I felt while reading Maine’s blog – even if I’m merely just a stranger to her – and I wanted to make other people feel the same way. For me, that’s what writing is. You share your happiness and successes and they rejoice with you; you share your fair share of misery and they listen to you. It’s about the connection. Writing is about the connection you make with others.

I plead guilty for not having the mental energy to socialize with friends lately, so here goes my attempt of reconnecting and catching up with everyone through my August photo dump. Have fun, this is going to be a long post.

August 1, 2021

This was taken when my fam and I were checking out from a hotel staycation. I’d like to call it that just so I can rationalize the expenses lang but honestly, it’s because our room’s AC was broken the day before, and imagine living in the desert during peak summer season without AC. You can’t.

What’s funny is when we checked in, the hotel also has an ongoing AC maintenance tapos the morning after, we woke up with no electricity… :) Hehe. Nice.

I also received flowers from Tali and Sandra that afternoon as a late birthday present. I didn’t have any vase so don’t judge my tumblers. They did its job pretty well.

August 3, 2021

My friends and I went to Pinoy Streetfood Restaurant near our place for dinner. I had inasal while they had chicken isaw and chicken skin paired with rice. We also had kwek kwek, siomai, and cheese sticks on the side. Mmm sarap.

August 6, 2021

Louvre day! My friends (a different group this time, I don’t know why I had to mention that) got free tickets from work and you know me, if it’s free, count me in.

I’ve been to Louvre multiple times – the friends whom I went to Pinoy Streetfood with all work there – that’s why I didn’t take photos anymore. This time, I really tried to appreciate art and read most of the galleries’ descriptions, but it’s so hard to focus when your friend is stupid enough to say, “I honestly can’t find the heart to appreciate pots and stoves.” Dumbass.

We went to La Brioche and had their chicken & mushroom pasta, gourmet beef burger, and grilled chicken & organic quinoa salad after. It was a very, very good lunch! Everything tasted amazing; even the drinks were super refreshing. I just wish it’s not as pricey as it is though.

It was still early and we can’t decide where else to go, so we drove from one place to the next, not really staying because of certain circumstances, e.g.: the bowling center had a one-hour wait or Anantara doesn’t have available parking cause it’s the weekend, so we ended up in a hidden restaurant in Al Bateen, with an overlooking view of Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Towers. It almost seemed like a private area due to its location but I really liked it and I hope it will be kept that way.

August 7, 2021

Stepped into a gym again after two years. I don’t know where I got the audacity to join a body pump class after years of no lifting, kaya ayon, my body was super sore even until three or four days after. ‘Di na ako umulit. ‘Di pa pala ako ready eh. Hahaha

August 9, 2021

My friends (a different group ulit, wow daming friends?) made a little something for my post-birthday celebration! They’re always the sweetest ones, super artsy and creative, and they always make sure everyone feels loved on their special day.

Tbh, I didn’t expect anything cause it’s been almost a month since my birthday and I thought we’re only surprising Red cause his birthday is on the 10th. I just had my doubts when Justin & Rei asked me where I was and I answered, “I’m outside Jas’ building. About to take the lift,” then they said “WAIT. Just go up with Red at the same time.” Crazy.

August 12/13, 2021

Slept over at my best friend’s place! We ordered nachos and popcorn from Vox Cinema (best nachos in town) and I made her watch Four Sisters and a Wedding. Haha!

Also, I had to write this appreciation post for the Khurshid-Butt family because every time I come to their place – forever welcomed with open arms – they always make butter chicken for me, for they know how much I looove their recipe. I don’t even eat other places’ butter chicken cause it has a different taste. Only theirs.

August 14, 2021

My Dad came to the city to pick my Aunt and I up as we’re going to stay at his place again for a few weeks, just before my Aunt’s vacation leave ends. We had Off The Hook for lunch because he’s craving for it (more like wala kasi no’n sa bundok; cheret) then went to the Gold Souk after to buy some things. I bought a ring for myself (I consider it a late birthday gift to rationalize my expense, again) and Dad bought himself and my Mom new rings, as well.

We left for Ruwais after cause it’s going to be a long drive and we already miss our cat. Will talk about Mimi on my next post but here’s a photo of her for now!! I love her so much, I’d do anything for her. 😭

Until my next post!

Love, Amielle

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19 thoughts on “August photo dump: thoughts, birthday celebs, Louvre, et al.

  1. Great to see that you’re enjoying with your family and taking out time for yourself. For me, having good food is very satisfying and I believe for you also, it is 😁

    I really enjoyed reading your post. Waiting for the next one ✌🏻

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Re: Your hotel stay
    That’s a bummer… kainerz yung fact na wala nga kayong A/C kaya nagstaycation tapos fluctuating pa yung kuryente sa hotel :D

    I have seen a Youtube video showcasing NYC hotels, there was this guy who stayed in an expensive hotel tapos nawalan sya ng A/C sa room nya so to compensate, inupgrade sya ng super duper upgrade to the Penthouse… kasi this happened @ the peak of Covid & medyo wala namang tenants masyado…kaya yun… wala lang :D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha…. in fairness, the guy was vlogging about the hotel, siguro dapat may youtuber vibe rin pag nagchecheck-in tayo sa hotels, noh?

      At least may pa-breakfast :D :D :D


  3. wish I had the same energy with you in posting this way back when I was still in Bahrain in my early 20s haha. good job in updating your blog regularly! 🙂


  4. okay. hindi ko kinaya yung nawalan ng kuryente ang hotel hahaa. Dapat hindi lang free breakfast. Dapat another free stay lol.

    and omg, nag crave ako bigla ng isaw. huhu


  5. OMG love this post miel parang nakikipagchikahan lang. natawa ako dun sa part na nagstaycation para sa AC pero sira din yung pinuntahan! talk abou timing. louvre looks so nice, one day, pag vaccinated na ako and may sense of normalcy na uli, baka makapunta din ako dyan. so nice to see you having fun and just enjoying life! <3


    1. Ateeee, sorry late reply! Hahaha. Wala pa kayo slot for vaccine or di pa ikaw pwede kasi breastfeeding pa?

      Hopefully I get to see you soon and baby din!! 💜💜

      Liked by 1 person

    2. laging walang slot dito sa amin eh! unahan lagi since kami pipili ng date, ayun laging walang date. LOL. sana nga soon, at sana by then mas okay ka na at di laging tulog! :P god bless! <3


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