Sunday Currently vol. 15

Hello, mabuhay! Nothing new this week so here’s another Sunday Currently.


(Still) Reading
A Little Life. Last 100 pages, finally.

If you’ve read my last entry, you’ll know how frustrated I am with that book. A Little Life started out really good but it just kept on getting worse through time. Bad stuff keeps on happening and I can’t take it – for the life of me. Quoting a comment I read on Tiktok, “It’s a good book but it didn’t make my life any better. I’m sure it only made it worse.” Haha. It’s that heavy.

Here are also the trigger warnings for a heads up. Someone even told me, “I’m sorry you had to go through that” when I ranted on IG. I’m like.. Bestie… it’s my choice. I am at fault, please don’t be sorry.

My only flex is that I’m a hundred pages left and not a tear has been shed (yet). Is this another “if you tell me I’m gonna cry, I won’t cry” book? Kasi swear, if you watch reviews on TikTok or YouTube, people are SOBBING. Or maybe I really am just heartless at this point, I don’t know.

Back to watching B99! It’s been a while since I’ve last watched it and thought I’d give it a try, just to ease my thoughts out a bit. It worked naman.

Here are also some of my unfinished TV series:

  • BTS Bon Voyage Season 2
  • Hometown Cha Cha Cha – suuuper cute!! I stopped watching muna on Episode 2 and will continue it once there are 7 or 8 episodes na para ‘di ako mabitin.
  • Healer

To my clock ticking.

About what time I’ll be able to sleep tonight. The earliest I’ve slept for the past few weeks is 4 am and that was yesterday.

My best friend a happy birthday! I know he’s reading this cause he always visits my blog. Kilig! Grateful for our friendship. Alam mo ‘yan.

It’s also Namjoon of BTS’ birthday!! Happy Birthday, Joonie!

To do solo travel again this year. Or maybe skydiving. Pero syempre, let’s hope for COVID to be gone muna. Jusko.

A Barbie shirt and my old gym leggings.

My cookie monster PJ set!! It’s super comfy and I’d wear it every day if I could.

to finish A Little Life as soon as possible because I just.. really wanna start over. I want a light and happy book! Please suggest some book recommendations!

My alone time. I mean, even though I’m not talking to anyone these days – tamang update lang with fam – feeling ko, there’s still something missing.

Parang gusto ko ulit mag-soul searching at mag-solo travel like what I did two years ago nung malungkot ako. Ems. Dami ka pera, teh? It’s not déjà vu. Naghahanap lang talaga ako ng excuse para marationalize ‘yung gastos ko.

Naalala ko tuloy ‘yung super tagal ko nang craving for paella pero ‘di ako umoorder. Ang mahal kasi dun sa restaurant na gusto ko besh! Eh sakto nag-birthday ‘yung friend ko this week, inorderan ko nga.. Haha! Kala nila birthday handa ko ‘yun for him pero ‘yung totoo, inorder ko talaga ‘yun mostly for myself. Nyahah

Okay. I’m not sad today but I’m not happy rin. Just.. okay. My mind is at peace, and slowly, it’s like the universe is telling me that the right decision has been made.

Walang iiyak in a few months na may halong pagsisisi ah? Nakakaloka kasi lately parang history repeats itself eh. Kapagod. 😅 Oh well, that’s it for this week’s entry. Hoping for a better week ahead!! Stay safe everyone!

Love, Amielle

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Currently vol. 15

  1. Great to hear that your mind is at peace. I can’t suggest you any book sorry coz I don’t read 😅

    Right now you are neither happy nor sad, that’s ok for now 🤗🤗 But I really wish to see your post where you will really feel and write that you’re happy. Btw, if you have anything to talk about, feel free as I am also awake until late these days.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sending you hugs.
    Amin. Fingers crossed for all of the thing you want above.

    For book, I do love go to my children book shelf for a light and happy one, like Pippy Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren or any Enid Blyton or Hans Christian Anderson books.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Yuna! I actually tried reading The Little Prince during breaks from A Little Life but I still haven’t finished it til now.


  3. Book reco: The miseducation of cameron post. super habaaaaa. pero maganda naman. Need a little patience when reading it though. Super maeexercise ang imagination mo cause napaka vivid ng pag kakasulat!


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