Sunday Currently vol. 13

Hello, mabuhay! This week went by in a blur. It feels like yesterday when I was drafting an entry for Sunday Currently that I didn’t finish, and now I’m drafting a new one again. Aside from my friends surprising me with a a super post-birthday celebration last Monday and me sleeping over at my best friend’s place last Thursday, there isn’t anything new to tell; so here goes another Sunday Currently.


One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus. I only started yesterday and interesting s’ya so far. I’m not getting bored yet – which happened a lot of times this month – but it hasn’t reached the point where it’s a can’t-put-down type of book for me. Not yet.

BTS’ past contents. I just realized how they make so much content compared to other Hollywood artists without you having to ask for it. It’s like every day or every other day, they have new content for their fans and I’m not even complaining.

To my room’s white noise.

About how many books I’ll be able to finish this month. I haven’t finished anything yet and we’re halfway done with August. Can you believe.

My scented candle from Bath and Body Works. Its scent is called Paris Café and it smells like chocolate and coffee mixed together. One of my favorites.

Hoping (and praying)
For my family’s good health and safety always.

A very old pambahay shirt and shorts, matched with hotel slippers that we got from checking in last time because our room’s AC was broken. It’s a funny story ’cause we checked in for that reason, but upon reaching, we were informed that the hotel also has AC maintenance. Iyak.

A new phone case. The one I’m using now looks tortured because my phone fell a lot in Georgia.

My new resin materials!! This one naman is a very wholesome story.

I have a customer from my small business who’s been with me since last year. She’s ordered from me a LOT of times (mind you, it’s always a big order) and long story short, we became sort of friends. I guess. Haha! Well, I consider her one. Her name’s Noora and she’s so sweet and so genuine and honestly, just one of the loveliest girls out there. She never fails to compliment my work and always tells me how she’s ordered from other resin shops but keeps coming back to me because of the work quality I give. uwu 🥺

Moving forward, she randomly messaged me last month and said that she ordered resin materials for me to use and practice. (I know, right. What?!) Then she sent screenshots of the order after, showing me everything she bought. The package is coming from Australia and it’s worth more or less 1000 AED… Which is around 14000 pesos or 280 dollars….

I didn’t know how to react! It’s the most expensive gift I got from someone and we haven’t even seen each other in person! It was very hard for me to accept ’cause I never really liked it when people buy expensive things for me; much more coming from someone who just met me online! However, she reminded me how I deserve it and how she really just wants to see me grow because I have the potential to do bigger and better things. Hayyyy.

It’s still crazy when I think about it now, to be honest. I guess it’s true when they say that sometimes, your biggest supporters will be strangers. I’m also talking about you, Lumi, just in case you’re reading this. I’m so, so grateful for you and Noora. Thank you.

Grateful. I was feeling sleepy earlier but after talking about the story above and watching Parasite last night (which I want to talk about on another post), I just feel really grateful. Grateful for people believing in me and supporting me no matter what I do. And grateful for every little thing that I have.

There are people out there who wants to see you win. Always remember that.

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope you all had a great week.

Love, Amielle

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16 thoughts on “Sunday Currently vol. 13

  1. Belated happy birthday!
    Started a new book in the beginning of August too and until now di pa din tapos 😂 It’s called The Miseducation of Cameron Post. Ang haba. Over 1000 pages. Tsaka medyo nahirapan ako basahin cause napaka vivid and detailed nung pag kakasulat. Minsan, I have to read over it again to be sure na naiintindihan ko hahahah. So far naman maganda. I can’t wait to finish it though. Lol


    1. Thank you, Ate!!
      Grabe yung 1000 pages. Hahahaha ako kakaumpisa ko palang ng A Little Life over 800 naman yon iniisip ko na kelan ko kaya matatapos 😂


  2. Still waiting for the resin business to reach the PH. Hahaha. Love reading your blogs. Feels like a conversation with you.


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