Sunday Currently vol. 12

Hello, mabuhay! I honestly forgot that I have a scheduled post this week, not until I started drafting this post. It’s kind of a series, wrote it more than a month back, and now I’m so pressured to finish it. Lelz. Anyway, the past week has been a little productive and my weekend has been well spent. Here’s another Sunday Currently.


Nothing. :( I’ve been on a reading slump since April; it’s so sad. I’ve started three or four books since then but none of them has taken me out of that slump. Everything was put back on the DNF shelf.

I’m not binge-watching anything at the moment but I’ve been watching a lot of films. The last movies I watched were Cherry – starring my long-time-imaginary-boyfriend Tom Holland – and Friends: The Reunion.

To the sound of sirens outside. How do you differentiate police siren and ambulance siren, by the way? I may not have paid attention in person. *brb, will google.

About what to have for lunch tomorrow. I’ve tried to cook champorado and lumpiang shanghai for the first time this week and both are a yes for me. Weee.

To be honest, I actually like cooking. I just don’t like the process before cooking – aka preparing the ingredients. I can’t cut onions properly without crying. :'( Any tip that worked for you? Everything I found on Google is a scam for me.

Fabric conditioner from our newly washed clothes.

To have some luck on trading this week. Please… I’m saving for something.

For a better week.

Wow… I just realized it’ll be June next week. Half of the year is already gone. What the heck.

My university shirt and pambahay shorts.

The shawarma I had for lunch today! I never liked shawarma when I was in the Philippines but now that I’m living in the Emirates, it’s one of my go-to foods whenever I don’t know what to eat.

To read a good book that will take me out of the slump! I’ve been eyeing A Little Life by Hana Y. but I’m still preparing for the emotional damage it can possibly give me. I mean.. Have you read and watched the reviews? Everyone’s a mess.

Tired. I rarely go out (don’t get fooled by my IG stories, they’re all planned), so when I do, it drains the heck out of me.

I remember talking to T earlier on our drive home.

A: J and others are inviting me for a staycation this week in Marriott.
T: Okay.
A: I don’t want to go.
T: Why?
A: Not that I don’t want to. It’s just.. my energy to socialize is already used this weekend. I have to recharge first.

And he just laughed because he knew exactly what I meant. Haha! So friends, if you’re reading this and I said no to your invite, please don’t take it personally. It’s all on me.

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you all had a great week.

Love, Amielle

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Currently vol. 12

  1. Cool trick na tinuro sakin when cutting onions without crying is: hold your breath while cutting them! Ewan ko pero works for me talaga haha.

    Also, can totally relate sa drained social energy. Kahit zoom catch up with friends minsan hindi ako nakaka-attend if I had too much socializing for the week. Buti my friends understand those moments din haha. Ingats always!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg, ang tagal ko pa naman maggayat ng sibuyas. Baka dun ako lalo maiyak sa hindi paghinga. Hahaha. Thank you, Ate! Will try this. Ingat din ikaw always!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Uy maidagdag nga yung book na yan sa to-read list ko. On a reading slump din ako eh. 😅 Sobrang relate din ako dun sa nauubos na energy when it comes to socializing. 😂 Mga introvert ngang tunay. 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How is the Friends: The Reunion? My sister is interested in that one, too. Also, are veg shawarma available in the Emirates? I hope you get your energy and drive back, but do not force it. These things come and go as you very well know.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you’re a fan of Friends, it’s beautiful. I really enjoyed it. Personally, I’ve never seen veg shawarma in menus (or maybe I just don’t focus much) but I’m guessing there should be!

      Thank you for always dropping by!! May I also know who I normally talk to here? How do I know if it’s Markus or Micah? 😅


    2. Maybe next time you will notice because I pointed it out just now. Haha. I am curious to try Middle Eastern food. Big fan of spices. But not sure if there will be veg choices for me. Hello, it is Micah.


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