Are serial killers born or made?

What is that one thing you think you will never be?

I just finished watching The Call on Netflix and the movie is just like what I am now – wait for it cause I really took advantage of this pun – bloody.

Synopsis: Connected by phone in the same home but 20 years apart, a serial killer puts another woman’s past – and life – on the line to change her own fate.

It was great for a thriller-suspense film and the main highlight, for me, was the lead actors’ acting. It’s also my first time watching anything Jeon Jong Seo but she did amazing! And of course, the legendary Park Shin Hye. This woman truly has it all.

I’m not here to talk about the movie, though. I don’t even know why I started writing about this? As in, my first (and only) thought after the film ended was my first question. What is that one thing you think you will never be?

Mine would be a lot of things but here are some that come to mind:


Charot. Hahaha! Kidding aside.

• An embalmer. I think I can never be one ’cause I’m a scared baby. I’ve watched quite a few horror films with embalmers as leads and we all know nothing good happened.

• A doctor. I can’t stand the sight of blood except my own (or maybe my loved ones). It’s not like I’ll faint; just the sight of it makes me cringe. I can’t tell someone that their loved one passed away also no matter how much I tried saving them. I feel like I’d bring that burden forever and.. sigh. I really can’t do it.

• A serial killer. I literally just said I can’t stand the sight of blood. Do you really think I’d go run around town and murder people?

How can people do that? How can people decide that they want to take other people’s lives – just like that – and they’re.. okay?? How can they continue living like nothing’s wrong? How can some people have no empathy or compassion in their bodies?

Are serial killers made or are they born like that?

I got curious with my own question so I read about it. Lol. Are serial killers born or made?

There are studies that say part of the reason “killers” become one may be childhood abuse, which causes physical damage to the brain.

Another breakthrough came in 1993 with a family in the Netherlands where all men had a history of violence. 15 years of research revealed that they all lacked the same gene. This gene produces an enzyme called MAOA, which regulates the levels of neurotransmitters involved in impulse control. It turns out that if you lack the MAOA gene or have the low-activity variant you are predisposed to violence.

So it seems that a genetic tendency towards violence, together with an abusive childhood, are literally a killer combination – murderers are both born and made. [Source: BBC News | Psychology Today]

I don’t know who needs to learn that tonight aside from me but it is what it is.

I’m curious about what your answer is to my question, though. What is that one thing you think you will never be?

Love, Amielle

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8 thoughts on “Are serial killers born or made?

  1. I’ve had the same questions for years! I’ve always wished to share the same birth date with some (or at least one) of my favorite authors and poets, but when I Googled it, most of my “birthmates” were serial killers and psychopaths. This lead to me to try the reincarnation test online and, lo and behold, same result. Haha.

    But on a serious note, I do believe a lot of factors contribute to the making of a man (for the better or worse). :)


  2. I had these same thoughts nung pinanood ko yung Mindhunter. 😄 Like, wala naman talagang masamang tao, nagbago lang sila dahil sa pinagdaanan nila.


  3. I will never be a passive person. It just gives me the creeps, Sis. There’s too much silence in the after life so why seal your lips during this lifetime. Lol.

    And oh, I’ll NEVER BE AN ENGINEER, ARCHITECT, or a MATHEMATICIAN. The only thing my brain is capable of doing is arithmetic — hirap na hirap pa. Hahahaha!


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