Sunday Currently vol. 8

I’m now in bed after a what I think is a productive day. It’s still lonely, just like how the previous days were, but at least it’s productive. I made resin items for my next batch’s release and I successfully forced myself to do household chores.

And now, I’m writing another Sunday Currently after more than a month.



Nothing. I was reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time then switched to Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine but both stopped somewhere.

I also started reading the Bible a few days ago but some parts just doesn’t match with me so I stopped, as well.


Friends. I have finally started it (again) after stopping at S01E02 months – or maybe a year – back. I used to compare it with HIMYM that time and I remember thinking how some jokes aren’t actually funny; not to add the laughing people in background.

I guess you just get used to it ‘cause I finished one season in 2 days. Either that or I’m really bored at home or I’m now liking it. Anyway, I’m on S02E07, still LSS with its OST.


To some white noise. The sound of my clock ticking. The buzzing noise my AC makes.


Of not finishing this post because my eyes are closing. I’m sleepy at 1 AM. Wow, can you imagine? I will just proofread this tomorrow when I wake up so if you find any mistakes, it’s not me.


For this month to end fast. I hate November. So much. This is the month I curse the most because bad things always happen during this time. November 2013, 2018, 2019, and now 2020. It’s always this month where I get really sad and I just shut down from everyone.


That I’ll have more opportunity for investments and source of income. Most of my investment profits go to charity so I aim to help more this December.

I need a job.


A blue tank top I used to wear at the gym and gray boxer shorts, under a duvet that’s thick enough to warm my stick figured body. Fortunately.


One of my customer’s review on the items she ordered! It’s my biggest order yet and the girl is SO sweet. I got so so so happy when she sent me the photos and videos (even though I’ve seen them obviously) but I don’t know! Something about it made me really kilig. It made my day just as the package made hers. Unexplainable feeling.


To have a breath of fresh air. Things have been pretty rough lately that I have to force myself to do things. A better week isn’t too much to ask, is it?


Really sleepy. Just dropping by to let you guys know how I’m doing, in case anyone’s curious. Char!

It’s almost a month since I deactivated my Facebook & Instagram and I can say it lessened the bad shit I’m feeling. Also made me realize how I’m actually not missing out on anything. (Or maybe I am but it doesn’t really bother me anymore.) As long as I get to catch up with my family & friends on Messenger or WhatsApp, then I’m good.

Sharing with you a quote that I saw online:

© poetryofdhiman

Good night everyone. May the stars align for us this week.

Love, Amielle

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