An eventful week

Skipping Sunday Currently today cause this week was an eventful one.

i. Monday and Tuesday were extra busy. I posted a video on TikTok and it (somehow) got unexpected number of views which has given me an increase in orders.

these aren’t all of it yet 🥺

ii. Tuesday night was crazy. Our landlady came to collect our rent and told us that she won’t be renewing our flat’s contract anymore. Apparently, the building’s owner isn’t giving discounts for contract renewal and told her, “If you don’t like the price, leave.” Imagine. In this pandemic.

I’m not sure if I mentioned before but resin is a very toxic chemical. You need proper PPE like respirator mask, gloves, and goggles while doing it. You should work in a ventilated and open area. You can’t even sleep in the same room where you’re doing resin.

Currently, I’m working in this vacant room with a balcony next to ours. In case it hasn’t clicked yet, this shifting issue is a big problem because it means we have to look for a room with balcony instead. They’re higher than the normal room prices so y’all know your girl was stressed as hell. I already had plan B – even a plan C – but at that time, I just hoped things will work out for us. The only thing I’m certain of is the idea of not stopping this small business. It’s the only thing I have right now.

iii. We started looking for our new place on Wednesday. By we, I’m talking about everyone in this flat. 3 rooms, 6 people in total.

I like my flatmates. Aside from them giving my Aunt & I food every time, they’re – how do I call them – normal? Hahaha. This flat’s really silent since we’re mostly just in our rooms. No one smokes, drinks, parties, and we all pay on time. I feel like they also like us naman so we decided that we’re all shifting together. It’s better than having new flatmates to get along with, anyway.

iv. I had my arms, underarms, and abdomen hair lasered for free on Thursday! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do but sis, one session for underarm hair only is 300 AED. You know my miser a$s won’t do it. Luckily, my friend’s girlfriend works on a reputable skin clinic and they’re looking for volunteers. Napaka-hampaslupa talaga, basta free eh, ‘no? Hahaha. De. What happens is whenever there’s a new hire, a trainer will show how things are done, so no worries, all is well!

Also, since I never waxed my arms cause I don’t really need to, I just learned that I have quite a few moles on my arms after the procedure. Lol. It wasn’t that painful. It just feels like big ants are biting you continuously over and over again. Haha. Will I do it again? Only if it’s free. (Or if I’m rich enough that 300 AED is nothing for me.)

I ate at a nearby Arabic restaurant and ordered a tawook sandwich after; safest one since I don’t know the menu. It was really good. They had super cute interior, too, and a good lighting for a selfie.

v. Dad visited on Friday and we went out for dinner. We went to Oriental Korner, a Filipino-Chinese restaurant we normally go to and I had my favorite, lumpiang shanghai! Their shanghai’s the best I’ve tasted in UAE, even my non-Filipino friends loved it!

vi. My epoxy resin came on Saturday and I immediately started doing pending orders. My resin supplier decided to increase his price by 40% all of a sudden, so now I’m in the process of adjusting my prices. Aaaa, I hate Math. I also emailed UpWork regarding my account suspension reviewal so let’s hope for the best.

vii. And here we are, Sunday. Things are starting to fall into place. Thankfully, we found a good room with a balcony on the budget that we want! A friend is also staying over for a few days and she’s been cooking for us! Yesterday, we had ginataang crabs and today, we had spaghetti cause it’s my brother’s birthday. My Aunt also received the “Employee of the Month” award at work and they gave her a gift voucher so we’ll go for grocery tomorrow. I’m so excited for this week’s meals!

Oops, didn’t realize it’s been almost 700 words now but if you’re still here, thank you for staying. I’ve never been this busy in a while (and my lower back still hurts as heck) but it’s okay! I’d rather be productive than stay in bed and scroll on my phone all day. I’m just really grateful that I’m not in a rush anymore. I know I’m doing my best and that’s all that matters. Everything will fall into place – slowly but surely. I hope you know it’s applicable in your life, too.

Here’s to a productive month ahead. :)

Love, Amielle

16 thoughts on “An eventful week

    1. Oo, Ate! Kaso napakamahal ng laser kasi ihhh HAHAHA inask ko naman, sabi nila if di raw possible talaga mag go for next session ng laser, pede naman daw bumalik sa normal waxing after a month.

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  1. I’m really glad things began to fall into place by the end of the week, and I have no idea why I haven’t seen your work before but it’s so gorgeous! Congratulations on the increased customers and for finding a new place! xx


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