Sunday Currently vol. 7

You know I just renewed my domain and WordPress plan once I start posting every week again. Haha! I’m just kind of half-forcing myself to write at this point because, girl… it’s $66 a year. And being the unemployed person that I am, sis, that’s heavy.

Anyway, this is good. It reminds me of how much I love and enjoy writing. It’s nice to have a place where I can write my thoughts out during this season. I know I’ve mentioned this before but what I love most about writing is it’s just there. You may stop doing it for a while but it’s always.. just there. You just have to go back and it will welcome you with open arms. Oh well, here’s another Sunday Currently!


the same book from last week’s post. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. I was so busy this week catching up on orders and deadlines that I didn’t have time to do other things.

Healer on Netflix. I tried watching The Umbrella Academy cause my best friend, Kae, watches it but the first few episodes were too slow for me. I think I’ve only watched until Episode 2.

Also, please stop telling me to watch American Murder. 4 of my friends already told me about it and I know they mean well since I’m a huge fan of crime-related movies/podcasts, but I stopped watching and listening to them for months now. It paranoid and stressed the hell out of me that 1. I either think about an unresolved murder out of nowhere, 2. Get super sad for the victim’s family for quite a while, or 3. Feel so paranoid every time I’m alone, that I often overthink someone’s outside coming to kill me. For real.

I still like watching mindf*ck films, though. Watch The Invisible Guest on Netflix. Still my current favorite, beat me to it!

to the sound of my keys while typing this. Plus the k-drama my Aunt is watching.

about… nothing? Lol. It’s almost bedtime so I’m almost done for the day. There’s nothing else to think about.

for a great month ahead. More sales and more blessings, please!

that I’ll be able to put more time on applying for a job my heart is into. If you’re going to ask me what I really want to do in life, I want to work remotely. Writing, proofreading, social media management, anything related to that field. Most of my close friends and family know that. I’m pretty sure I also mentioned it here before.

I’ve always just wanted to travel, stay at a certain place for months and learn about their culture, while working at the same time. You know those digital nomads who work at coffee shops in San Francisco, La Union or Tel Aviv? That is what I want.

my (old) gym clothes. I’m saying old cause I haven’t gone to the gym for a year now; lost all the muscles and weight that I’ve gained and I’m back to the stick figure Mielly. Sis wala na ako ulit pwet.

how my friends are starting their businesses and thriving on it!

to have a back massage sooo bad. My back has been hurting from all the resin work (not that I’m complaining) but man, it would be good to have a full body massage right now.

sleepy. I’m just wrapping this up then I’ll be sleeping. I’m also happy cause I can’t remember when I last took melatonin pills before bed. Meaning, I’ve been sleeping normally again and I don’t overthink at night anymore. I still get sad some nights but that’s when I know everything’s better ’cause I didn’t say most nights right there. :)

It gets better, kids. Life gets better.

I just remembered I have a pending topic from last week’s post. I can’t even remember what it’s about but I’ll check tomorrow. Hahaha. Good night! Talk soon.

Love, Amielle

20 thoughts on “Sunday Currently vol. 7

  1. I’m also loving how my friends are starting their businesses! ❤️ I missed talking to you, ate Amielle! And grabe ang mahal ng WordPress plan! 😨 I recommend self hosting ate if you want, mas mura kesa sa WordPress.


    1. Miss ko rin kayo kachikahan!! Huhu sorry, wala pa ako time magbackread pero soon, catch up ako! ❤️

      Actually, want ko talaga kasi nga mas mura kaso medyo nahassle-an ako ang daming process. Turuan mo nga ako :( HAHA or next year before mag-expire, lapitan kita! Around magkano kapag ganun?


  2. Next time try mo consider ung domain lang ang babayaran, it’s $22. For me mas practical para sa mga on-off bloggers. :P Wag mo na panuorin ung Amerincan Murder, it’s sad plus ang bobo nung murderer. Kung mahilig ka sa crime stuff na before, mas makakaisip ka ng better plan sa ginawa niya. So wag na…sad lang siya talaga. Aliw na aliw pa din ako sa bookmarks mo, hoping you success kasi kakaiba talaga siya, pwede ko ba gayahin tapos ako magbenta dito? charot. :P

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ateeee i-go mo pls!! Susuportahan kita! ❤️

      Wait pano ate yang domain lang? Yung sakin kasi dito sa wordpress plan, di daw pwede na domain lang irenew ko ($18) kasi yung free plan dito is hindi nagsusupport ng domain. So yun di ko alam ano gagawin ko HAHA

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Try mo sa My Sites > Manage > Domains > Add a Domain to this Site. Tapos pag meron ka na, click mo lang yung Change Primary Domain.

      Sa WP na ako bumili ng domain para mas keri since sa totoo lang ang mahal din ng plans nila talaga… :P Mas prefer ko to kaysa sa self hosting since ang daming cons sa self hosting… ang pinaka ayaw ko is yung mga posts mo mawawala sa reader… unless finofollow ka na nila… so mas mababa engagement eh minsan gusto ko lang din ng kausap kaya ako nagbblog. LOL.


    3. Ate, wait, I’m lost HAHAHA. Pero naka free plan ka sa WordPress? ‘Yun rin kasi habol ko eh kaya sa WordPress ako nag-avail. Para lumabas posts ko sa feed and makapag-comment sila. Hahaha so bale yung plan + domain purchase ko sa kanila kaya naging $66 huhubelz

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    1. Kanina morning ko pa yan iniisip paulit ulit after reading your comment! Na hindi madamot si Lord. Hehe sobrang totoo 🥺 Praying for you also!!


  3. The WordPress plans are wildly expensive. I tried it for a year, and my student wallet wept so much. I’m really glad and relieved that I took the plunge and went for self-hosting. It’s cheaper and you get to save more in the long run – so yeah, I would definitely recommend it.


    1. They areee 😭 Do you have like a walkthrough I can read? Or any site you can recommend? Sobrang nakakalito kasi yung mga nakikita ko sa net 😫


  4. I really love these posts you do, Amielle! It’s just so nice to have a catch up this way and see how you’ve been doing!
    And I agree with you on The Umbrella Academy being really slow. I tried 3 or so episodes with my mom and sister and none of us could watch beyond that!
    Hope you’re able to get that back massage soon, haha!


    1. Aww, thank you, Arshia!! <3 I still didn't get the time to backread everyone's posts but I hope everything is doing okay with you!


  5. Amielle, I still write for my former boss ng listicles aside sa regular job ko. Hindi malaki ang bayad, but I do it anyway because I have a two-week WFH/bakasyon and I always stress out kapag wala akong ginagawa so I said I’d write one script for her per week. Pweds na rin pambayad ng credit card bills/Shopee impulse buys ko LOL. Let me know if you’re interested, I can introduce you to her.


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