Sunday Currently vol. 6

Well, just like what I always say on every blog post. It’s been a while.

How are you guys doing? I’ve been quite busy this month since I finally started my small business! I talked a little about it on my last post but didn’t really give details, so yeah. I have my small resin business now. :) I feel like it’s going great! I’ve collaborated with another small business who’s going to put my bookmarks in her book subscription box next month and I am so excited!! I’ve also sold 50 items in three weeks, excluding the pending orders & the bulk order from Habibikutb‘s subscription box I have yet to make and I think that’s amazing!

Haven’t really gotten any ROI yet since I started with affordable prices (and I know some of you will hit me cause those prices didn’t even include my labor cost yet. I didn’t want them to be expensive) but it’s okay. We’ll slowly raise them according to the price they deserve soon. I’m just focusing on widening my audience and market for now. (Trust me, I know my worth!) Here’s my Sunday Currently!


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon. My business’ first audience target were bookworms since my first release was a batch of pretty bookmarks. That’s when I discovered amazing book thrift shops in UAE! I rarely buy books here cause it’s way too expensive compared to PH prices but these are reasonable ones. So far, I’ve bought 5 books from two thrift shops this month. Lelz

5th book: eleanor oliphant is completely fine


  • Hospital Playlist. I’ve been watching it for weeks but it doesn’t seem that interesting for me. It doesn’t have a proper plot so I just watch it whenever I’m eating or folding clothes. (Haha sorry, Wica!) I’m only watching it because it’s my close friend’s favorite show. That’s how much I love my friends.
  • I also finished It’s Okay To Not Be Okay last week! It’s so beautiful. The bond between Gang Tae, Sang Tae, and Mun Yeong is amazing and I wish I have Gang Tae’s patience in life. Plus did you notice how small Mun Yeong’s waistline is?! Girl, isang dangkal!

To Adulting with Joyce Pring on Spotify minutes before writing this.

If I should cook something else for dinner even if I had 3 slices of pizza while listening to Joyce earlier. I cooked ginataang sitaw at kalabasa w/ hipon last night which turned out pretty good. Thanks, panlasangpinoy.

Freshly done laundry. I know it’s not just me but I like doing household chores when I’m alone. Parang labag sa loob ko maglinis kapag may ibang tao sa kwarto, ganun. Hahaha

For my investment money to come back as soon as possible! Haha. This isn’t for my business. Two days ago, I invested some money in my friend’s business, hence my first investment ever. It’s a really small one but small progress is still progress. ;)

For my materials to come soon. I need to finish my pending items this month!

My college department shirt and pambahay shorts.

My small business so much! I may not be getting enough from this but it’s something I really love doing. I’ve had a lot of fails to this date but it doesn’t stop me from hustling. Materials getting wasted sure hurt my pockets but it’s okay. It’s part of it, isn’t it? I just started and I know I still have a long way to go.

ig: & fb:

For Il Forno pasta! If you’re one of the OGs, you know how much I love this pasta place. Aahhh

A stable job to support my passion project. I’m applying naman, but I don’t know.. Kind of a long story, I need to have a separate post for that. (Watch me not write that post because I’ll forget about it tomorrow.)

So happy!! The amount of support I’ve been getting from unexpected people is amazing!

I was talking to an old friend last night and was telling him that starting a small business in a place where I don’t have any “connection” with anyone is a big risk. I mean.. If I started this in PH, I’m certain I’ll have sure buyers because my friends and family are there. But starting it here, in UAE, is just something for me. Everything I’ve achieved is all hard work (and intense marketing) so I’m really, really proud of that.

Oops! Sorry, didn’t notice this entry’s long already. Just had to catch up on life updates and maximizing my domain cost cause it’ll auto-renew in 3 days. Ugh, I don’t need more expenses in my life. (Said someone who’s eyeing 2 books from another thrift store.)

Anyway, I hope you all had an amazing month cause I sure did. Don’t forget to wash your hands and keep yourself at home. Stay safe!

Love, Amielle
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20 thoughts on “Sunday Currently vol. 6

  1. Girl, OMG congratulations for your business. Haha kung may pangsupport lang ako diyan financially, I’ll place an order din. Maybe some day. 😄 Kaya for now, cheer na lang muna ang way og support ko sayo. Yay! You’re younger than me pero I idolize you na. So brave starting up a business and so creative pa. Naks. Keep it up. Amielle. 😄😄😄

    I agree dun sa like gumawa bg chores ng walang ibang tao. Ganyan din ako, kaya madalas sa gabi talaga ako kumikilos. 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you Ate ko!! Your support and super heartwarming words are enough for me so thank you, thank you! ❤

      Tsaka totoo diba?! Kahit kapag nagluluto, ayoko na may ibang tao na pinapanood ako. HAHAHA


  2. Huy ang Ganda ng mga bookmark/products mo. Super cute nila! I wish pwede bumili pero baka lugi ako sa shipping. Wishing you success in your business! Eleanor oliphant is such a good book, basahin mo na and share ka thoughts mo! Happy for you and ingat ka dyan

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Ate, mahal ng shipping :( Hahaha. US ka diba? Wait tama ba HAHAHA US kasi 180 AED shipping palang nakakaloka! And thank you, Ate!! God bless you! Ingat ka din lagi! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m so happy for you! Your shop looks amazing 😍 I know you will do good. I was depressed lately snd and anxious because of the state of the world and feeling no purpose in life. I keep applying to jobs and writing competitions but with no success. We will see. It takes time. I love The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. It’s so good to buy some cheap books

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, babe. Hugs!!! You are doing great so I hope you don’t get discouraged and feel down with what’s happening. Everything in God’s time :)

      And thank you! You’ve always been the most supportive!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Waaah,,, sayo pala yon. Nagkahope ako bigla na magkakaroon ako niyan. Nakita ko kasi na UAE nga so, nawala agad hopes. But then I saw this blog post. Waaahhh. Kailan ka ulit babalik here PH? Tipid SF, ganern. 😊

    Saang book thrift store ka nabili? 😊


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