Sunday Currently vol. 4

Yes, hello, mabuhay! Happy Sunday!! I just wanted to share how good my sleep was that I didn’t even wake up to the sound of my Aunt preparing for work this morning. It’s a big deal ’cause I’m a light sleeper! Hehe. I wasn’t even that tired yesterday, though. Anyhow, here’s another Sunday Currently.


nothing. But I have Other Broken Things by C. Desir that I mentioned on my last Sunday Currently and it’s still pending. I might read it when I feel like taking a break from Netflix.


  • When the Camellia Blooms. I’ve watched its first episode before but stopped ’cause I didn’t enjoy it much. Good thing I pushed through it this time ’cause the series keeps getting better every episode! I get so kilig every time Dongbaek and Yongsik are happy ’cause it’s something Yongsik really worked hard for. I’m halfway done and I hope I get to finish it this week.
  • Dark. Started this one yesterday ’cause I’ve been hearing good reviews about it for so long. I’m currently on Episode 4 and right now, I’m just overwhelmed with the number of character names and faces I have to remember.

to Headaches by Raveena. It’s what’s currently playing on my come thru n chill playlist on Spotify. Let’s follow each other! I like looking at what my friends are listening to.

about my IKEA and Noon orders. I was about to receive my IKEA parcel today but nothing came! :( I also have orders coming from tomorrow until Wednesday that I feel like they’re the only reason why I wake up in the morning. Jk!

I know, I know. I shouldn’t buy things online because the receiving part of my cashflow is idle, but it’s becoming my stress reliever. It’s like receiving a gift from me to me since my birthday is coming. Help!

that Duterte will veto the Anti-Terror Bill, which to summarize, is a law that can proclaim you as a “terrorist” just because you oppose the government. Trust me, it’s a hard time now in my country. (Pro-government people would say it always has been and yes, I know. Should I say it’s worse then?) Anyway, read more about the bill here.

for a better birthday month ahead. Man, half a year is gone. When will this ever end?

my normal house clothes. I just took a shower in hell. Lol. As you know, summer in UAE is extremely hot – the hottest I’ve experienced is 50 deg Celcius / 122 deg Fahrenheit – so taking a shower even at night feels like being pissed on by the devil ’cause the water is literally hot. You can see the steam (? is that the right word?) coming out of it.

Just imagine how the water from the bidet feels like after peeing when you wake up in the morning. Literal babatiin ka ng good morning, sis, are you up?

how the biography I made for my friend turned out. A few weeks back, one of my close friends came to me and asked if I can help him with creating his biography. He’s a street photographer and he needs it for his group. I doubted myself at first ’cause I’m only used to writing personal stuff, but hey, his trust boosted my confidence!

So grateful that he trusted me on this knowing I haven’t done it before. I haven’t even made a bio for myself. Huhu. Let’s not be afraid to step out of our comfort zones. That’s the only way we grow.

to have some motivation to workout. It’s been so long!! I don’t want my yoga mat (which I’ve waited for a week to come) go to waste!

happy! The first few days of the week were super productive. My Aunt is now back to work so I get to do household chores freely. I was even inspired to cook a proper meal for lunch or dinner. Ewan ko ba. I feel like I’m more hardworking when I’m home alone. Not until halfway through the week, I became a bummer, watching Netflix all day. Being an INFJ-A, I read that it’s either we’re too productive or too lazy. There’s nothing in between.

I vouch for that. :>

Anyway, I’m just happy in general! Don’t worry, I pray the same for everyone. Good night and may we all finish this month with hopeful hearts. Things will get better.

Love, Amielle

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Sunday Currently vol. 4

  1. I don’t usually read/comment on this type of posts, pero may Anti-Terror Bill (Terror Bill is more appropriate tho). Nabasa ko sa FB na may sinabi si PDuts sa latest TV shit-talk nya na Abu Sayyaf is low value target and communists are high value targets. Tapos harap-harapan na ang red-tagging nila.

    First summer ko ‘to sa Kuwait at balik trabaho na kami (yun lang, tapos na ang masasayang WFH days). Nagreklamo ako, sabi ko sira yung water heater, puro mainit lumalabas kahit ipihit ko sa cold. Hahaha. Buti na lang kinabukasan, tinanong ako nung kasama ko kung i-switch off na daw namin yung water boiler. Saka ko lang naintindihan. Hehe

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  2. I followed you on Spotify but with my father’s account. I use that. He doesn’t use that haha 😂 Nice that you are going to do yoga. That’s really hot weather. Here it was 30 and humid. I prefer dry Summers in Spain. How amazing that you wrote that biography!!!


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