Sunday Currently vol. 3

Aaand it’s Sunday again.

A lot of unjust, painful, and disturbing events happened with the world these past few weeks but surprisingly, I’m okay. I mean.. I’m mad, with how ugly this world has become – I still am – but I feel like I’ve learned to just not let it have control over my emotions completely. You know what I’m saying? I’m still in it; my support and empathy are with everyone struggling during this hard time, and I will forever fight and speak up for what I believe in. Don’t get me wrong. It just gets tiring sometimes.


Other Broken Things by C. Desir. I think I’ve finished two books since my last Sunday Currently and those are All My Puny Sorrows by Miriam Toews and Truly Wildly Deeply by Jenny McLachlan. I didn’t like AMPS much ’cause it was such a heavy book and I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before but there’s this book I’ve been dreading to finish. It’s that one. Truly Wildly Deeply on the other hand is a light read and I finished it in only six hours, compared to AMPS which I read for more than a month.

to Starlight by 92914. I like 92914’s songs. They’re all chill and mellow lang.

Welcome to Waikiki on Netflix. It’s so, so funny!! There isn’t an episode where you won’t laugh out loud, I swear to God. I even remember crying out of happiness because of a scene from a certain episode. Hahaha if you want to lay low from heavy and violent dramas, try this one out.

if I should work out today ’cause my yoga mat finally arrived after a week! The only problem is, my will to exercise when I ordered that mat isn’t the same will level I have now lol. Gurl, it took so long. My motivation flew out the window.

that June will give us some good news. I think the only main highlight for this month is NASA sending astronauts to space yesterday.

the same OOTD I’m wearing yesterday. Parang this is a default answer na every Sunday Currently. Hahaha

Wanting Craving
for Potato Corner and KFC Fries, PH Version. :( I was supposed to be in PH last April ’cause my brother’s graduating but COVID sucks.

… nothing? I can’t think of anything I need right now, wow. I’m really happy these past two weeks (let my Youper activity be my receipt) and I can’t think of anything else I need right now, except for a shower maybe. I feel dirty! I just finished doing laundry and cleaning the house.

grateful, happy, and content with whatever I have during this time. I may not have a job for the last two months because of COVID19 (anyone who needs a content writer or an IT Admin, pls hire me) but I get by. I still have a bed to sleep in at night and I can still eat three times a day, sometimes more pa.

That’s why savings and emergency funds are important. Take note, they differ from each other! Learned it from Ate Yeh the other day. She’s a friend and a Financial Advisor, and she gives free workshop for Money Management. 5/5, learned a lot from her! If you’re interested to take the same workshop, let me know. Maybe I can help you connect with her.

Zoom lately. Maybe one of the reasons why I’m okay and happy amidst the world’s fucked up situation is because I have my loved ones around. I’ve been catching up with them lately which makes me spend less time on social media, meaning less time to see bad news.

Happy Sunday everyone. I just dropped by to say hello and write an update that no one asked for. Hahaha. Almost everything is opening now despite the amount of COVID cases still rising, so stay at home if you don’t need to go out. Please.

What about you? What’s keeping you sane lately? How have you been doing really?

Love, Amielle

Photo by Ewien van Bergeijk – Kwant on Unsplash

#BlackLivesMatter #OustDuterteNow #JunkTerrorBill

9 thoughts on “Sunday Currently vol. 3

  1. I love update posts, and I’m glad to know that you’re doing well :)
    Less time on social media is definitely the biggest step to get away from all the information overload spiral, and it’s so great to hear you’re spending more time catching up with people you love! That really is what makes this situation bearable!

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  2. Lovely post ❤️ I’m happy you are doing okay. Me too kinda despite seeing all bad news which makes my heart heavy. I saw my friends and family for my birthday and things are getting better. I can’t wait to go to Spain 😍🇪🇸. Is that a mood tracker from Youper? I love fries haha gets me hungry 🍟

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