When people value your words

I think one of the biggest forms of flattery is when someone wants to hear your insight about something because they value what your opinions are.

A friend messaged me the other day and asked what my thoughts are regarding the ABS-CBN Shutdown – the biggest media network in PH forced to close because of the president’s personal ego and issues – because she “wants to hear what I say.” Same goes when another close friend replied to my IG Story that “she missed reading my opinion and insights on things” when I shared something personal two or three nights ago.

The reason why I appreciate it so much is maybe because out of the five love languages, mine is Words of Affirmation. I feel loved through words. Konting bola lang, swayed na agad si me. I get so touched and flattered whenever someone gives a compliment on my writings, and I’m not kidding when I say it makes my day because it actually does. When someone asks for my opinion on things, I feel valued and I feel like what I say actually makes sense.


Bianca: “Sometimes, you feel like the work that you do doesn’t really matter in the greater scheme of things. Til many years pass and you get a message like this.”

Nong: “Remember YSpeak? You, with Karen & Ryan, are one of the reasons why I grew up not blinded on political topics. If we do not engage, some people will read their comments that can lead them to wrong beliefs.”

Take this as an example. People still remember what they learned from you even after so many years. I aspire to inspire people this way, just like how my grade school English teacher has changed my life forever.

It may sound cheesy but my inspiration comes from people who believe in me. I would always think that there are people who value my words, people who support what I do, so why will I stop writing? I always take appreciations and criticisms to heart that it makes me want to write more and be better. It’s also one of the reasons why I won’t stop fighting for what I believe in – be it a political issue or not. I won’t stop speaking up especially when I know that what I’m fighting for is right, and I won’t stop educating people because the truth needs to be heard more.

This is where the saying “words are powerful” comes into place.

I hope we all use our influence properly. It saddens me when a person has such a big influence but she’s either silent or on the opposition’s side. Imagine the number of people you can educate. Imagine the number of people who will listen to you because they believe in you. Sayang, ‘di ba? Our words are powerful enough to inspire people to believe and do the right thing. Take advantage of that platform, make your words authentic, and let it speak volumes.

And to you, who’s still here, reading until this part of my blog, thank you. For believing in what I do, and for making me believe in myself over and over. Here’s a photo of a cute doggo delivering my love to you. 💘 Stay safe and don’t forget to wash your hands!

Love, Amielle

Photo from Unsplash

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15 thoughts on “When people value your words

  1. I super love your opinions and everything you have to say. <3
    Relate din ako kasi madalas napapansin ko naman napapaligiran ako ng mga taong gusto ng laging may makikinig sakanila pero hindi naman sila mahilig makinig kapag ikaw na yung nagsasalita. So kapag may nagsabi sakin na gusto marinig thoughts ko and all, natutuwa ako hahaha lalang <3

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  2. This is such a lovely post, Amielle! I could understand so perfectly what you meant.
    As someone who’s always been quiet and unheard, it really surprised me when my newer friends (who I really admire and respect) began seeking me out just so they could ask what I thought. Whether it’s advice about a general problem, thoughts on a book, or something political, I feel extremely encouraged when they ask for my input. It feels so good to be valued!
    And speaking up, especially in a time like this is so important. There’s just so much happening around the world, and as much as we can, we need to talk for ourselves as well as the people who cannot themselves.

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  3. I never really think about it but you’re so right, it is nice to know that our words/opinions are valid and that people want to hear them and are affected by it. Your words speak volumes and make me want to make a change in the world. Your writing has most definitely sparked something in my mind and motivated me! 🙌✨ Great post ❤️

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  4. Hi Amelie, glad I found your blog! I love reading person insights and opinions too regarding a subject matter. It’s like an open discussion where everyone can share their ideas and thoughts as well. Looking forward to more of you writings!

    Ann | http://www.annchoi.me

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  5. I love this post and I love you. Words are definitely so powerful. Wr can change the word with speaking out loud the right words. We can also hurt people with bad words. I got bullied during my high school years. There were no fights but just ugly words thrown at me like “big nose, you are ugly, you aren’t worth it.” Those words hurt so much and I still feel sometimes not enough. I wish people would know the impact of these words. Thank you lovely for being the right inspiration in this world ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  6. Omg same! Nagulat pa ko nung last election when few friends asked me who I’m voting for kasi either ico-consider nila or iboboto na rin daw nila dahil naniniwala sila sa mga sinasabi ko. Influencer ka, ghorl? Haha. That’s when I realized that lahat ng sasabihin mo may weight, kahit hindi mo alam. When COVID hit, I wasn’t posting as much and yet some friends would PM me just to rant because they know daw na may makakabatuhan sila ng opinions and thoughts e minsan nag-a-out loud na lang din naman tayo sa frustration sa gobyerno juskopo.

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    1. Wala na akong tiwala talaga sa magagawa ng gobyerno natin ‘te. Hahaha mas magugulat nalang siguro ako kung may mabalitaan akong may ginawa silang maganda.


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