Sunday Currently vol. 2

Wow, another week has passed. It turns out that we can actually just stay at home and not spend money on leisure. Can you believe?!


nothing pa rin. I know I’ve mentioned on my last Sunday Currently that I want to read again but who am I kidding? My to-be-read books are already piled up.

to the sound of my keyboard every time I press keys. I like it. Especially when I’m typing so fast kasi galit na galit ako, lol. Now, I’m just pressing 1 key per second ’cause my Auntie’s still asleep.

1. The King – Eternal Monarch which is Lee Min Ho’s (my Mom & I’s first and OG oppa’s) ongoing series. I have more to say regarding this pero later nalang when I can type properly.

2. Fight For My Way. I finally finished Crash Landing On You so I understand all the hype now. It’s not hard to fall in love with all the characters which made it extra good and I still miss Captain Ri from time to time. Nyahah. Anyway, I opted for FFMW ’cause I wanted something light this time. No shootings, killings, or any kind of violence. I’m not regretting it, tho! Grabe ‘yung kilig ko every time!! For me, Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won’s chemistry here topped Kim Ji Won and Jin Goo’s chemistry in Descendants of the Sun. Kaloka si girl, very versatile, lahat ng i-pair up nakakakilig!

if purchasing a certificate for my online courses will be worth it. I’ve been taking a lot of online courses lately just to keep myself away from social media and it has been nothing but a great time. I’ve become more productive! Also, you’ll realize you aren’t really missing out on anything once you get a hang of it. We’re all just stuck at home anyway.

that I’m in Dubai right now.

for my incompetent PH government to keep up regarding this pandemic. People are dying, sir.

one of my favorite hoodies. I finally realized how to stop myself from having colds in the morning. Yay!

to take as much online courses as possible while I still have this time. They’re mostly free so check them out!

a hug from my bebe. :—( Charot. May bebe?!

hungry. It’s past noon and I’ve only had Cupp Keyk – which is actually my childhood baon. So nostalgic!

my life more and more each day. As mentioned, I’ve been taking online courses and one of those is about happiness. There are days where I’m feeling blue – that I won’t deny – but my happy days have always been more than that naman and I am also open about it. This course has taught me which things I should value more and things I should be paying more attention to. :) I’m actually done with the lectures; I just need to finish a whole month of putting the things I’ve learned into practice everyday, then I’m done with it. Will give you an update mid-May.

Happy Sunday everyone. Stay at home and don’t waste our frontliners’ efforts. Talk to you soon!

Love, Amielle

Photo by Yining Liu on Unsplash

27 thoughts on “Sunday Currently vol. 2

  1. Hello! It sounds like you’re doing quite well! Having so much downtime can actually be pretty nice and relaxing. What online classes are you taking??


    1. Hi! Yes, I am! Hope you are also!! :)

      I’m currently taking the below:
      1. Introduction to Personal Branding by University of Virginia
      2. The Science of Well Being by Yale University (really recommend!)
      3. CS50: Introduction to Computer Science by Harvard

      They’re all free! The first two are in Coursera and the last one is in EdX :)

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  2. Fight for my way is a fave! Sobrang light lang and kilig. Gusto ko din magtry nung free courses pero may work ako and mahirap siya isingit. Gaano katagal yung isang course?


    1. Depende ate sa course. :) May nakalagay naman dun approximately ilang hours siya matatapos pero usually mas mabilis mo s’ya matatapos. Self-paced rin naman s’ya so depende rin sa’yo every kelan mo gusto gawin. Tapos depende rin sa course, minsan may lessons na 10-20 mins lang, tapos meron namang 1 hr pag video. Check mo rin, Ate! :) Malapit ko na patusin ‘yung First Step Korean sa Coursera wahahah

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    1. I really try to be productive! My thoughts are killing me whenever I’m not doing anything. Haha. Yes, please do! I recommend The Science of Well Being by Yale :)


  3. Fight For My Way is love!!! Kilig overload. HAHA Maganda ba talaga yung Crash Landing On You? Sa sobrang wala na ko mapanood ngayon, konting konti na lang bibigay na ko at panoorin ko na yan. Eh kasi eh … Ongoing pa mga gusto ko iwatch kaya later ko na panoorin si papa Minho pagtapos ng series para hindi pabitin bitin.

    Gusto ko rin magonline course, meron kaya mga nursing courses doon sa mga sites mo?

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    1. Maganda, Ate! Actually sa first ep medyo mahohook ka na agad huhu watch mo na tas balitaan mo me!!

      Sinearch ko sa Coursera, parang meron naman Ate. ‘Di ko lang sure kung tama ang sinearch ko or kung free… hehe! Check mooo 💖💖


  4. Sounds a nice post! 💖 Those courses sounds really nice and for free wow! I will check it out. I’m happy you are doing okay. I’m writing a lot an also for a writing competition. I’m also doing loads of yoga and read a lot


  5. I will try to do this Sunday currently ha, parang ang saya.. I haven’t watched The King Eternal Monarch, pero I will soon kapag natapos na sa netflix, ayaw ko kasi ng nabibitin.. haha.. Like you and your Mom, Lee Min Ho is also my first oppa.. hahaha..

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  6. Yes! Although I’ve always known that I’ve been overspending on non-essentials, I only get to fully accept this and do something about it during this lockdown. Nakakagulat na pwede naman palang huwag pansinin ang BeautyMNL. 😂

    On top of the frontliners’ efforts, I also get to highly appreciate the entertainment industry now. All those shows and films have been helping us mentally cope and keep ourselves sane. I’m also tuning in to The King now. My 💖 is with Kim Go-eun!


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