Apps that might help kill boredom this quarantine season

Hello, mabuhay! How is everyone’s quarantine season going? So far, mine’s quite productive. As mentioned in my previous blogs, I’ve been reading, writing, playing the piano, and working out again. I forgot to mention that I have also been cooking more; I feel like I’ll be a super master chef once this is all over.

If you’re only watching Netflix all day or doing TikTok all week, no judgment! You’re being a responsible citizen at this time by just staying at home. We’re all just trying to make it out alive anyway. But if you’re already tired of whatever you’re doing, here are some apps that might help kill boredom during this quarantine season.

1. Scribd

This is for all bookworms out there. Did you know that Scribd has made their library free for one month? Ebooks, audiobooks, magazine articles, and such can be accessed easily! What I also love about it is they don’t require any card information once you start, so there’s no worrying that they will auto-deduct from your card if ever you forgot to cancel before your 30 days end.


Note: I also found a link on Twitter for a Google Drive full of ebooks. Check this out.

2. Netflix Party

Okay, this isn’t an app but I’m making it an exception for this list. It’s a Google Chrome Extension where you and your friends can watch something on Netflix at the same time. If one person pauses the movie, everyone’s Netflix will be on pause, too. It also has a chatbox on the side (which you can hide if you want a bigger screen) where everyone can message and share their opinions while watching.

Note: This is for laptop/desktop only. For mobile, check the next application. (Photo not mine.)

3. Rave

This is like Netflix Party on mobile! You and your friends can watch the same thing not only on Netflix but also on Vimeo, YouTube, et al. Same with NP, it also has a chatbox where you can message while watching; but one difference is that Rave has an option where you can use your phone’s microphone and talk while something is playing. Don’t forget to put your Rave link in private! An unwanted guest came to our Rave Party one time because our link is open for everyone.


My only con for this is there is no option for you to sign up using an email address. You have to connect either your Facebook, Twitter or Google Account. As an IT person, I had to think twice if I still want this app ’cause if I use any of those three to register, I’m giving them permission to have access to it. So I advise if you have a laptop, better use NP instead. Bigger screen pa.

4. Headspace / Calm

This pandemic has made us anxious at some point, hasn’t it? I’ve used these 2 apps when I was struggling to fall asleep months ago but it didn’t help me much. Not because the app is not useful! It is! The problem is that I can’t sleep with any sound on and these apps are more of calming sounds or stories to listen to. Nowadays, I just use it whenever I want to close my eyes and breathe.


Con: Only a few sounds are free and most of them are in premium mode na. I suggest going on YouTube or Spotify as they have lots of calming sounds there as well.

5. Nike Training Club / Workout Women

There are a lot of workout apps out there. However, I’ve only been using these 2 so this is what I can recommend. Most workouts are free but they also have specific workout programs if you have extra money.


No more excuses for not working out since you’re just at home! The shortest workout time I saw is 4 minutes, I’m sure you can spare time for that.

6. Yoga Down Dog

I just discovered this app yesterday and I already love it as it is super relaxing. It also has a wide variety of classes to choose from. From focusing on your breathing, how long the yoga’s gonna last, or if you want to boost your upper or lower body strength – just check the options and it’ll be there. They even mentioned that you won’t be taking the same class twice. It’s only free until May 1st so make use of it while you have time.

Yoga Down Dog

Note: They also have other apps like HIIT, Barre, 7 Minute, and Yoga for Beginners and I have yet to try that.

That’s a wrap for the apps I know and have been using, so far! I didn’t put Netflix and Spotify anymore as I feel like it’s already known by everyone; same with the KDrama mobile app, Viki.

What about you? What applications are you using that keeps you busy most days? Let me know!

Love, Amielle
Photo by Ron McClenny on Unsplash

33 thoughts on “Apps that might help kill boredom this quarantine season

    1. And sadly no🥺 I dont have a plan either. I think it’s a bit expensive though. I’m too broke to dish out a hundred pounds a year from my own pocket. (*psst!* That was a secret.)
      And yeah YouTube is cool. I listen to Headspace sleepcasts on YouTube which go on for 10 minutes or so and that’s enough I guess! What calming songs do you listen to?


  1. I tried Calm app too, gamit ko din sya before pag hirap ako makatulog. Kaso limited lang ang sounds, kaya ang gamit ko na ngayon is Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds. Mas maraming relaxing sound na pagpipilian and may timer din. Try mo din baka magustuhan mo. :)

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  2. I’m really keen to try Netflix Party, that looks like so much fun! I’ve been using Down Dog since the beginning of the year after my sister recommended it. It’s such a good app for Yoga, and I heard that they have made all their content free for a while which is really nice :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When I first used the free one, they had a limit on how many workouts you could do. I think it was just 3 or 4, before you needed to pay for premium to keep using it. Otherwise I don’t think there’s really a difference in the workouts you can choose from.


  3. Such a great post lovely! I’m doing yoga with Yoga Girl online and meditation too. I love Headspace and Calm is nice but unfortunately you have to pay. Stay safe ❤️❤️❤️


  4. This is very helpful. Ang dami kong natutunan. Although these days kinain na ako ng Tiktok at hindi pa naman nagsasawa so far. Try ko yung sa workout. Saka yung ebooks google drive..check ko rin


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