Letters From A | 03

The first day I decided to stop with my current job due to management’s way of handling this pandemic, I promised myself that I’m going to be productive this quarantine season. And trust me. I was. Especially in my first three days.

I started reading again, wrote blog posts… I even started working out at home! E kaso, the electric keyboard I ordered online which was supposed to be delivered in a week came five days early. Not that I’m complaining or saying that it ruined my plans for the week – because I never really had any – but I’m just saying that ever since it came, the only thing I was doing on my 4th and 5th day of self-quarantine was playing the piano!

Grabe. Especially on the first day it came, I feel like I was just practicing songs to play from 9:30 am until 10 in the evening. I didn’t even notice the time passing by ’cause I was so immersed in it, and for the first time ever, I did not get frustrated with the PH government because I did not have the time to check news. I know playing the piano is a good way to kill time but what happened to being productive, A?

Come day 6 of self-quarantine, I didn’t play the piano ’cause I know that I won’t notice the time and end up doing nothing else again once I start. Do you know what I did? Magkalat at mantrashtalk sa FB. Charot! I already left since I don’t need the negative energy there.

Facebook groups have been a thing in PH lately and my favorite – so far – is Quarantine Tribute Tips. It’s super wholesome compared to other groups that only trash talk each other or their exes; since QTT’s made for people who are basically asking tips on the adulting life (e.g.: how to know which fruits, vegetables, or meat to buy, how to cook a specific recipe, and other life hacks). Sometimes I just spend time scrolling on posts and reading comments tapos mapapa-“ohhh, ganun pala ‘yun” nalang ako. Kakatuwa, I’m learning a lot of things.

Speaking of online groups, we’re now on day 7 and the first message I read today was someone I personally know is being cyberbullied. On a Facebook group. Under our school name.

We’re not close. In fact, I feel neutral with her so naka-unfollow and mute lang s’ya on my socials since she kind of posts too much online, but to the point that a lot of people are bashing her and saying things below the belt? That’s too much.

Knowing that these kids have potential careers ahead of them (one even has a striving business of her own), I really thought they knew better. I understand that they may have their personal issues with her but this is just not right. The world has been full of negativity lately, the last thing you want to do is to inflict more of it to a person. Anyway, I’ve talked to the concerned person’s best friend already and they are aware of it. Glad to hear that they want to fight back legally.

Hay life! I guess some people really want to learn things the hard way, ‘no? As the saying goes, if you can be anything, be kind. The world needs more of you. :) I hope you realize it’s already Saturday because I swear to God I didn’t. Hahaha. Happy weekend! Back to watching Crash Landing On You!

Crash Landing On You

Love, Amielle

Photo by zhenzhong liu on Unsplash

20 thoughts on “Letters From A | 03

  1. I caught up on shows, played mobile games, painted, draw, read books in my to-be-read pile, and wrote stuff during the quarantine. And I also joined the QTT group! XD I’m just hoping the pandemic ends without more catastrophic casualties.


    1. Diba! Halos gawin na natin lahat just to not be bored this quarantine season (and para ‘di ako mapunta sa TikTok. LOL).

      Really hoping rin!! Stay safe!


  2. I read somewhere, “When I was young, I used to admire intelligent people. As I grow older, I admire kind people.” Very true.

    Pinanood ko yung IG stories mo kay Jeff. Kako nagpapiano ka pala. At yun, pinepressure ko siyang tugtugin ang mga tugtugan sa CLOY. Wahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True rin ‘yung as you grow older, you realize an not a lot of people were raised properly. Hehe

      Go!! Tinatapos ko na CLOY ate jusko ep 8 palang me pero kilig me grabeeee


  3. Wow! It’s refreshing to be productive around this time. I think the playing the piano contributes to being productive, too. Siguro, productive for your heart and soul? hehe Because we all need a mood lift these days.


  4. Beautiful letter! 💖 Being kind is the best way we can be. We don’t need to be productive now. We just need to survive. I think seeing all those messages of being busy etc make us feel even more stressed you know. I wish to be able to play piano well 💖


  5. How fun that you have been playing the piano so much. ♡ Learning new songs & staying away from the news sounds productive to me!

    Cyberbullying is so useless. I hope it has stopped happening to your friend by now!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The latest news I heard is that the bully messaged the girl super randomly and apologized! Lol. The pandemic’s making everyone have a change of heart, I guess 🤣

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