Sorry for what I said when I was hungry

Author’s note: This post has some Tagalog words or sentences in between.

I’ve never had any backstory with Chowking’s Shanghai Lauriat until I started going to the gym.

For your info, the gym where I used to go is located inside a mall. So it’s a given that almost every after intense workout class, I’d be dead hungry – in my case, I’m dead and hungry – which would make me go directly to the mall’s food court. Eh back when I was in PH, I never ordered any kind of Lauriat meal because I know I can’t finish it. It was only when I started working out that I can finish Shanghai Lauriat easily on my own.

I don’t know if there’s any scientific explanation for that but it was really one of my go-to after gym meals. Imagine all the calories that I burned, that I worked so hard for, all the muscle and body pain I endured, only for me to have a whole cup of yellow rice paired with 3 pieces of shanghai, 3 pieces of siomai, stir-fried noodles, and chips after. Amazing. Para lang akong nag-balance sheet pagkatapos. Debit-credit.

Anyway, it’s been almost 6 months since I stopped going to the gym; meaning, it’s been half a year since I last worked out also. As today’s the first day of my self-declared quarantine (I’ll tell you more about it in a separate post, but to summarize, I voluntarily stopped with my current job for my health’s sake since my company cares more about their project than us), I decided to do a home workout! 30 minutes into it, I have considered defeat and promised to try again tomorrow.

… I ended up practicing dance choreographies on TikTok.

Come evening time and I had Shanghai Lauriat for dinner. What’s funny is that my appetite went back to its before-working-out state. I can only finish half of everything! I can’t even finish a banana after.


Guess life really is like that, ‘no? Sanayan lang. You just get used to things that are there and when something’s gone, you feel like there’s something missing inside you. But in time and through time, you just get used to it also. You won’t even feel like something’s missing anymore. Feeling mo buo ka na ulit, that you’re okay, until something reminded you how you still have that hole in your heart na hindi pa pala naghihilom ng buo. Na uy, medyo mahapdi pa pala.

Haha fak. I don’t even know why my random blog posts always end up being an emotional one. Gusto ko lang namang sabihin na ang sarap ng shanghai? Bakit may drama?

Going back, I hope everyone’s staying at home! Don’t go out unless it’s really needed and if ever you do, please be safe. I’ll try to be as productive as possible this quarantine season by going back to reading, working out, writing random posts like this (which I hope will not turn dramatic), and!! What makes me so excited is me playing the piano again! (Let’s just say I bought an electric keyboard online today… Hehe. In my defense, I’ve been wanting to buy one for so long but since I’m such a miser, I never did. I just thought now’s the best time to practice piano again before TikTok eats me out alive.)

Gahd, if there’s one thing this quarantine season is making me do, it’s endless online shopping bwiset ‘yan. I need to stop myself before I get broke as fudge especially now that I am not working anymore. No work, no pay besties! But it’s okay. I’m prioritizing my health over anything and that’s what matters now.

Whatever we’re missing, I’m certain God will provide. Take care, everyone. May we all have a productive week ahead.

Love, Amielle

Photo by Sonder Quest on Unsplash

24 thoughts on “Sorry for what I said when I was hungry

  1. From the title, I thought I will be reading something like you’ve shouted at one of Chowking staff because you’re hungry. Lol.

    First, okay lang lumamon after work-out. It’s not offsetting kasi you’re still burning. Mabilis silang madadigest dahil hyper pa ang badeh mo. Pero kain ka right after ha. 😉

    Ang cute ng pasok ng drama. Ang sarap i-quote. Haha.

    San nakapost ang mga tiktok vids mo, other than the app?

    Ingat Amielleeeee… Gusto kong pumunta diyan, pero ni hindi nga ako makapunta kahit sa grocery ngayon. Haha.


    1. HAHA ate! May disclaimer ako dapat sa title na don’t mind the title pero binura ko 🤣🤣

      So okay lang lumafang ng madami after gym ganun ba?


    2. Yes yes kasi you are still burning. Pero again, right after ha. I’m sure naman na yung level ng lafang mo eh hindi pang-construction worker or athlete. Hahaha.


    3. Sorry, napasend agad HAHA ‘yung tiktok nako di ko pinopost at wala ako pinopost. Anong pagkakatigas ng katawan ko ate di keri 🤣

      Sana makapunta ikaw dito!! Ang Ate Aila gusto rin! Pagkatapos na pagkatapos ng lahat ng ‘to, mag-ipon na for UAE 🥰🥰


    4. Hahahahaha. Buti na lang madaming work at kdrama, di pa pumapasok sa isip ko yang tiktok na yan. Lol.

      Sige sige ilagay sa bucket list yan. Tingnan natin kung may matupad sa mga plano. Pati Maldives nasa listahan na. Kasama ng Cappadocia at Switzerland gawa mg CLOY. Wahahaha.


    5. Ay nagpunta rin CLOY sa Cappadocia?! Dapat magpunta don friends ko this April. Sinasama nila ‘ko kaso dapat nga uuwi ako Pinas. In the end, lahat kami hindi tuloy. Hahahaha


  2. Akala ko talaga kung ano nangyari dahil sa title, ate! Hahahaha. Ahhh grabe na talaga ngayon, sobrang dami na nagti-Tiktok! Hahaha pati nanay ko gustong-gusto na rin! Haha.

    Ingat ka palagi, Ate! Namiss ko basahin mga post mo! <3


  3. Akala ko may nakaaway ka. HAHA! Pero okay lang naman kumain after work out. Ako kasi puro kain lang. HAHA! Nag-zuzumba na kami sa bahay lately kaya nababawas bawasan naman ang calories. Sana magtuloy-tuloy.


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