Guess we’re on our own, kids

It’s such a hassle using the washroom at home lately. There’s water dripping down from the ceiling and since the washroom’s kinda small, drops of water fall directly either on top of my head or the wideness of my back whenever I give pressure closing the door. This has been going on for a few days now and neither my Aunt or I have bothered telling the landlady about it.

Meanwhile, someone close to me shifted somewhere else recently. He got the place in a very good deal – a cheap and spacious room with an amazing view from the balcony, a clean kitchen, and only 3 more people are sharing the flat with him. His only concerns were his washroom and how the landlords have been irresponsible with some of his issues.

The thing is… every concern he has, he directly communicates it with his landlord regardless of how they are handling things. Be it an issue from the bed they have given him or the lack of wall-mounted cloth-hanger in his terribly small washroom. He told me that he’s paying for all those stuff so it’s okay to ask and it’s more than okay to demand. They should be giving him what he has paid for. “I deserve it,” he said.

See the difference? I think the main issue with us, Filipinos, is we are all too forgiving and too understanding. That even if people are already taking advantage of us, we just.. try to understand. Even if deep down, we know it isn’t right anymore.

Just like the other night when my Aunt and I bought ice cream. She wanted vanilla, so I told the attendant to give her a vanilla ice cream. Simple. My Aunt even repeated the order for clarity. Vanilla. She still received a pistachio-flavored ice cream that tasted like a cotton candy bubblegum after.

When I told the attendant about it, she only replied, “But you said pistachio.” … Ok. Fine. There’s nothing more we can do. My Aunt was too nice and said it was okay, she’ll just have pistachio even though I know she didn’t like what she got. She only said, “maybe she’s tired” on our way home and nothing else. Imagine.

Another example you’ll find is on Shopee or Lazada (which is basically like the Amazon in the Philippines). If you spend some time reading reviews on different products, you’ll find reviews like:
– Missing one piece but it’s okay, I can manage
– Model is different from what I ordered but I can still use it so it’s okay, I can manage
– Poor quality but it’s okay for the price, I can manage

Some people settle for less because they already have something in front of them and they would feel ungrateful if they are unappreciative of it. We can’t just settle with “pwede na” or “I can manage” because we can’t keep on adjusting for people especially if it’s too much!

Pilipinas, you’ve been too understanding and way too forgiving. Sobra na. Harap harapan na tayong ginagago pero tila hindi pa rin nagigising lahat. Until now, I still don’t get why there are still people supporting the current government no matter how trash it has treated them. I can list a lot of things how it has abused us but I’ll only give the COVID 19 issue, as an example.

Let me tell you more about the Philippines’ president, everybody. The president who said that it’s his job to kill people.¹

1. He imposed a “community quarantine” in Metro Manila to prevent the spread of the virus, which for me, is a sugarcoated term for “lockdown.” People are confused. What about the people living outside Manila but working inside? The government’s answer? They can still come and go as long as they show an ID that they are working there! Great! What’s the point of the lockdown if people can still carry the virus outside Manila then?

2. He suspended classes in Metro Manila and gave 2-3 days for people to decide if they’re gonna go back to their provinces or not before they impose the said “community quarantine.” Which is again, pointless, because if people decided to leave and supposedly have the virus, they are giving more chances for the virus to spread ALL OVER the country. The government even advised that people should just rent a place in Manila instead so they will not have to come and go from there. So out of touch, thinking everyone has the money for it ‘no?

3. He cut 10 BILLION PESOS from the budget of Health Department² which could have been used for research or funding of the things which are ACTUALLY NEEDED. Instead of thanking the front-line healthcare professionals and scientists who have developed faster and cheaper COVID19 test kits on his press conference last night, he chose to give some airtime for Bong Go who’s “working hard” and China whom he loved ever dearly! How insulting is it for our countrymen who have risked their lives for us?

I’ll say it again. 10 billion pesos. 720 million dirhams. 196 million dollars. 31 billion pakistani rupees. 14 billion indian rupees. Cut from the health budget. Let that sink it.

4. Instead of giving the funds to what’s actually needed, he deployed soldiers all around the city to “protect” people. Mas madami pang ebas sa kaka-cellphone ng mga bagets. What will soldiers do? Freaking throw a bomb to coronavirus? How the hell can they protect or serve you from this pandemic? That’s why it’s called pandemic! It’s a disease epidemic! It’s for healthcare! Why are you including the militar at this time?!

The president even has the audacity to say that we are not under martial law but be aware that you can be arrested by military and/or police if you do not obey their rules. Scary how another kind of power has been given to them, yet again.

5. He only issued the travel ban from China way too late and I think it’s only because people are really getting furious and started questioning his loyalty for his own country or China. If he only did this earlier, I’m sure it wouldn’t have gone this far. I think he hasn’t heard of the saying, prevention is better than cure yet.

Don’t ask me why I’m so mad and disappointed with the government. If you’re not, maybe I should be the one asking you why.

When the Taal Eruption happened, his only remark was that he’ll eat the ashes and piss on that ‘stupid’ volcano³. And now with COVID19 pandemic happening, instead of using his influence and guiding the people on what and what not to do since almost everyone was watching last night, inubuhan lang n’ya ‘yung mic at minura ang putanginang veerus na ito.

Guess we’re on our own, kids. We can pass through this. Do not hoard alcohol or sanitizers and give a chance for everyone to be safe. Suspensions and work from home are happening so make use of it wisely. Wash your hands more often than you should, don’t touch MEN (mouth, eyes and nose :p), strengthen your immune system, and think about others! You may get the virus and get through it but you may pass it to others and they may not.

Don’t be selfish. Tayo tayo nalang dito.

Love, Amielle

¹ – Duterte: It’s my job to scare, intimidate, kill people
² – Funds for health cut by P10 billion
³ – Duterte to visit areas affected by Taal eruption
Featured Photo by Memories on 35mm on Unsplash

32 thoughts on “Guess we’re on our own, kids

  1. Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE the way you write? It’s so captivating and engaging!! There’s a line between being ungrateful and truly not getting what you paid for. If you paid for specific order, there is no leeway for a company owner to take advantage of that and your money. It’s so unfortunante. :( And oml the money spent on military has me shaking my head – we need better world leaders that are ready to think rationally and make wise decisions. I hope everything passes over but for now we’ll stay clean and be mindful of the people around us. Corona can split us or unite us and it’s up to everyone to make that mindset decision. LOVE THIS POST!

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    1. Thank you so much. You’re so sweet 🥺

      You’re right! I really hope people will learn from this and vote wisely next time. To add to what you said, this pandemic is actually showing if a country’s government is good or bad with the way things are handled.

      Stay safe, luv!! Thanks for taking out some time for me! 💖

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  2. That’s insane your president would say such a thing! And I thought Trump was bad…I’m sorry to hear that the news isn’t good on your side of the world, and I truly hope this all ends sooner than later.

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  3. ‘Yung first part, so me. HAHA! Okay na ‘yan. Pwede na ‘yan. Lalo na nu’ng na-receive ko ‘yung markers ko from Lazada. May isang nagtae. Pero ano pa bang magagawa ko? Pero kapag nalaman ‘yan ng mommy ko nakuuu hahahaha baka mag-alburoto ‘yun. Lakas ng loob niya e. HAHAHA


  4. Amielle, pls do me a favor. If you see one DDS OFW there, kindly punch him/her in the face for me. Don’t worry, I’m sure s/he won’t fight back if it’s you who’d do it.

    Kidding aside, I agree. Though the current “let’s just support this fucking gov’t” isn’t just due to our being more forgiving & understanding only, there’s more—katangahan, fanaticism, misinformation, newly politicized people, billions funneled into Duterte’s “intelligence” fund, etc. We should all be angry.

    The current lock down also preempts staging of rallies to voice out our grievances in case it gets worse. Putcha, may mga nahuli at dinala na nga sa presinto kahapon pa lang dahil sa curfew.

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    1. Totoo ‘yan! I’m not sure if pinasa na nila ‘yung “anti-terrorism bill” pero last I’ve heard is nasa final reading na s’ya. Which means konting salita mo lang against the government, they can arrest you as a “terrorist” 🤦🏻‍♀️

      Nakakapagod na rin minsan.

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  5. Sobra ate!!! Mas nakakagalit yung mga iniiba pa yung usapan like the president is already tired, my heart is broken (…) and I’m like sis? Are you not heartbroken for the poor who cannot even afford healthcare because our government cannot provide it for them. But then, I also realized na although maraming nagbubulag-bulagan sa mga pangyayari sa bansa natin at patuloy na sinasamba ang presidente, there are also a lot of youth na napapalibutan lang ng mga DDS and needs our help para mas maging informed sila sa katototohanan. Sobrang nakakalungkot, nakakagalit, at nakakadisappoint ang gobyernong ito.

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    1. I’m so happy to know na most youths know what is happening. Kadalasan talaga, ‘yung mga matatanda na ‘yung mahirap i-educate kasi hindi na sila marunong makinig eh.


  6. I was about to express my thoughts here din pero omg girl, same same sentiments. Tayo tayo nalang talaga magtutulungan. Ang nakakainis pa sa gobyernong to, nung nagstart ang covid sa Wuhan, aligaga magpadala ng mga face mask ang gobyerno. Tas ngayong mga frontliners natin ang naubusan, wala man lang makapagbigay. PGH medical staff are out of face masks na, they are literally asking for donations. Government owned hospital, pero wala man lang maitulong ang gobyerno. Kaya sa mga nagbubulag bulagan na mga DDS ewan ko ba, tumataas hairline ko sa kanila huhuh

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  7. I’ve been watching “him” on Youtube ( tbh, I can’t… he’s so ugly, bastos, inappropriate, and speaks like he’s a drunkard ) and I notice everytime he says something hideous, like POGOS are honest…. it’s the opposition in the Senate that are pulos magnanakaw, I actually hear laughter from the audience. Why is that ?

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  8. Ugh to be honest, when I find people on my feed that’s still apolitical or excusing the current govt’s mishandling of this crisis – I just unfriend them on social media and in real life. At this point, we have the right to demand quality implementation. But while the idea is on point (quarantines etc), the implementation is faulty. Hassle.

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    1. same here. no need to waste time explaining to THESE people who say “stay at home. sumunod na lang kayo” that “pagsunod” and criticizing, asking for better implementation are two different things.

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  9. People who still support this administration (aka Duterte and his cronies) really need to get their brains checked.

    It’s such a shame that even after everything that we’ve been through and are going through right now, people still forget that everything that’s happening is a political issue.

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