Sunday Currently vol. 1

Hi, I’m back!

Took a day off from work today since I’ve been feeling really sick plus I’m having back pain like I’m 70 – no offense to my grandma. It’s so scary to be sick nowadays because of the COVID-19 scare, and let’s be real, it makes me suffer from paranoia sometimes especially when there are 45 cases in UAE currently. But just to give an update that I’m safe and alive, here’s a short post for my Sunday Currently!


nothing. I was reading Before She Was Mine by Kate Long I think a month or two ago but I did not finish it either because 1. the book isn’t my type or 2. I got distracted with Netflix.

this post and planning to write another volume for Letters from A.

to the sound of cars passing down my building. I opened my window this morning so my room will have proper ventilation and ‘yun lang talaga naririnig ko as of the moment.

Oh wait, there are birds chirping now. And a car honking madly, probably to someone who’s jaywalking.

Hotel Del Luna on Netflix! I’m halfway done and I’m liking it so far. Will be watching Crash Landing On You after since I’ve heard such good reviews about it; however, my Aunt – who’s a solid KDrama addict – said that it’s good but she liked Hotel Del Luna better.

Have you watched either of the two? What are your thoughts about it?

of what to eat for lunch! I don’t know if I should just cook whatever I have in the kitchen or order from Zomato since they have a 50% offer on weekdays. I also have a 10 AED-coupon waiting to be used since I ordered from Chowking last week, waited for 2 hours just to not hear anything from them, that I had to cancel my order and go to the nearest mall from my office after to have lunch at almost 3 PM.

a teeny bit of my fabric conditioner since I just did laundry. But mostly nothing since I caught the flu.

that this NCOV19 phase will end already.

for everyone to go through this scary phase in life safely!!

(Still) Wearing
last night’s sleepwear. I’ll shower once I figure out if I’m gonna cook or have my lunch delivered. I don’t want to shower, cook, then have “kitchen smell” on my hair the whole day.

my perfume! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here before but I’ve been wanting to have Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl perfume for years!! I never purchased it because it’s too expensive and even if I have savings, I always choose to spend it on more important things.

Anyway, long story short, someone gave it to me as a gift since that person observed that every time I go to the mall, I pass by Sephora and spray it on myself. Haha shameless!! (But grateful.)

to read a new book since it’s been a while since I last finished one.

some Vitamin C since I’m feeling so low. I ran out of Potencee already, huhu!! I might pass by the grocery in the afternoon to buy oranges for myself after sending money for Aunt. I just want to feel better already.

sick but grateful. I am loved, I am happy, and I wish the same for you.

Happy Sunday everyone! Stay safe!

Love, Amielle

36 thoughts on “Sunday Currently vol. 1

  1. Crash Landing On You made me realize how much I loved watching kdrama hahahaha! Pucha, di ko napapansin na nakangiti lang ako all throughout or naiiyak ganyan. ANG GANDA-GANDA. Napapanood ako ulit ng Secret Garden because can’t get enough of Hyun Bin <3

    Amazing may Chowking din dyan! Legit question though: amoy basahan din ba Chowking dyan?

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    1. HAHAHA natawa ako sa amoy basahan huhu parang naamoy ko bigla ang chowking kasi naalala ko ‘yung amoy 😭 Hindi ate! Kasi wala silang branch talaga na chowking (so far sa mga nakikita ko). Sa foodcourt lang kasi s’ya nakapwesto so di amoy basahan hahaha

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  2. yaaay congrats on the first TSC post! Been doing this for years na rin!

    And true sana matapos na ang Covid-19 phase na to pero sabi ng friend ko, if it is here to stay, sana man lang makadevelop ng vaccine or treatment.

    And CLOY! Haha sobrang tagal na ako kinukulit ng colleagues ko to watch it, pero whenever I do, lagi na lang ako nakakahanap ng ibang papanoorin haha! Sana masimulan ko na!


    1. Hahaha simulan mo na Ate tapos balitaan mo ‘ko! ‘Di pa rin ako tapos sa Hotel Del Luna nyahah 🤣 While You Were Sleeping try mo rin iwatch. ‘Yun fave ko. ‘Di sya ganun super romance. More like mystery sya.

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    2. natapos ko na yung cloy haha! dahil stuck at home due to sars cov. Anggandaaaa. Gusto ko yung sense of camaraderie ng characters and nanood ako ng behind the scenes, parang ang genuinely bait at kwela ng cast. 💛💛💛 Ang bait ni Hyun Bin. Last time ko sya napanood sa Kim Sam Soon pa, and sobrang gwapo nya ngayong tumanda sya haha!

      sige tignan ko yang while you were sleeping. Parang may american movie na ganyan rin title haha

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  3. Hope you get well the soonest. Sana nga matapos na yang NCOV na yan. Magtatravel pa naman ako.

    Ayokong simulan na manuod niyang Crash Landing On you. I am sure maloloka nanaman ako sa pag nood ng Kdrama. Pero dami ko narinig na maganda daw.

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    1. I’m feeling better na, Ate!! 💖

      Naku kelan travel mo? Sana matigil na talaga. Huhu may plan pa naman sana kami umuwi ng April ni Papa kasi graduation ng kapatid ko kaso natatakot kami baka biglang maglockdown rin ang UAE kasi ‘yung neighbor countries banned na ang flights ☹️


  4. Wala akong ibang news na binabasa kundi puro related sa Corona. yung plans ko hindi pa nangyayari kasi naudlot sa sakit haha! ang hirap mawalan ng work sa panahon ngayon e huhu. Ep 13 na ko sa CLOY hehe.


  5. It really is a scary time to get sick even with the common cold. I hope you were able to get more vitamin C & are feeling loads better now. ♡ Stay safe! Thank you for letting us know you are alive & well. 😊


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