We’ll work things out this 2020

Let’s all face it. New Year’s resolutions never work out. We all set these unrealistic goals and three days into the new year, we have already given up on it.

However, the universe – no matter how we always screw everything up – still sends us hope and gives us faith by letting us start over every single time. With the new year unfolding, I hope you had the chance to evaluate where you are and where you really want to be. If you haven’t yet, then this is the sign you have been looking for.

What do you like to leave in 2019? What do you embrace this year? More so, instead of setting unrealistic goals for yourself, what are your attainable goals this 2020?

Here’s mine.

1. Read more books. Oh, how I miss the days that I can finish several books in one month. I can barely finish a book lately with adulting on the side; you feel me? The current one I’m reading is something I’ve been reading since last year. :( So for 2020, my goal is to spare even 30 minutes of my day reading. I think that’s not hard to achieve.

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Book collection

2. Journal more. I used to write Three Things I’m Grateful For for the past years but I never get to complete a whole year journal of it. Writing things you’re grateful for every night is so humbling because it reminds you how you will never run out of things to be thankful for even if you had such a shitty day. I advise you to try it also.

3. Write more. This has been a yearly resolution but I never felt like I have achieved it. When do you know that you have finally written “more”? Hmm. I think I should set a realistic goal for myself, shouldn’t I? Should I write weekly, can I achieve that? Or maybe 2 posts a month? Anyhow, I don’t want to fail myself again so the goal is to just write immediately when a thought comes to mind. Even if it doesn’t make any sense, write.

4. Save money!! Okay. Here’s the thing. My friends know me as someone who knows how to save. I don’t spend money on things I don’t need and I don’t get tempted by those huge sale cardboards hanging around the mall. Not until last year that I started thinking, “I deserve it” (almost) every time I like something. Lol! This excuse seriously isn’t worth it sometimes! This year, we will be back to being financially stable so we can travel more and spoil ourselves (once in a blue moon) because.. we deserve it. Chos!

Yerevan, Armenia
Armenia, 2019

5. Solo travel again. Last year, I solo traveled to a country where I don’t speak the language and I don’t know anyone and I still owe you guys stories from that. I loved it so much that this year I want to do it again. But to achieve this goal, I need to achieve goal #4 first. So everyone, repeat as I say, St. Mary Euphrasia, pray for me.

6. Find a job that I enjoy doing. I know that not a lot of people will be given such opportunity, but if ever that time comes, I hope it matches all my needs. What I meant to say is.. I hope it will make me financially stable because I have other priorities aside from myself right now. Yes, a job that supports your passion would honestly be a dream, but if it doesn’t match with your other priorities, then it’s hard to risk things. I am not working overseas just for myself. I have to think practical right now.

7. Exercise again. I was actively working out last year because dad gifted me a 15-month membership at a gym nearby but then I stopped last October because it expired and I wasn’t given a reasonable renewal price. Haha #kuripot! I promise to work out more this year kahit at home lang siguro.

8. Lastly, and the least important, no stalking 2020! :p

Shuweihat Island, Abu Dhabi

I saw this post online that said, “Don’t carry toxic people into 2020 or it’s gonna be another 2019.” So I hope by now, 10 days into the new year, you’ve already said goodbye to the things and people that have brought you down last year because that’s where they all belong. In the past.

Here’s to a better year and decade ahead. We might have been saying this yearly – and I know it gets tiring – but let’s repeat it until it happens; let’s keep on shouting it out to the universe until it responds.

This is going to be our year. Let’s claim it.

Love, Amielle

PS: I love getting inspired by other people’s goals. So what about you? What are your attainable goals this year?

49 thoughts on “We’ll work things out this 2020

  1. Yaaayyy! I was about to write a new blog post on my own resolutions when I saw yours and here I am! Your Armenia photo is breathtaking, btw! Yayy to more solo travels! One of the best things to do in life!

    And cheers to writing more! I realized this before na if you’re a book lover, then almost always, you’re also gonna want to write more than a person who doesn’t love reading. So journal more and write more!

    Btw, kudos to your book collection! I have been meaning to do that for the longest time as I have a whole stack of books that I got from book bazaars that are just collecting dust! Will read your post on how you got into reading and perhaps any other post that is related to reading kasi gusto ko talaga, I just cannot find the time to do so, with all the distractions and the hectic work sched! Instead, I just read short articles and books on short essays for easier consumption!

    Cheers Amielle! May we all have the best year yet and by the end of 2020, i hope you accomplish all of these and more! Daming sinabi!


    1. Looooove long comments kaso nakaka-overwhelm ‘di ko alam irereply ko! Hahaha. Kainis nagreply na ‘ko kanina tapos ‘di nag-post 🤣

      Anyway, pansin ko rin ‘yun Ate! Usually ‘yung mahilig magbasa, they like to write rin. I hope you achieve your goal to read more this year! One thing I did before na nag-work e I download ebook of the one I’m currently reading. Para kahit kunyare nasa byahe ako or bored ako sa labas, matutuloy ko ‘yung pagbabasa. Tapos back to paperback at home. :)

      Happy New Year, Ate!! To more solo travels or group travels rin sa’yo this year! Best of luck!! 💘


    2. Haha ang dami kong sinabi eh!

      Ang galing nung pag uwi sa bahay, switch to paperback para nga hindi bulky! Sige hanap rin akong ebooks copies ng books ko. Natuwa ako nung nadiscover ko yung archive.org eh. Thanks Amielle!


  2. Hoy friend! So curious about the kwento sa #5. Tagal na kong abangers dun. HAHA pressure lang eh no. Eh kasi naman nasa bucket list ko din yan, going to a place wherein you’re a total alien. HAHA And Can relate sa iba mo pang resolutions, akala ko list ko yung binabasa ko.

    “This is going to be our year. Let’s claim it.” YAAASSS!!!!


    1. Hahahaha ewan ko ba bat di na ako nakatapos o nakaumpisa te! Banda banda d’yan! 🤣

      Good luck sa solo travel!! Kaya ‘yan! Wait rin ako sa adventure mo na ‘yon ✨


  3. It’s really good to see you that you are enthusiastic to achieve goals in life. I pray that you will prosper!

    This year my goal is to achieve more satisfaction through whatever I do and that is hidden in doing only good to yourself and others.

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  4. Buti ka nga madaming napapublish na blogs lately eh. Ako nakaraming basa na ng year-in-review and new year posts pero hindi pa din magawang makapagsulat. Hehehe. Cheers sa mga 2020 goals mo!

    Kung may magfail man sa kalagitnaan ng taon like stalking (HAHAHA! Highest probability % sa list), balik lang sa goal agad. Wag hayaang magpakalunod nanaman just because you failed once. At the end of the year, ikaw pa din naman. No judgment.

    Gusto ko yung, “Don’t carry toxic people into 2020 or it’s gonna be another 2019.” Perfect for me. 😁

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    1. Naalala ko yung ganyang process. Yung si ate girl na ang i-stalk mo kasi wala kang makuha sa socmed account ni ex. Tapos pati mga kaibigan at iba pang koneksyon nila ma-i-stalk mo na din. Hanggang sa maumay ka na sa mga selfie ni ate girl. Tapos mapapanaginipan mo na siya na parang horror. LOL. Kasi obv naman at di hamak na mas maganda ka sa kanya. Hahaha. Ang nakakatawang part, pag may nakasalubong kang person, iisipin mo kakilala mo yun. Iisipin mong mabuti kung san kayo nagmeet. Only to find out na hindi ka pala niya kilala, pero kilala mo siya. Kasi isa siya sa mga nakikita mo kaka-stalk. Hahahaha,

      Basahin mo na ito at baka makatulong: https://angelien0625.wordpress.com/2015/08/28/the-stages-of-moving-on-version-2-0/

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    2. JUSKO ate, good news!! Di na ako masyado nagsstalk! Hahaha. Pero may chika ako sa’yo sa’n kita pwede icontact baka naka-off ulit mga socmeds mo 🤣

      Thank you sa post!! Super entertaining! 💖


    1. Ay sabagay, gets! Mas gusto ko rin talaga libro personally. Yung ebook lang ginagawa kong sub kapag nasa labas ako. Para ‘di ko palagi dala book ko. Hehe pagdating bahay back to paperback na ulit ☺️


  5. I would like to comment on no. 7.—exercise more….i say go…please do..you wont regret it..i have been exercising (yoga, gym, run) for as long as i could remember..and my dear..at 43, with four grown up girls…i am proud of myself…being fit doesnt happen overnight nor over a year..it is a life time commitment..so i say if i wasnt that “fit conscious” baka dambuhala na ako after 4 kids..but now, pag nasa airport kmi…i look just like one of them lol..
    So go ahead..it doesnt have to be.in the gym,you can exercise at the comfort of your home..there are available tutoriasl in you tube where you can just follow through at home..or run over the week end.

    My exercise is a combination of gym work out, yoga at home or a road run on a weekend..

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    1. I love it!! Sabi nga nila talagang investment rin ang pagwoworkout kasi self din natin makikinabang sa future. 💖 Katuwa, Ate! You remind me of my Mom. She’s 48 now and she’s like my Ate. S’ya naman zumba galore s’ya every morning. Hahaha

      Happy New Year! 💖

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  6. Goal ko maging mas mabuting tao HAHAHA it’s not easy so sana kayanin ko hahaha
    Magtry ka yoga sa youtube. ang laki ng natutulong sa mental health ko, bonus nalang kung maglose ako ng weight hahaha
    Hmmmm sana maachieve mo itong mga gusto mo lalo na yung travel thing and work hahaha <3


  7. These are all such attainable goals, Amielle. I know you can achieve them all! Looking forward to reading about your travel stories & more posts from you this year. ♡


  8. Motivating. So happy for you these (journal writing, bookworming, traveling, exercising) work with you. Shame, i can’t even put a check on any of these haha. How to be you? Favorite ko ung grateful journal..


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