New Years Eve Abu Dhabi

Letters From A | 01

And just like that. 7 days of 2020 gone.

It’s scary how time passes by sometimes, ‘no? Especially when you’re on your day off; you wake up 9:30, scroll online and watch a few videos on Youtube, then all of a sudden, it’s way past 1 PM, you didn’t realize you were hungry, and there’s no food ready yet.

Wait.. Why am I even talking about days off when I don’t even have work anymore? Lol. I finally quit the job I was talking about for the past two years, by the way. It’s been a long journey and it’s quite a ride but being there for more than two years is enough. It’s time to explore a new world out there and venture on a different path, if the universe will lead me to it.

Moving forward, I’m writing because I want to catch up with everyone. I’m not sure if I wanted to do “The Sunday Currently” or “If We Were Having Coffee” kind of thing so I’ll just write whatever is happening with me lately, hence the title, Letters From A – a project we’re starting this 2020. I know my blogs have always been raw and personal but I want this series to feel more like.. me. If that makes sense. I want it to seem like we’re just long-distance friends and I’m telling you stories like how I usually do on chat, but this time, through letters. I’ve just been having so many thoughts lately, as well, that I feel like I’m gonna burst if I only keep it to myself.

Anyway, I already started with the first story above – that I am officially unemployed. My last day was December 17 and until now I haven’t received my final settlement from that company, it’s been almost a month! (Hanggang ngayon, pinapahirapan pa rin talaga ‘yung buhay ko. Jusko.) I had dinner the same day with some of my colleagues and they were so sweet; they gave me perfume, chocolates, cake, and bouquet as a farewell gift. I feel so loved.

The next day after, my Mom and my younger brother arrived and we spent the Holidays complete this year. Remember when I wrote something about waking up crying on Christmas Day a few years ago? I woke up happy this time. :) We were mostly just roaming around, eating, and doing window shopping because we’ve already been to famous attractions when we came here for a visit three years ago.

Sometimes, we’re in Dubai…

but mostly, we are in Abu Dhabi.


We also spent New Year’s Eve in Corniche and watched a spectacular fireworks show, together with my friends and colleagues. Check out the video below:

Overall, it was a good trip. They’re back in PH two days ago ’cause my brother’s winter break is over, meaning my Dad and I are back to our normal routines. Just like what my Dad said, “back to reality.” And his reality was missing his first day back at work because he forgot to set his alarm the night before. Hahaha. Mine was kind of productive, though. I get to do household chores, read a book, and write this blog. Let’s see what’s gonna happen in a few days.

Anyhow, to finish this, my Dad also sold our old car which we’ve used for years and got a Toyota GT86. I know it’s an unusual upgrade from Hyundai Veloster since we’re a family of five including my aunt, but I think there are no plans of my Mom and brother visiting here again anytime soon since it’s more expensive and there are lots of responsibilities at home that she always worry about. (e.g.: our house, dogs, etc.) But I heard UAE will now give a 5-year multiple tourist visa for everyone, so we’ll see!

What’s unusual and unethical for me is the way the car was handed over to my Dad. You know how some of us get so shy that we try to make our things look good as new when we hand it over to its new owners? It’s the opposite for this vendor. He handed the car over dirty, filled with cigarette smell and ashes, and the outside covered in dust. I mean.. If you know you’re selling your car, at least bother to carwash it and clean everything. And even so, he only took the trash and all his things out of the car the night he’s handing it over to us.

Lol sorry, didn’t mean to make it sound as mean as possible but I just need to put it out there. Nevermind, a few carwashes and I hope the smell will be gone. I’m just gonna focus on the good part that Dad got his dream of having a “sports car” and that’s all that matters. I’m sure he’s gonna take care of it and make it look brand new.


I still have quite a lot of stories to tell but it’s already 12:30 AM and I want to finish Don’t F*ck With Cats on Netflix. Hehe. I’ve been into so many things lately – it’s funny sometimes – and I’ll tell you more about it soon. For now, I’ll leave you with this statue from Louvre Abu Dhabi which is a complete mood for 2019, 2020, and all the years ahead.

I may be seven days late but Happy New Year everyone. To better days.

Love, Amielle

41 thoughts on “Letters From A | 01

    1. Understand, hehe. We always come to the point na nakakapagod ang trabaho and then di healthy na environment. Nakakatoxic talaga. Hope you’ll get a new job the soonest.


  1. Happy new year, Amielle! Looking for a new job pa or waiting na lang?

    Very tempting ang 5-yr multiple tourist visa!!!


    1. God bless sa iyong paghahanap ng bagong mapapasukan!

      Oo ngaaaaa nagbabasa ako ng news kahapon. Kalurkeyyyyy


  2. Good luck bebe girl! Kapit at laban lang! Iclaim natin na itong year na to ay mas maganda para sa atin! Cheers sa lahat ng plans natin na matutupad. Lablab!


  3. All of the parting gifts were so sweet & I’m so happy your family was able to visit this holiday. ♡ Sounds like you had an amazing time together & wow!! Can’t believe the guy didn’t even clean his car before selling it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right?! My Mom was saying maybe it’s how their “nationality” is doing when they’re selling their cars but I honestly don’t think so. The guy is just not clean at all. 🤣

      Liked by 1 person

  4. If I’ll visit UAE, let’s hang out ha? :D
    I’m happy that you got to spend the holidays with your family!! My kuya spent Christmas here after 3 Christmases in UAE so I’m also happy ayiii <3 I hope to see you soon and alam mo naman andito lang ako forevs if you need someone diba <3 labyu!


  5. Happy (Chinese) New Year! Haha! And happy job hunting!

    Enjoyed Don’t Fck With Cats, I’ve seen better, pero ang crazy nung mga taong ang daming time to become internet sleuths. Where do they find the time sa totoo lang haha.


    1. TOTOO SA ANG DAMING TIME. Hahaha! Atsaka napakagaling nila maghanap. Sobrang na-impress ako lalo nung nahanap nila address nung guy. Haha internet is such a scary place rin talaga.

      Anyway, Happy New Year, te! 💖

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Nabalitaan mo na ba ang latest drama ni bato teh? Nag sumbong kay pduts ksi cancelled ang US visa, aba si pduts tinethreaten ang US Govt para daw ayusin yon or else iteterminate ang Visiting Forces Agreement HAHAHA imagine how tired we are

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Amielle, wag ka nga. Lahat tayo nagpakatanga na sa pag-ibig. Nagmamahal lang si Tatay Digong. Gagawin niya lahat wag lang maagrabyado si Bato. Terminate niya VFA di dahil sa namatay si Jennifer Laude or kung anu pa man. Para kay Bato talaga hahaha. On a more serious note, kung yung love at pagtatanggol niya sa cohorts niya ganun din sa mga Pilipino, ang saya siguro sa bansang ‘to.


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