My top song for 2019 on Spotify isn’t mine

It’s almost 3 pm, on a Monday, and I literally just woke up. My body is still feeling heavy and my throat has been hurting since this morning na I feel like I’m gonna have a fever, hence the reason I skipped work today.

.. Or baka fertile lang ako kaya ang init ng pakiramdam ko. Chos hahaha. Anyway, it’s been quite a while since I’ve written something raw and personal so I’m just here to talk about Spotify. Yes, I’m really writing a post for an app because nanggigil ako sa Spotify na ‘yan talaga.

You know how Spotify releases your yearly wrap up for your top artists, songs, playlists, et cetera? How was your 2019 Wrapped? Mine has been.. kinda messy. It’s mixed with songs I wasn’t listening to in the first place and my top song for 2019 isn’t even mine.

Here’s why.

Since I’m such a nice person (sometimes), I’m sharing my log in credentials with some people ever since I started using Spotify Premium. And by some people, it included my ex-boyfriend. Since I only changed my password I think half a year after the breakup, my 2019 Wrapped reasonably has songs he’s been listening to even after we broke up. That’s why my top song for this year is his. Add the fact that it’s a sad song related to what happened to us.

I mean it’s not a big deal naman na because I am genuinely happy now but thank you Spotify for reminding me how I’ve broken someone else’s heart this year! I was listening to Ben & Ben too much this year, I hope you kind of picked it up too!

On another note, they also released your top everything for the decade and how they made separate playlists pa for your yearly favorites. Which is really nice, don’t get me wrong.

However, I was listening to my 2016 and 2017 Top Songs yesterday and it was.. too nostalgic for me. Aside from realizing how there are super good songs before that I should start listening to again, these playlists just brought back so many memories. And I just find it weird how a certain music can bring you back to a time from the past in just a snap; how even a certain kind of scent reminds you of the good old days.

I don’t even know if “weird” is the right feeling for it. Should I feel happy or sad? Should I find it funny or weird? I don’t know. All I know is Spotify Wrapped reminded me of memories I am always grateful for even if they are all in the past. Memories that taught me lessons about life and love that I will forever carry and years of experience that has made me become a version of myself that I am so, SO proud of.

Thanks, Spotify. Turns out I wasn’t pissed at you in the first place. Here’s to moving forward.

Love, Amielle

27 thoughts on “My top song for 2019 on Spotify isn’t mine

  1. Love this inspirational post! ❤️ I’m happy you are back to blogging as I’ve missed you here. I will also share a post about my Spotify year. It’s beautiful how music have such a big impact on us and can transport us to a different time. I agree so much with you on that. I listened to many break up songs in the beginning of the decade like 2013 so now my music changed again. I hope you feel better soon. I’m also having a litte bit of pain in my throat.

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  2. This is the reason why I never give my password to people. Haha! Medyo may obsession ako sa data kasi it will really tell you a lot about yourself, kaya nakakainis yang ganyan na may mga factor na out of your control. May nabasa ako sa Twitter, ginagamit ng kapatid niya yung Spotify niya, ang top artist niya Glee hahaha! Yung sa asawa ng kapatid ko naman, Taylor Swift lol na-invade na yung account niya.

    But true yung sa music. Nakakainis kahit naka-move on ka na, pag narinig mo naaalala mo pa rin e. Sarap gumawa ng post tuloy ng shuffle lang sa playlist tas first 5 or 10 songs anong naalala mo dun, ganyan. Hehe.

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    1. Pero alam mo sa Facebook meron rin! I mean, may notification palang na gagawa daw sila. Tapos sabi nila option na if you have dates or people na ayaw mo masama, pede mo ilagay dun. Huhu sobrang thoughtful infernes!

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  3. Hahaha, ano ba Amielle? Bakit parang palagi similar yung pinagdadaanan natin?? Naalala ko nanaman yung ex ko kasi isang youtube account lang gamit naman tapos yung mga songs na pinakikinggan niya palagi naga-appear sa list ko. Hahahaha.

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  4. I can totally relate to you seeing that top song and being conflicted as to what you should feel. I feel like life will always throw little reminders of certain people you used to be close with at you and you just need to appreciate those memories for what they are – an (at the time) important and special time / person in your life. Here’s to moving on indeed!! xx

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  5. Omg wait how are you also single this year, when we both post about our love life and comment on each other’s posts about it lol. But my spotify is also all sad songs this year, so looking forward for a happier 2020 for the both of us ;)

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  6. Awww it is amazing how many memories music can bring back. That was nice of you to share your account for so long, but kind of a bummer that you had those reminders.
    Here’s to moving forward and choosing some new music!

    <3 Alana


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