Parkers: Food Review

Instagrammable and aesthetic places are just booming everywhere. Located inside Umm Al Emarat, aiming to foster childhood memories of spending time at the park and serving street food around the world with some twist to it, Parkers is – by far – the prettiest restaurant I have been to in UAE.


I first saw this place from my friend’s Instagram story and was amazed by how nice it is. So I asked him where it was and went there a few days after with a friend. (Power of social media.)

Parkers Abu Dhabi

Gray walls, wooden pieces of furniture, with a touch of ornamental indoor plants decorated on its high ceiling, Parkers’ architect and interior designer really did a great job. Aside from it being cozy and visually beautiful, they can also accommodate quite a lot of customers without making the place look crowded.

Parkers Abu DhabiParkers Abu DhabiParkers Abu Dhabi


It was Ramadan when we came for a visit so there were only a few customers before sunset. They have this thing called “The Unplug Movement” where they discourage the use of phones or any gadgets and just go back to the good old days where we play games and talk about things with each other.

Parkers Abu Dhabi

If you’re up for the challenge, just leave your gadgets in the Unplug Box and start with games like word scramble, word search, and crossword. They also have a Q&A card game which will help you get to know your friend/s more. It’s fun! You won’t even realize you’re spending too much time in there.

(Don’t worry, they’re too nice that they won’t mind.)

Parkers Abu DhabiParkers Abu DhabiParkers Abu Dhabi

The staff were very approachable and accommodating, too! From the time we came, to the way we’re confused on which food to order, and to helping us with something we can’t figure out on word scramble, I can say that this place’s service is amazing.


As for the food, we ordered Fire House Burger, White Truffle Pasta, and Street Fries. Price-wise, it’s a little expensive than the normal but I’ve read that what they serve are fresh from the kitchen, so I guess it justifies it. Their menu has a good variety of choices also!

Parkers Abu Dhabi
Fire House Burger (50 AED / 692 PHP) – 3/5
Parkers Abu Dhabi
White Truffle Pasta (56 AED / 775 PHP) – 3.7/5

The burger – for its price – was quite smaller than we expected; however, the pasta’s nice and the serving’s good for two. We didn’t like too much toppings on the fries that much (as we felt like there were more toppings than the fries) and ended up eating the fries only. Hehe maybe we’ll try the plain or truffle fries next time!

Street Fries (31 AED / 429 PHP)

We wanted to try their Pull Me treats, as well, as I’ve been seeing it on their Instagram page but we were already full from the pasta. Again, there’s always a next time!

A little trivia: did you know that when they first opened in UAE, Parkers used to have a concept where only people with keys are allowed to enter? They used to hide keys nearby the place and people will get hints on where to find them from their social media accounts. I’ve only known about this when I was reading more about Parkers the other day and I find it really interesting! :)

Since Mr. Parker is not doing it anymore in UAE, I think it’ll be more fun if he still hides keys but on a different concept – only those people who found the keys get a secret menu of the restaurant. (Or maybe some discount coupon? Haha)

All in all, my experience with Parkers was great! Until next time!

Love, Amielle

Parkers has different branches around UAE plus one in Saudi and I tried the one in Umm Al Emarat Park, Abu Dhabi branch. For more information, see below details:

Address: Umm Al Emarat Park – Abu Dhabi
Contact Details: +971 50 136 9166
Instagram: @parkers
Timings: 08:00 to 23:00

9 thoughts on “Parkers: Food Review

  1. What a beautiful freaking restaurant and such a wonderful concept! The food looks mmmmm damn, as effing usual now i gotta go rustle up some food. HAHAHAHA happy to see you had a good time!!

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  2. Oh my gosh. How cool! I love that whole finding the key concept & the ‘unplug movement,’ too. I would totally drop my phone in the box, play some games, & eat some of that delicious looking food!

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