The “hang in there until I fix myself” rubbish

I’ve seen this quote somewhere and it said, “I’ve seen men leave 5-10 year relationships, turn around and get married to a woman he’s known for 6 months and does all the things his ex always begged him to do. Word of advice, stop preaching to these men. They hear you. He’s not going to ever be the man you want him to be because you’re not the woman he wants to be with. People change for who they want.”

And it’s true.

One day, you will wake up and see how he’s doing all the things you’ve been asking since day 1 but failed to do so because he is “not that kind of person.” You will see him giving roses to another woman even on their first months; which he rarely did before even though he knows how much you love roses. You will see him taking her to nice restaurants you’ve always wanted to go, beautiful places you’ve always wanted to see, and will see him treating her how you’ve always begged him to treat you.

All of a sudden, all the years you’ve been together will feel like a training ground to you. That you were only there to teach him how he should be in a relationship, so that the next person will surely be “the one” for him. It does hurt a lot, doesn’t it?

There’s no point in wallowing about the fights you’ve been with that partner – asking him something again for the nth time – because the answer is already there. Remember the reason he always used to tell you? To “hang in there until I am able to fix myself”? He never did it because you weren’t the person he wants to do it for. No matter the years you were together.

Not that we’re saying he’s not allowed to move forward and be a better person. He is! From the core of our hearts, he really is.

It just makes you think of negative thoughts like.. Why wasn’t he able to do it for me? Why wasn’t he like that when we were together? Was I not enough for you? Am I not the person you wanted to be with in the end? Why did you let this happen to us? Why did I let you crash me like this?

It slowly makes you question your worth as a person.

But it’s okay. No need to let your thoughts kill you. Because just like your former partner, the person you are now isn’t the same person you were before. You are healing, changing, and evolving. You are becoming the best you that you can be. And eventually, you will learn to accept that things are just like that; nothing else you can do but to forgive and let go.

You gotta stop holding on to someone who has already let go of you. You can do it. I believe in you.

Love, Amielle

Featured Photo by Annie Spratt

35 thoughts on “The “hang in there until I fix myself” rubbish

  1. Why wasn’t he able to do it for me? Why wasn’t he like that when we were together? Was I not enough for you? Am I not the person you wanted to be with in the end? Why did you let this happen to us? Why did I let you crash me like this?

    ~ ito yung mga thoughts na gigising sa’yo sa madaling araw at babasag sayo ng husto. haish.

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  2. Hala life story to ng isa kong friend! Haha! Pero on a lighter note, at least hindi nyo pinilit lalo na kung di naman kayo ang para sa isa’t-isa. Mabuti nang maghiwalay at makita nyo ang tunay na para sa inyo! Nakita nya ang para sa kanya, and pareho sayo! win-win! Teka ikaw ba to haha

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  3. Bakit ganito to, baby girl?
    Charoot lang.
    Kasi yong mga bagay na gusto natin kaya naman daw natin gawin for us. Kaya mong bumili ng roses, mag travel, kumain sa bet na resto at Iba pa.
    Bakit ba kailangan pa siya dun, Diba?
    Pandagdag gastos lang siya.
    Pakatatag. 😘

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    1. Di yon pampalubag loob.
      May mga character kasi sa storya na hindi naman pala pang main character.
      Wala kasing chemistry at Di pumatok ang storya.
      Kaya Kalma.
      Yong mga bagay na gusto mong Sana ginawa niya ay kayang-kaya mong gawin for you.
      Kung sa cake, dekorasyon lang siya pero Di talaga siya yong cake.
      Keri lang kung Wala siya dun.

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  4. Yung mga tanong mo sa ex mo na walang sagot, one day you will smile while you’re staring at someone who has all the answers to those questions.

    Then you’ll say to yourself, “Kaya pala..”

    Believe me. Been there. 😊

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