I forgot that you existed

Have you ever muted, unfollowed, or blocked someone online and totally forgot their existence?

I have.

A friend sent me a screenshot this morning about someone — na let’s say — we’re.. neutral with. Meaning, we don’t like the person but we don’t dislike the person either. Only for the sole reason that everything she posts online irritates us. ‘Yung tipong lahat nalang pinost. She was flooding my feed too much — be it Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram — and it started to annoy me.

Personally, it wasn’t much of a big deal naman. She’s enjoying her life by going places and feels confident with herself, which is great! Sabi nga ng meme na ‘to..


Let people enjoy things. Talagang nalulunod na lang ako sa pagmumukha niya. Hahaha. To cut it short, wala naman akong pakealam. Kaya ko nga inunfollow eh.

So ‘yun na nga. After reading my friend’s message, I realized that it’s been so long since I last saw her name or even heard something about her. It’s been that long that I got irritated because I saw her post on my feed. And it was refreshing! I felt so proud because I have set myself free of the negativity I am creating due to this person and all the other people I have removed from my life online.

One reason people rarely hear regarding blocking people on social media is the fact that sometimes, people are not bitter.

“My boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend blocked me on Instagram.”
“Ay, bitter.”


The unheard truth is maybe that person just blocked you because she realized that she’s stalking you a little too much and blocking you is her only option. Maybe that person doesn’t want to check your profile and see her former partner’s username in your likers and posts’ comments. Maybe that person doesn’t want to feel pain anymore. Maybe that person just wanted to help herself.

Maybe that person is me.

Lately, I’ve been cutting off toxic relationships in my life, detaching myself on negative situations in a snap, and have been closing myself to people who only pull me into pessimistic environments. And life has been good! I mean, the bad days will always be there. But those days aren’t much now since I started caring less about everything and focused more on what truly is important.

You will be surprised by how light and easy life will be once you remove negative people in your life. It may be hard at first, especially if they’ve been in it for quite a while, but I hope you realize that it is the peace you knew you have always needed. Trust me when I say you’re giving yourself a huge favor. Start virtually then slowly do it in reality.

Baby steps.

You deserve better than this chaos.

Have you ever muted, unfollowed, or blocked someone online and prayed to forget their existence but failed?

I have.

Love, Amielle

26 thoughts on “I forgot that you existed

  1. Shet, super fan ako ng unfollowing, muting, and unfriending people online. Blocking is the last resort talaga. May mga ginanyan na ko hahaha bakit puro mukha mo nasa feed ko feelz. Self-care for me ang pag-alis ng sarili ko sa toxic situations and people, even mga kamag-anak na ang toxic, dini-delete ko. We all need to take better care of our mental health. So yung mga bagay na kaya nating kontrolin, take control. :)

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    1. Minsan nakakalunod na mga mukha nila talaga kasi :( Hahaha

      Pero totoo ‘yon. Sana mawala na ‘yung stigma na hindi porket kamag-anak e palaging pagbibigyan nalang or hahayaan nalang kahit super toxic na talaga nila. Our own mental health comes first dapat. <3

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  2. “You deserve better than this chaos.” YAS. GOLD.

    Guess what I did? I was so fed up that I deactivated my old FB account and made a new one. HAHA. IG and Twitter still deactivated, and I’m not sure what to about that yet. As a friend said, less info, less drama. #adulting

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  3. I did. Masakit kasi makitang after ka nyang lokohin may karapatan syang maging masaya. Syempre alangang icheer ko pa sila. kaya block lang solusyon.


  4. I have! haha! Dito naman ako relate. Nagmute ako ng tao na puro selfie na lang sa araw araw na ginawa ng Diyos. Mahilig rin ako magselfie sangkatutak pa pero di naman araw araw ako nagppost. Nakapagmute na rin ng mga taong nega sa buhay at actually gumawa ng new social media account na pang family at close friends lang tapos puro artists lang ang finofollow ko. Ginawa ko yun ng halos 6months at in fairness, nabuhay naman ako! haha btw ifollow ko kayo sa new account ko haha!

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  5. Cutting off yourself from toxic people and environment is self love. Habang tumatanda ka, mas lumiliit ang mundo natin, ito yung circle of people that really matters to you, quality over quantity! Thank you for this Love, Amielle!

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