Bloom where you are planted

I get it. We all grew up talking different languages, having different accents, and pronouncing words differently. I understand that some words, names, or even letters may totally be new to others especially if we both grew up in different cultures. And I don’t know how many times will I say the word “different” more, but you got it already. We are all different.

Hello. My name is Llana Amielle, pronounced as Lyana Aim yell, and I go by the name Amielle.

Growing up, people from my place never really had a problem pronouncing it. The only mistake they make is saying Aimyell as Ahmyell. I remember being in High School and getting pissed every time someone mispronounces it and I would always argue that, “When you say it that way, it’s like a guy’s name!”

It was only when I went to United States for my internship that I realized.. Hey, maybe my name’s really unusual for foreigners to speak. I used to work as an HR Associate – still the best job experience I have had so far – and my former HR Manager, Pam, used to call me Emilia because she can never pronounce my name right. She’s the sweetest Manager you can have and she would totally treat you like her own daughter. We used to call her Mama Pam.

Anyway, she told me that she’d rather call me Emilia because it’s a name from one of her favorite books and she loves it. I didn’t complain and just went along with it after. It was honestly acceptable in a way for me because it’s a beautiful name and there’s nothing wrong with that. Not to add but you guys know who Emilia Clarke is, right?

However, worse comes to worst, the list goes on to Ahmil, Ahmili, and other fail pronunciations you can think of. Through time, I just learned to laugh their mistakes off. I usually correct them, but sometimes, I lose all hope.

Everything was just funny to me until I hear someone completely convert my name from Amielle… to “email.” Like seriously. We’re not telling each other, trust this email finds you well, are we?

Two years after US, I moved and took risk to find better opportunities in the deserts of United Arab Emirates. Not only have I gotten a job but I have gotten quite a lot of nicknames. Because as I’ve mentioned in the early parts of this blog, our tongues are kind of twisted differently. Lol.

Lilian, Lulu, Lian, Lily, Emy, Emily, and such. New names, no problem. At least they don’t mispronounce my name, right?

Among those nicknames, Lily has been my favorite. It makes me think of the flower lilies which bloom when it’s their time and it reminds me of myself. I’ve also learned that lilies are perennial plants, meaning they can survive (and grow!) in nature without much human intervention; which again reminded me of myself.

Brindisi lily is my favorite among all types of lily. They are soft pink in color and are just gorgeous. They look soft, calming, and delicate that you would actually feel bad if you don’t take care of them properly. They are not as bold and striking as other lilies in color, and it is upward-facing, blooming just right in front of you. Brindisi lilies look ordinary among other lilies but they will not try hard to compete with others because they know that they will still stand out due to their simplicity and beauty.

It is not my favorite flower but lilies are indeed beautiful. And just like a lily – and all the flowers this universe has given us – I will continue to brighten someone else’s day and continue to be a part of something beautiful. From Lilian to Lulu, and Emilia to Emy, I can now go with the nickname Lily, and I, will continue to bloom.

May we all be brave enough to go out of our comfort zones, grow, and bloom beautifully where we are planted.

Ending this post with a selfie na feel ko blooming ako. Hahaha! Have a great month ahead everyone! Love and light.

Love, Amielle

Photo by Jason Long on Unsplash

7 thoughts on “Bloom where you are planted

  1. Ganda naman talaga this girl. I can enumerate a list too of how people mispronounced my name, that’s why when a friend of my mom’s called me ‘Gerry’, I was actually happy because I like it. A lot and actually embraced it as another nickname. :) Pero na-amazed lang ako talaga dun sa internship mo sa US. Naks!


    1. Aww, thank you. Hehe

      Oo no, lam mo naman maraming nag-aasam na makapagwork doon. Malaking opportunity din naman kasi talaga eh. If pupunta ka dun ulit, pwede pakisiksik ako sa bagahe mo, please. HAHAHA


  2. I’m super guilty mispronouncing your name hahaha. Promise tawagin pa rin kita kung pano kita gustong tawagin hahaha. I love you! Mag Armenia blog series kana. Would love to read your experiences there.


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