Life is worth living, isn’t it?

Sometimes, I can’t help but think, that the sole purpose of a human being’s existence is to see how beautiful and ugly the world is – both at the same time.

What is the purpose of living anyway?

I’m pretty sure we’re not born in this world to just fall in love and die. Some doesn’t even have the chance to experience the former and lucky are we that have. Truth be told, there are nights that I think so much; I end up overthinking and questioning myself – what is my purpose? What am I here for?

Wala lang. Life has pretty been on the neutral side lately and it usually just revolves with work, gym, and home. O diba, may gym na. I’ve been wanting to join gym ever since and last year, I finally did. Yay, something new! With that, I can say na even though I’m not at my healthiest point, I’m at my fittest naman right now. I’m not underweight anymore – which is my main purpose of going – and I can really see some progress within me.

Anyway, work has always been the same. I’m happy na it’s less workload now compared before, as they employed and gave me colleagues who make work and the company bearable. I also feel happier and satisfied when they call and ask me to compose or edit emails for them kasi they can’t express what they want to say clearly and they trust me with that. Simple joys! They even asked me one time why don’t I just find a job related to writing and I answered I would be extremely happy if an opportunity like that would come.

Personally, I am okay. Just okay. There are bad days and there always will be, but I just learned how not to care about it anymore. The sun always shines the next day to give us another try.

Going back, I’d like to take this time to think out loud and contemplate about my purpose in life. Haha contemplate talaga ‘no? Currently – I’d like to say it as currently ’cause I know that it will change when I get older – I feel like my purpose is to support my family and make other people happy. Simple.

Feeling ko ‘yun ‘yung purpose ko in life talaga. To be a listener and be the best support of everyone. How can I say that? Because for me, a purpose should be something na when you’ve done or achieved it, you feel that sense of contentment and satisfaction in you. And every time I make people happy, I am happy.

Maybe some other people’s purpose is to keep the environment clean and green. O kaya naman to take care of animals. Or maybe to run the whole country. Deep or not too deep, they all serve as a purpose of why we are living. Purpose is what makes your life worth living.

Have you found yours?

Love, Amielle

17 thoughts on “Life is worth living, isn’t it?

  1. I missed you on here. I’m glad you are blogging again 💗 I loved it. Very inspiring post. I think my purpose is to inspire people, love each other and make this place a better world to love in 🌍✨. I’m still finding my way in life as in finding a job etc. It all takes time. I’m happy to hear you are doing well. Love you ❤️


  2. On a serious note, I think everyone’s purpose in life is to love one another, nothing more – nothing less. Helping other people and making them happy (is already under the love umbrella) because that’s what God did <3

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  3. Oh shoot! Love this kasi tagos sa puso talaga. I’ve been thinking about my purpose in life for quite a while na, pero I still don’t have a concrete answer. I mean, maybe the answer is right in front of my eye na but I still can’t see it kasi baka farsighted ?? haha but farsighted in a sense na I’m always looking for another thing. lol do i make sense? I feel like i don’t make sense basta I’m not sure lang talaga how to put it into words. Basta sabi lang nung Youtuber that I follow, just keep on repeating affirmations every single day daw yung mga “I am living my life in accordance to my soul’s highest purpose” or along that line. So I just keep living every day as it is, but I always say that affirmation every day in hopes na malaman ko talaga what’s my soul’s highest purpose here on Earth. charot.

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    1. Aww, I love this.

      May nabasa akong tweet one time and it kind of goes like.. Meron naman na daw tayong prayers na nasagot na. Hindi lang natin nakikita or naririnig kasi hindi ‘yun ‘yung hinahanap nating answers.

      Siguro, it’s just really going with the flow rin? Hoping na in time, you’ll find the affirmation and assurance na matagal na nating hinahanap. Hehe mwa!

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  4. Sometimes napapaisip din ako kung ano ba talaga purpose ko in life. In my life decisions, I always end with “so what?” at yun sometimes, ang nahihirapan akong sagutin. I guess I am still in that phase pa din of trying to figure out my purpose… pero what I am sure of is that I continue to live for the people I love the most and to try to make the world better even with my most simple actions. Nice post ate hahaha ✨

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    1. I know you’ve heard this so many times before, but you’re still young. I’m 100% sure that in time, you will get to realize what you really want and what you are actually living for. For now, just enjoy and continue doing what you do. You’ll reach everything you want according to His will :)

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    2. I missed your blogs ate! I don’t know but right now, I am both scared and excited of what might happen in the future!

      Naalala ko lang, kamusta na po si kuyang sinend niyo po sakin dati sa ig na kamukha ni Donny Pangilinan? Hahaha chz! 🙈


  5. I’m a work in progress. But as cheese as it may sound, I’ve found my purpose in blogging. I feel like this is something I can take control and actually love. And I love the idea of reaching out across the web to people who needs encouragement and hope. :)

    This is beautifully written.

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    1. We all are a work in progress. And I’m so happy you get to find your purpose, Ate. Continue being you and I’m sure you will get to inspire and help more people hehe ❤


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