I tried the 10-Step Korean Skincare for a week

Let us all admit it. We all have neglected and didn’t give much care to our skin at some point in our lives.

I did.

There were nights when I’m so tired to take my makeup off, days where I keep on eating unhealthy food and times when I don’t drink enough water to hydrate my body every single day. Days where I didn’t even care about my skin at all. I’m not saying that I totally don’t wash my face at night — just making things clear. It’s just there are times I get so lazy that I’d rather go straight to bed than do all this nighttime routine. Though, whenever I’m not lazy, I swear by all night creams, I only have three steps.

  1. Remove makeup using Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.
  2. Wash face with any cleanser. Currently, I’m using Eucerin Dermopurifyer Cleanser but I used to use Olay Natural White Foaming Cleanser. If I don’t have any cleanser, I use Kojie-san Soap, pero bihira lang kasi super drying siya ng skin.
  3. Moisturize face/put night cream. I used to put Olay Natural White Night Cream but when I discovered The Face Shop Aloe Vera Fresh Soothing Gel, it became my last step.

So when StyleKorean Global sent an email and asked if I wanted to collaborate with them, I immediately checked out their site and to be honest, I thought they were selling cute and trendy Korean outfits because of their brand. Hahaha. But what I saw are authentic Korean skincare, makeup, and bath and body products at a price obviously cheaper than the ones here in UAE, add the fact that they’re on sale that time!

That’s when I thought that.. hey, I’ve been dying to try the 10-Step Korean Skincare ever since. This would be the perfect time to do that. I answered the email, said yes right away, and guess what? I received the products two weeks after! Two thumbs up for a super fast for an international shipping.

Step One: Oil Cleanser

Purpose: Applied to dry skin, an oil cleanser removes makeup and any other oil-based product debris like sunscreen and pollution particles.


Product I Used:Skinfood Rice Brightening Cleansing Oil. Believe me when I say never have I ever used a cleansing oil in my entire life. So when I first used this, I was like, “OMG, it’s oil!” when the inner me shouted, “Duh?” Hahaha. It felt really weird putting oil on my face at first but I got used to it over time and enjoyed doing it. Two to three pumps are enough for my small face, then what I do is I gently rub and massage it to remove makeup. I only wear pressed powder, blush, and lipstick for my everyday makeup so it’s easy to remove. After washing it off, the product lives to its name and I seriously see my face brighten just after that one step every night.

Step Two: Water Based Cleanser

Purpose: It’s called double cleansing for a reason. Wash your face with a water-based cleanser to whisk away any remaining residue and impurities from your oil cleanse.


Products I Used:

Thank you Farmer, Back To Iceland Cleansing Foam. I only have this as a tester product but I loved this! My skin felt so soft after using this, add the fact that it smelled so good. Girl, I used this on Night #1 and was honestly feeling so pretty that night after just two steps. I can’t believe this.

Pyunkang Yul ATO Cleanser.Same with the one above, I only have a tester of this product and used this on Night #2. This made my skin felt soft, as well, but I didn’t really like the smell of this cleanser.

I don’t have any other cleansers with me so what I used the following days is my Eucerin Dermopurifyer Cleanser.

Step Three: Exfoliator

Purpose: Exfoliation not only cleans out clogged pores but also sloughs off dead skin cells, and sloughing off dead skin cells makes it possible for skin care products to mingle with pores and do their magic. This step is also not recommended for daily use.


Product I Used: Skin Food Black Sugar Wash Off Mask. I only exfoliated twice during the seven-day period and since I have sensitive skin, my face went cherry red after trying this product for the first time. I learned so much on my first try that on my second, I was more gentle with my skin. It really did exfoliate my dead skin cells and guuurl, every step in this Korean Skincare just makes your skin feel softer and softer and softer.

Step Four: Toner

Purpose: Toners are the product that dampens your skin and balances its pH levels. It also acts as a way to prep the skin, so it’ll absorb the following treatments better.


Product I Used: Whamisa Organic Flowers Toner. This is also a tester product but I loved this with all my heart. Korean toner really is different than the normal toners I have used before. This one isn’t stingy and it feels refreshing on your skin, add the fact that it smells sooo good!

Step Five: Essence

Purpose: This is the heart of the Korean Skincare, they say, and it’s the most important part of their routine. An essence is a kind of toner/serum hybrid made for hydrating and aiding skin repair and cell turnover.


Product I Used: Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner. One thing about this product is it absorbs into the skin easily. It doesn’t make your skin sticky or greasy and it just gives your skin a dewy, glowing look. It doesn’t have that so good scent like the Whamisa Organic Flowers Toner but it doesn’t smell anything bad at all.

Step Six: Treatments

Purpose: Consider boosters, serums, and ampoules as concentrated essences that directly treat the issues you’re most concerned about. Whether they target dull skin, large pores, pigmentation, wrinkles, or acne, serums are the ideal skin-perfecting step.


Product I Used: G9Skin White In Milk Capsul Serum. Aaahhh, I loved this serum, as well! Having a face that is just the size of my hand, two pumps for this are enough. A little goes a long way for these products! Its texture is like a gel-cream but it absorbs into skin fast after a few pats on your face. Same results with the essence, it makes my skin look healthy.

Step Seven: Sheet Masks

Purpose: If essences are the heart of the Korean skincare routine, sheet masks are the soul. It provides you with a quiet, meditative, and skin-nourishing ritual that imparts maximum treatment to your skin.


Products I Used: I have tried a lot of sheet masks but my favorites among the ones I’ve tried, so far, is Song Joong Ki’s 7 Days Mask. I have only tried Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the other days don’t have stock but I can’t deny that I love the refreshing feeling it gives to my skin after using it. I usually have a hard time with face masks because my face is small and the masks are too big for my face, but this one’s just perfect.


I have also used It’s Skin’s Sheet Masks(Pomegranate, Olive, Blueberry & Bamboo) and pomegranate’s my favorite. It smells soooo good, I don’t want to take it out of my face!! I don’t have any problem with this sheet masks – fits perfectly on my face as well – and they’re affordable, guys. Who doesn’t want that?


The last sheet mask I’ve tried is So Natural by Sven Gohla Lab – Centella Facial Thin Mask. This is after the 7-Day hanash but this one’s a holy grail. It’s quite expensive compared to the other sheet masks but it surely is worth the price. Judging by the name, yes, it’s thin, but you can certainly hear your skin saying “thank you, self” while using this.

Step Eight: Eye Cream

I don’t have any eye cream product with me but for an alternative, I have this super cold patch that I place under my eyes for a good three minutes and I think that would suffice. Hehehe :p

Step Nine: Moisturizer

Purpose: Hydration is your express lane to dewy, glowing skin so it’s important to find a moisturizer that works for your skin type. It also just gives your skin a refreshing feeling after using it.


Product I Used: The Face Shop Jeju Aloe 99% Fresh Soothing Gel. My boyfriend bought this personally in The Face Shop when it was on sale and ever since that day, it’s part of my day and night routine. My skin really feels moisturized after using this and what I loved about it is it absorbs into skin fast, just like the ones I have mentioned above. I use this every morning before I put makeup on and every night before I go to sleep. Even Wel loves this product. ;)

Step Ten: Sun Protection

Purpose: Even if you’re stepping outside for just a couple of minutes, you must wear sunscreen. It’s the easiest and most effective way to prevent premature aging (and skin cancer).

Since I only do this skincare routine at night, I don’t need to do this last step and finish my routine with step nine.

What a long process it has been just to have that beautiful, glowing skin; I know. My friends are even shocked when they found out that I’m doing a 10-Step Skincare. Hahaha! But one thing I learned from this is that you don’t have to do the 10-step process every day. Some process doesn’t need to be done every day because it might damage your skin more – for example, exfoliating.

before (top left: no makeup; top right: moisturizer & lipstick only; bottom: with pressed powder, eyebrow pencil, lipstick)

Final thoughts:

As you can see, acne’s not really my big concern but the dullness of my skin. It may not seem like it in photos, but personally, I noticed that my skin’s glowing after doing the 10-Step Korean Skincare for seven straight days. It’s my period week so I understand why I still have bumps here and there on my face (also due to stress – hello work hehehe) but I can really see that my skin’s looking healthy. Especially whenever I look at myself in the mirror. My face doesn’t look dull anymore and it always feels extra smooth and soft whenever I wake up in the morning. GUUURL, sobrang nakaka-GGSS!

It has been weeks and yes, I still am doing the Korean Skincare as my nightly routine. :)

a week after (with and without makeup. please bear w/ the jwu & bagong ligo face hahaha)

Let this be a reminder to everyone that we should all invest in our skin, as early as now. Drink lots and lots of water and have enough sleep. Eat healthy!! We don’t want to see ourselves twenty years from now buying skincare products, saying that we should have taken care of our skin when we were younger. No, we don’t want that. Okay? Take care of your skin, let it glow, because you deserve that! We all deserve that.

My experience with StyleKorean was totally a smooth process. From their PR (Hi Stella!) to customer service, it was actually overwhelming in a good way. I never really had a problem with their site since it isn’t complicated to use. I also loved how they have so many varieties of items to choose from. Makeup, skincare, bath and body, name it! Also, as I said earlier, I received these products two weeks after placing my order and with that, I totally recommend this site if you’re eyeing for Korean products. (They always have something good on sale and they give a lot of testers. Wink wink.)


Oh! And have I told you they ship directly from Korea? :)

Love, Amielle

Disclaimer: Products were sent by StyleKorean in exchange for a review, however, all opinions stated above were mine.

68 thoughts on “I tried the 10-Step Korean Skincare for a week

  1. First of all, I’m so happy that you’re taking care of your skin. It definitely looked better in your pics! Ang dami pang products diyan, sana wag kang manghinayang gumastos kung para naman sayo! Hahahaha. :D Dapat din may AM routine ka, pero definitely simpler dapat. More skincare/beauty related posts!

    Pangalawa, congrats! Dream ko makapagwork sa mga PR brands at naunahan mo pa ako! Hahaha. Yesss sisikat na siya! :P


    1. Ate, gustuhin ko man mag-AM routine, wala akong time because always late ako kapag papasok ng work! Hahahaha

      And oo nga e, nagulat ako biglang may nag email. Huhu thank you! Lapit ka na rin Ate! 2018’s our year 🤗💖

      Liked by 1 person

    2. For AM I use toner and moisturizer. Nagiging 3, for sunscreen, if I don’t use my cushion with SPF. I highly recommend yung klairs but if your skin is oily maybe go for a different one. :)


    1. Naku, sabi ko rin ‘yan! Pero nung nakikita ko na ‘yung results, push lang! Para sa ikagaganda! Wahaha. Hope matry mo siya! Nakaka-GGSS siya talaga 😂


  2. Wow, that’s so awesome they sent you all of those products to try!! And they were straight from Korea!! I really need to start a skin-care routine. LIKE NOW! You’ve got me all worried about premature aging now lol. I do think you’re glowing after a week of your routine, too, it really made a difference!! :D


    1. Hun, I feel like you don’t even need a skincare routine at all! You’re always glowing! 😉 But anyway, if you wanted to start a skincare and tried the korean routine, I’d love to read about it soon on your blog! 🤗


    2. Hahaha oh you! You’re just saying that. 😉 I actually am breaking out bad as of late! I don’t think I could do all of this Amielle honestly lol maybe just some Korean masks? 😀


  3. I love this post!! Ate ang daming steps grabe ang sipag mo! 👏👏 jusko ako nga I’m just starting sa mga routine routine na yan. This post helped me a lot. Now I know kung ano ung mga dapat ilagay step by step. Pero nakakatamad to😂😂 How did you survive? 😂 And one thing is for sure- use korean products for your face. ❤️


  4. Skincare certainly pays off over time. Although there is a genetic influence (and I have been fortunate to have naturally clear skin and a healthy complexion all my life which is inherited) it is important to look after ourselves not only for the external but also for the emotional benefit of valuing ourselves. Your results are fabulous … you look so dewy in the after pictures and I am sure that your spirits are lifted by seeing such a better version of you in the mirror.


  5. We’ve got a Korean beauty store here in nz called Hikoco and my sisters going through her puberty acne phase and I’ve noticed a difference to her skin once she started using products from there!


    1. Oh, wow! That’s nice to hear! 😊 Korean products are really gentle on your skin so I think it’s perfect for her especially now that she’s in her puberty phase. ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Ang masasabi ko lang, “SONG JOONGKI OPPAAAAAAAAAA! I MISS YOU NAAAAA!!!!” Hahahahaha. Not a fan of any beauty and skin care products, Huhu. I guess it’s time for me to get into these. Aging is kicking in.


  7. waaah, song joongki!!!low maintenance ako sa sobrang low maintenance, kahit anong cream wala kong pinapahid sa mukha as beauty regimen, pero parang kailangan ko na neto, hahaha, mawawala na ko sa kalendaryo, hahaha, infairness, ang blooming pa din kahit period week. :P


  8. Guuurl! Gagawin ko na din talaga to soon pero inaantay ko lang dumating yung package ko. :) Since my skin is acne-prone, excited na kong gumanda hahahahaha jk. I know ang hirap i-maintain ng 10 steps pero iba na ang glow ng skin mo! <3 Love it!!!


    1. Teeeeh!! Sobrang hirap i-maintain especially sa tamad kong pagkatao! Hahaha. Pero nung nakikita ko na ‘yung results, sige, keri na mag-sacrifice ng kasipagan at oras para sa ikagaganda 😂


  9. FRIEND ANG SIPAG MO HAHAHA. 6 steps nga lang yung skincare routine ko tinatamad pa ako niyan lol. Does micellar water not count as oil cleansing btw? Hahahaha. Pero grabe iba ang glow mo ah!


    1. Mamshie truly namang napakahirap i-maintain. Hahahaha. I don’t think so, ate. Pero yun muna minsan ginagawa ko, micellar water tapos oil cleansing. ☺️ Thank you! Wala ‘yang Myra E! Wahahahaha

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Haha relate sa lazy feeling.. But i make sure talaga moisturizer before sleep
    .I am also into korean products. Bb cream, face mask,.my korean student sent me skin food’s face masks at yong black sugar mask hindi ko pa nagagamit. For Toner I am using rose water bigay din ng student ko..


    1. I don’t think it will. Korean products are usually super light and gentle on your skin! 😊 Hope I can read about it on your blog soon! 💖


  11. I am super addicted to skincare products! Specially korean ones <3 this looks absolutely great, I have to try it one day.

    Like always, is very nice to read you and I send all my love <3



    1. Skincare products are addicting! But scary to try new ones sometimes. I’m scared I might break our or something 😂 Thanks, dear! Hope everything’s fine! 💖


  12. I starting to love korean skincare products. Right now, I pampared my face with facial mask. I thinking if I’ll get korean skincare from althea korea. It’s my first time to heard about stylekorean but their products suits you well, kitang-kita nga ang blooming mo sis. I love curated box like this, pero parang di ko kaya yong daming pahid sa mukha. For my night routine : I just wash my face with pond’s facial foam, put some moisturizer and facial mask.


  13. It’s good to know you know your skincare, not like me. I don’t know what products to buy. I have the same skin condition, and I might consider your routine. Thanks for sharing.


    1. I understand. And sometimes it’s really scary to try new products because it might break out our skin. But we’ll never know if we never try, right? :) You’re welcome!


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