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That one time I felt unsafe in Abu Dhabi

Good news: I think I’m okay with bus rides now.

If you’ve read this post, you know that there was a point in my life where I stated and claimed with all my heart that I am not okay with bus rides.

I’m taking it back.

I’ve been using the bus as my mode of transportation lately because – another good news – I am already working, hence, the in-activeness of this blog. I go to work by bus, go home by bus, and never have I felt anything similar to what I experienced on that blog post. I probably am just hungry that day or something – I don’t know. I still get nauseous from time to time but it is only whenever someone’s perfume (or smell) is punching my soul. Trust me, when you’re in this country and you’re using public transportation, it’s inevitable.

Ever since I’ve been here, friends back home would randomly ask me, “Is it safe in Abu Dhabi?”

Well, I go home late because of work almost every day, walk the streets alone, and frankly speaking: I don’t feel scared at all. It might be because I know I don’t look weak and fragile while walking – thanks to my resting b face – so no one would try to mess with me; or it might be because the city’s still awake at those hours so no one would really dare try. Of course, I’ve heard extremely scary stories happening in this city — there always will be. And with that, I always make sure that even if I’m alone, I’m aware of everything and I take extra care of myself.

Which leads us to the title of this post: that one time I felt unsafe in Abu Dhabi.


Let me take you back to the past for a bit.

This happened months ago when my auntie and I were walking home from Corniche Beach, a good ten to fifteen-minute walk from where we’re staying. I was wearing a mint green dress – length was an inch above the knee – and my auntie was wearing a simple t-shirt and pedal pants. We were just talking about random things until we noticed that two guys were already following us.

I honestly don’t know what nationality they are (and up until now, I’m having a hard time classifying them) but all I can say is they’re probably from the populated country Douchebagland. They were following us for God knows how long but I’m certain it was not shorter than 20 minutes. What made it creepier was even if we stopped at certain shops or in places where there are lots of people, they – too – would stop, and would follow us again once we started walking.

I kept on asking myself. “Are men here really that thirsty? Is it my fault? Is it wrong that I’ve worn this outfit?” Because I seriously can’t find another reason why they would follow us aside from the fact that I’m showing a little bit of skin slash my legs. Jeez, as if it’s the first time they’ve seen legs. Maybe the only legs they’ve seen are chicken legs. That’s how douche they are. (Or maybe my aunt & I are both just really beautiful women.)

Kidding aside, what we did was we went inside a residential building and pretended we live there. Went up a few floors, stayed there for a few minutes, and fortunately, when we headed downstairs, they weren’t in the lobby anymore. They weren’t outside the building, as well, and it’s about time we’re safe to go home.

Yes, I’ve heard scary stories about this country (something similar also happened lately though it was another story to tell) but it’s always different when you’re the one experiencing it for the first time with the sun still up. YES. It happened around 5 or 6 in the afternoon, t’was summer that time, and the sun is still freaking high! Does that make them more of a douche? Triple yes.

abu dhabi

I’ve said this here and I’ll say it again now.

I believe that there is no safe or unsafe place in this world — especially at this time. You can be in danger even in the comfort of your home! What are you supposed to do? Stay at home forever and not explore the beauty of this world? Watch the media all day and frighten yourself on how “unsafe” a certain country is?


Don’t let things stop you from going places but always, always, ALWAYS be careful and be aware of your surroundings. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Take care of yourself, learn self-defense if you can, trust everyone and trust no one, and most importantly, enjoy life.

Good news: I think I’m really okay with bus rides now.

Love, Amielle

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67 thoughts on “That one time I felt unsafe in Abu Dhabi

  1. Im glad that you were not hurt or you Auntie. I believe that if a man can’t control himself or they were going to mug you then its them not you xx. Unfortunately they want us to think its because of what we wore, what we said etc. Its them not us xx

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    1. I agree with that, too. I used to argue with guys who says that it’s “normal” for them to think such things about girls showing skin but I stopped since I know I can’t win with their narrow minds.

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  2. Thanks for sharing this story, it must have been horrible, i went throught the same experience in Beirut but at the cinemas. At the end, we had to call security! Anw, i hope such thing will not happen to you again!!

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    1. They actually waited for us in front of the entrance of the cinemas and they started starring and stuff. Me and my friend waited till they enter the theatre. They didn’t, so we talked to the security guy, he made them enter. Then we sat, they approached us and started talking to us, saying they want to take us out after the movies. I directly said no and told him to go back to his seat before i make a fuss about it. Then, he insisted, i stood up and firmly told him “go back to your seat now”. He got scared and left :P


    2. Hey, sorry, this went on spam and I just read it now. That’s so brave of you, though! Some men just think that girls still cannot stand for themselves. It’s 2017, he should know that!

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  3. Ooh, it must have been so scary… It’s good that you managed to get rid of them.
    Thanks for sharing the story with us! And I agree, we should always be aware of our surroundings.

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  4. Geez the way people think that they are making themselves attractive in any way by being douche bags is beyond me, I’m happy to see that it all worked out in the end though! good call on going into an apartment :)

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    1. I know, right? I hope that they won’t hear stories like these from their wife, mom or daughter soon just for them to learn. Hope you’re doing great, Andy! Excited for Ate Glai to visit you there! 😊

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    2. sooooo sorry I haven’t been keeping up with your posts! I’ve been all over the place lately and I’m so far behind on comments, Also belated happy new year! ☺️

      Indeed Glai and I are super excited about her coming to Vancouver! we’re hoping for good news ✌️🤗


  5. You and your auntie are definitely beautiful women! :) I’m sorry this happened to you; it’s pretty clear that men in all countries appear to be utter sleazeballs. I’m so glad you’re okay with getting buses now though! Plus, I 110% agree with your mentality on risk; nowhere is safe or unsafe (I mean aside from war zones, those are clearly off limits ;) ) so just go out and live life xx

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    1. True!! I’ve even read a tweet this week that says peacocks (?) make themselves look ugly so male peacocks won’t harass them. Like… Woah. In all species, some me. are really douchebags. 😂 Take care always, love! 💖

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  6. I didn’t know you lived in Abu Dhabi, that’s awesome! I agree with you that there’s no safe or unsafe place. Those creeps were def from Douchebagland LOL!

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    1. I’ve been here since May this year! Hahaha. Oh, they definitely are. I’m sure you’ve experienced so much especially while you’re on your job. Some men, we just want to burn them, don’t we. 😂

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  7. I’m glad you’re feeling better about riding buses now! And that you and your Aunt were safe in that situation. I completely agree with you, unfortunately, nowhere is safe really. You have to be on your guard – moreso in a big city. There are some scary people out there :/

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  8. You know I had the same experience with indians and sa sm pa! As in lahat na ng store pinasok namin nandun sila sa labas nag aabang lang! Nag stop lang sila nung tumawag kami ng ofcmates na puro lalaki tapos nagpretend kaming kakaen with them. Ayun, nilubayan kami. True naman kahit saan ngayon unsafe na. Kahit na 100x ingat ka kung oras mo na, oras mo na. Dasal nalang talaga sa panahon ngayon.

    Diyan naman sa Abu Dhabi din, ung pamangkin ko inofferan ng work para maging jowa ng indiano din yata. Talagang pinagpaalam pa sa nanay niya! Ang difference lang siguro ng ganyang issues jan at dito, mas hayagan ata diyan. Haha.

    Kidding aside, always praying for your safety Ams. ❤️

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    1. Grabe ‘yung pinagpaalam pa sa nanay! Kakaloka!! Nako, kahit lalaki dito Ate wala rin silang takot eh. Madami nararape din na lalaki dito grabe.

      Buti nilubayan kayo, jusko. Nakakatakot ang ganyan ‘no. Mapapaisip ka nalang minsan na, “ma, pa, bakit n’yo po ba ako pinanganak na maganda?” CHAROT!!! Hahahaha

      Ingat ka din palagi, Ate!! Huuuug! 🤗💖

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  9. It is a shame what you had to experience, Amielle, or even made to feel lesser or wonder if you were dressed inappropriately. Just to clarify, you are never dressed wrong (or women are told). For the longest time I wanted to arm myself with a taser when I was working and living in New Delhi. Anyway, the end game is that you have got to channel your inner fighter and step out there with your chin up. xx

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    1. Right? That’s my point, as well. That it will never be a woman’s fault when she’s harassed. I used to argue with man telling me that, no, it’s “normal” for them to think that way with girls when they show skin and all “because they’re man” but I stopped because I just can’t win with those narrow minds they have.

      Take good care of yourself always, love!! We can go through this! ☺️💖

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  10. Wow that must be really scarry! I also read your other blog post about throwings eggs to you and calling you bad names. I feel safer in Spain than in The Netherlands but still the world is unsafe. I must admit that I did some stupid things like going into a car with some Turkish and Dutch boys. with a friend. They were all friendly but still scarry. They brought us home. Thinking back to it, I was way too naive. We should never ever feel bad of wearing a dress or whatever. Boys are responsible for their actions. I wrote a blog post too about me too. One time while partying in Spain a boy said to me you look like to fuck and I also had someones following me. I’m so happy you are okay and nothing bad happened but its still so scary. I also experience sometimes that boys are staring at me while partying. That makes me really so uncomfortable. We still have the right to enjoy life and travel but just be careful 💕

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    1. Exactly!! I hope man would finally understand that it will never be a woman’s fault when they’ve been harassed. Don’t tell us how to dress and not. Teach yourselves to not think that way because it isn’t supposed to be like that.

      Take good care of yourself always, love! We don’t want pretty girls like you to get in trouble. 💖

      Liked by 3 people

    1. You are welcome…:-)
      and you can visit my blog too…;-),
      inspiringdude.wordpress.com if you find something intrusting then Don’t Forget to follow my Blog…:-)
      Keep in touch…:-)


    1. And ikaw rin d’yan, ingat ha! ☺️ Though open & liberated naman d’yan and nakakapagsuot ka ng kahit ano compared dito, hindi pa rin maiiwasan ‘yung mga bastos at walang modo anywhere. 🤗

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  11. I was stalked by my neighbour once and a lady got out of her car, brought her baseball bat and asked me “Is this guy bothering you?” She noticed my distressed face from her car. She asked her husband to stop the car in the middle of traffic so she can approach me. I said it’s okay and the guy walked away. The guy never bothered me after that. I still see him in our building but he’s given up on talking to me or even trying to interact with me. If there’s one thing I learnt about this experience, it’s that women are looking out for other women too and I’m glad she looked out for me that day.

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    1. Omg, I love this!! I love how women aren’t afraid to fight back now. Most men still think we can’t defend ourselves that’s why they take advantage of us. It’s 2017, they should know better.

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    1. It is. I just hope they’re not doing the same to other girls they see on the streets. Some men are just douche, sometimes.

      Take care of yourself always! 💖


    1. Huy ang sarap naman basahin nun huhu catch up ako sa blogs mo pag off ko! Jusko wala na akong time lately kinakain ako ng trabaho ko 😭 Hope you’re doing okay!! 😘💖


  12. Huhu na experience ko din to kahit lunch time, mga local na talagang susundan ka ng sasakyan nila. Kahit hindi naman nakikita ang legs may ganun din. Pero let’s take care of ourselves pa din 😊


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