Get to know me more: seven unusual facts

As cliché as this may sound, I can’t believe that this year is about to end, as well. It’s already November and I haven’t done so much — blog-wise or even just in my personal life. Honestly, I’ve just been really unproductive and demotivated this year but enough of that drama; it has already happened and I just want to be productive today, therefore resulting to this post.

I noticed you guys love reading personal posts so why not tell you unusual facts about me?

1. I set my alarm at unusual times.

E.g.: 7:03 am, 6:28 am, et al. Let the screenshot below explain what I mean.


Of course, I set my alarm at :00, :15 or 0:30 sometimes, but usually this happens. Don’t ask me why. Maybe I’m just that lazy girl who just lets the number on the minutes-side slide and set the alarm after on whatever number it falls down.

2. I love mayonnaise.

This only started way back 2015 when I had a housemate who’s obsessed with mayonnaise. I guess I got it from her. Now, it may not be unusual or anything for you but here’s the twist: I love it to the point where I can eat mayonnaise alone. No fries or whatever; no anything. I can even put just that on a piece of bread and eat it.

Speaking of fries, I also love dipping my fries in mayo, gravy, garlic mayo or sundae. I also like it when my fries are extra salty.

3. I can’t sleep without a blanket.

No matter how hot or cold the room is, I need a blanket.

I can’t sleep with the music on or with the lights on, either. Now, if we’re going to be roommates and you can’t sleep without the lights or music on.. Well, I can adjust with the lights and just use an eye mask but you have to adjust with the music and use earphones. In that way, we can both have a peaceful and quiet night. Are we good?

4. I can’t sleep on bus, plane, or car rides – as well.

I don’t know man. Even if it’s a 10-hour flight, no matter how hard I try to sleep, I just can’t. It’s a rare occurrence when you see me sleeping on a trip and if that happens, that’s when you know I am dead tired.

5. There isn’t a day where I didn’t dream of something.

I have dreams every single day. Dreams, plural! I dream a lot — some are intense and easy to remember and some are just vague enough that I forget about it five minutes after waking up.

I’ve also read something before and it says that if you’re dreaming, that means you’re sleeping lightly. I guess it’s true. I’m a light sleeper and you won’t have a hard time waking me up. I can wake up right at the first beat or drop of my alarm. You wanna know what my problem is? I’m a light sleeper — I get awakened by almost everything — yet it takes hours for me to sleep. Imagine how hard my sleeping life is! Inggit na inggit ako sa mga masa d’yan. Masandal tulog!

6. When I’m craving for something and I don’t know what it is, I eat salt.

W A I T! Wait. Before any of you out there reacts violently, it’s only a very small pinch of salt. After having that, I’m all good. Not craving anything anymore.

O walang violent reaction ha. Sure nga ako, lahat tayo nagpapapak ng Milo eh.

7. I can’t leave the house without putting lotion on.

I know some people who don’t even like lotion at all because it feels sticky, but then there’s me. I feel naked without putting lotion on after taking a bath. I feel like my skin’s so dry when it really isn’t. I even put lotion before heading to bed after taking a shower at night.

Not so unusual fact #8: That is one of the reasons why I love collecting Bath & Body Works products. If you’re thinking of what to give me for my birthday, ya’lready know! Any B&BW product would do. Hahaha

Currently, I have maybe more-than-a-year of B&BW stocks. Lotions, shower gels, handwash, body mist, perfume, et al. (I don’t collect anything else other than these and books.) Whenever I see a store at the mall, I feel like I have to go in there and just smell some scent. I think I love it so much that if you ask me what scent you’re wearing, I’d 75% know the answer. Hahaha. My favorite scent’s Pink Chiffon, by the way. :)

Aaand that’s it! I may be doing other stuff that’s normal for me but unusual for you, so for now, I think the list above is unusual enough. I hope we’re still friends. Hahaha! How about you? I wanna know some unusual facts about you, too!! Let’s chat in the comment section, I miss that!

Love, Amielle

158 thoughts on “Get to know me more: seven unusual facts

  1. I like my fries extra salty too, but I don’t think I can in any way eat mayonnaise straight from the jar. Haha! And I’m the opposite of you when it comes to sleeping, I can sleep literally ANYWHERE! :D


    1. Omg, lucky you!! Sleeping has always been a hard thing to do for me, it’s a problem sometimes. Especially when I need to wake up early the next day and I just… can’t sleep. 😭😂


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