Why you should go out of your comfort zone and explore more

After being so stressed out mentally and emotionally over the past few months, I realized that I need to take a break from the city life. I want to relax and not be disturbed by anyone. I want to be away from so many people. I want someplace to think.

So I spent the weekend at my dad’s place in Ruwais which is a three-hour drive away from where I’m staying and four when you’re using public transportation. (Wala pang traffic ‘yun.) It is a place away from the crazy city – the place where I never knew I’d find serenity.

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I didn’t really like staying in Ruwais before. I would always say that there’s not much to see and do (because there really isn’t; it only has one mall, a few restaurants, and some parks, but that’s just it) and it’s extremely far away from the city. I wanted to live in the city. I have always thought that the life’s in there. I’ve always wanted to stay downtown because I wanted to explore and go to different restaurants and attractions and write about my experiences after.

… I rarely did.

I’ve lived here for more than five months now; I don’t really go out much because #1: it’s hot and humid as ever – but thankfully, I can feel that winter is coming – and #2: I don’t want to spend money that I personally didn’t earn. My Dad’s giving me an allowance every month since I’m still financially unstable to support myself at the moment and I know enough to not spend it on leisure. I was also busy looking for jobs, and unpopular opinion: I was emotionally not okay. I was a wreck. I sleep at 3 or 4 am every single day, wake up at noon – a miracle if I wake up earlier – and normally start my day at 1 or 2 pm. It was a mess. Ha, my life has been a clutter lately.

Anyhow, going back to the topic, I never really wanted to stay in Ruwais for a time. But after my stay there for a few days, I realized that that is what I need – a complete sense of peace and serenity. The only person I ever get to encounter with personally is my Dad. (Though there was a day when I was invited by Ate Tel to come with her to a birthday party. That’s okay, I had fun.)


I can go out or walk at night and hear only the sound of leaves once the wind blows. I can hear my thoughts clearly and loved it. I love being alone and I’m not scared to be one. A thought even came up to me and suddenly, I wanted to leave the city life and just live there forever.

But last night, someone messaged me something important, and with that, I had to leave Ruwais and head back to the city as soon as I possibly can. My dad booked me a bus ride immediately since he can’t drive me back because of work, and my gOD, I didn’t realize that I hated bus rides so much until this morning.

I was awfully dizzy; I feel like vomiting but can’t, so imagine enduring a freaking four-hour bus ride trying to keep your cool, praying, and calling all Saints that you won’t throw up. Lagi kong sinasabi sa sarili ko, ‘wag nalang isipin para ‘di ako mahilo, ganun. On my way back, I was listing the reasons in my head why I’m feeling this way.

5 Possible Reasons Why I Feel Like I’m About To Embarrass Myself This Morning:

  • I only ate a little for breakfast OR my tummy is #shookt because I ate breakfast. I can’t even remember the last time I have eaten something before 12 noon.
  • I only had 3 hours of sleep. Told you I sleep late no matter how hard I try to sleep early and my bus schedule was 6:45 AM.
  • I am not used to bus rides. I consider myself one of the lucky and privileged kids who didn’t get to experience the hassle of commuting when I was younger. (Or maybe until now.) I’m okay with plane or car rides even if it’s for 12 hours or more but bus rides? I’m having second thoughts. (Kaya hanga ako kay Ate Alona who’s always on the road traveling tapos ilang oras pa palagi. Naisip talaga kita kaninang umaga, ‘te.)
  • The girl’s perfume a few seats away from me is punching my poor old soul.
  • All of the above. (And PS: I’m not pregnant. Sure. Baka ma-issue agad eh. Hahaha.)

Thankfully, another miracle has happened this morning aside from me waking up at 6 and seeing the sun rise. I. slept. throughout. the bus ride. Everyone who’s traveled with me knows that I can’t sleep whether it be a plane or a car ride. No matter how long or short the travel time is, I just can’t unless my energy’s drained. Sobrang hirap ako makatulog talaga. But I guess my prayer to all Saints had worked, they let me sleep for a few hours.

To cut the long story short…

What I’m saying is.. I wouldn’t realize that I’m not good with bus rides if I didn’t take the bus going home this morning. I wouldn’t realize that I love traveling alone if I was afraid that I would get lost that one time in the United States. I wouldn’t realize that I’m okay being with people I don’t know if I was too shy to say hello first. I wouldn’t realize that I love extreme adventures and that I’m okay with falling in line alone if I back out that one time in Hong Kong just because my family aren’t down for it. I wouldn’t realize that I’m (somehow) good at taking photos and editing videos if I didn’t edit that one video way back grade school. I wouldn’t realize that I’m confident of my body if I didn’t wear that two-piece swimsuit for the first time five months ago.

.. And soooo many other things.

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You have to get out of your comfort zone because the only thing that’s stopping you, aside from yourself, is fear. You might be extremely good and passionate about something but you were just so scared to get out of your comfort zone; you’ll never know! Getting out there means knowing yourself more so don’t be afraid to commit mistakes because that’s the best teacher in life β€” experience. So live your life just how you wanted it to be.

A lot of people may have a say on what you’re doing – some are concerned, some aren’t – but in the end, always remember that it’s still your life. It’s your life who’s going to change through your actions so you have to be responsible for whatever that you do, as well.

It’s scary, yes, but do you know what’s scarier than that?


Love, Amielle

119 thoughts on “Why you should go out of your comfort zone and explore more

  1. Going out of your comfort zone is a way of discovering things you thought you’re not capable of doing but kaya mo pala. As the saying goes, “there’s life beyond your comfort zone”. There’s adventure and excitement! :-)

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  2. Whew! You leave your comfort zone’ish place for peace, only to find it and have to rush back in a bus ride with people who poured enough perfume to make pepe lemiux blush! still, beautiful place though :)

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    1. Take as long as you need to find your peace, rejuvenate and then when you’re ready? you can hit the big city again :) or in my case, I just simply love to travel πŸ˜„

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  3. Going out of your comfortzone is really important. Because of having anxiety I feel more safe inside but when I face my fears I can really feel happy about myself πŸ˜„ At the end it pays off! Beautiful post and pictures. Btw, I also have a bad sleep routine πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  4. Tawang-tawa ako sa linyang “my prayer to all Saints” kasi naaalala ko ‘yung girl band na All Saints (narinig mo na sila, pramis: http://bit.ly/1jJOTCS). Feeling ko tuloy sa kanila ka nagdarasal hahaha.

    Medyo “random” ang comment ko ‘no, pero sinabi na naman ng iba ang mga kasentihan. Hehe. Ay, magaganda rin pala ang pictures! Peyborit ko ‘yung sa Disneyland rides, ‘yung may reflections. Ganda. <3

    Anyways, buti mukhang mas okay ka na ngayon. Laban-laban lang baks. :D

    PS napanood ko na ang Kimi no Na wa tongue in a lung huhuhuuhuhuhuhu

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    1. Ala ate fan ka ba nung All Saints kasi tawang tawa ako bakit ganun HAHAHAHAH ‘di ko sila naririnig pramis din hahahaha. Tawang tawa ako lalo na nung umpisa kasi parang tumutula lang ba’t ganon HAHAHAHA

      Pero thank you ate ah!! Okay naman. Surviving! Laban lang! πŸ€— Kumusta naman ang Kimi No Nawa? Alin fave mo? Akin ‘yung nasa iisang lugar na sila pero ‘di sila magkita. Lecheeee

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    2. Nakakatawa ‘di ba? Tuwing nababasa ko ang “all saints” sa kahit anong konteksto, sila ang naaalala ko. Pinakikinggan ko sila tuwing Nov 1 kasi it’s their day, because it’s “All Saints’ Day.” Hahaha.

      Ang korni ko, d’un ako sa i love you sa palad napaiyak. Huhuhuhuhuhu.

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    3. Binasa ko ngayon lang, si JJ Abrams daw ang nagdedevelop. Hindi ko sure kung gagawin nilang parang Rurouni Kenshin live action (gusto ko ‘yun haha), or ‘yung lumang Dragon Ball Z remake (ampanget!). Kung sakali sana ‘wag naman nilang i-whitewash, Japanese actors pa rin. :(

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  5. It all starts with taking that first step out of your comfort zone! It sucks being in the unfamiliar, but it’s only there that we discover ourselves – what we like, what we enjoy, what we despise. And you’re right, regret is harsher than taking this risk. Why continue being unhappy? Why not change it? You have to do it for you, not someone else.

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    1. Agree!! It’s always going to be for ourselves. For us to be better, for us to learn more, and for us to know who we really are. I agree with what you said. It’s always the beginning that is hard but we’ll all slowly adapt to it. :)

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    1. Kapag nasa byahe, nagbabaon ako ng malong. Tas nagtatalukbong ako. Tas alam yung song ng binoculars na ‘deep’? Yun yung pinapakinggan ko. Or kung hindi ka padin makatulog, meron bagong earphones na nilabas yung bose na soundproof. As in wala kang maririnig from the outside world. Haha.

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    2. Gutom na ata ako, ang una kong basa.. Nagbabaon ka ng maling :( Hahahaha

      Hindi ko alam ‘yung deep at hindi ko alam na may soundproof na earphones na?!?!! Search ko parehas ate after nitong comment naloka ako!! Una ko agad naisip e kung ga’no kamahal naman ba kaya iyon. Huhuhu

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    3. Hahahhahahaha. Kain na bhe. Kaloka sa maling!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Meron si bose. Ang cool nga e. Sabi nung friend ko, 15k daw bili nya kaya sabi ko, oks na ako sa bulak pantakip. Haha.
      Magaganda yung kanta ng binoculars, tamang pang-antok kung ayaw mo ng maingay. :)

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  6. Bes! Hirap na hirap din akong matulog ng maaga! Sira na yung body clock ko ata! Haha. Yung kahit wala naman akong ginagawa at nakatunganga lang ako ng ilang oras wala talagang manyari. WHAT IS SLEEP!? Haha.

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  7. Ganda ng mga realizations mo, as well as yung mga pictures. ☺

    Tama, its always good to get out of our comfort zone and face our fears. Madaming lessons tayong matututunan at mapagtatanto. I felt the same way nung una akong nagsolo travel. And since then, lagi ko na syang ginagawa.

    And same din tayo, I can’t sleep early and I’m not comfortable riding a bus for a long period of time. Kaya nung nag-bus ako for 8hrs few months ago, halos maubos ko yung White Flower ko kakasinghot at kakapahid. 😁 Tapos nakaabang na din yung plastic for emergency purposes. LOL

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    1. Thank you, Kuya 😊

      Minsan, kapag may sinasabihan ako na enjoy ako mag-travel mag-isa. Ang tingin nila sa’kin, parang.. ????? HAHAHA. Tapos ang sagot ko lang palagi, masaya kaya na sarili mo lang iniintindi mo. Wala kang iisiping iba. Walang hihintayin, walang inisan kapag di magkaintindihan sa daan o sa kung anong kakain. Hahaha

      Ala, ako rin Kuya!! Jusko dati ayaw na ayaw ko ng amoy ng White Flower. Ngayon necessity na siya HAHAHAHA

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    2. Nice! May mata ka talaga sa pagkuha ng mga litrato. ☺

      How much ba ang A6000 ngayon? Yan din ang target ng kapatid ko eh. Ibebenta na nya yung Nikon nya para dyan. Nanghihinayang nga ko kase wala nako mahihiraman ng lens. 😁 Ganda kase ng lens na gamit ng kapatid ko.


    3. Hmmm. Nung nabili ko kasi last year e naka-sale Kuya, around 30. Ganun. Ewan ko lang ngayon..? Feeling ko e ganun na ulit or baka mas mura kasi may lumabas na A6500 ata.. Di ko sure kung anong number HAHAHA. Basta mas maganda siya sa 6000. :)

      Sayang naman!! Wag nalang nya pagbenta! Huhu. Para sa’kin, mas okay pa rin talaga ang SLR. Advantage lang talaga nito is magaan nga tapos point and shoot ganun. Medyo nahihirapan rin ako sa Manual dahil nung lens Kuya eh. O ewan baka di ko pa lang napapag-aralan ng ayos.


    4. Wala eh, decided na talaga yung kapatid ko. Ang lens ko lang kase yung 50mm lang na 1.8f. Eh yung sa kapatid ko parang 25-75mm 2.8f yata yun. Basta ang ganda nya gamitin. Nakikipag swap nga sa GoPro ko para dun sa lens, kaso di ko pa kayang bitawan si GPH4. Lagi kong kasama sa byahe yun eh.

      Kanina tumingin ako sa mall, ang mahal pala ng lens ng Sony? Yung prime lens na 50mm nila nasa 15k. Aguy, ang mahal sobra.. 😡 πŸ˜€


    5. Ako nanghihinayaaaang HUHU!! Maganda naman kit lens nung A6000 pero feeling ko.. can do better? Ganon? Hahahaha!

      Oo Kuya. Mahal nga.. 😣 Atsaka maganda rin kasi talaga GoPro ‘no? Sobrang convenient tas maganda rin naman quality. Sobrang wide pa. Nakakatuwa. Haha. Nakita mo ba ‘yung bagong release ng Go Pro kuya? Sobrang lupet. Pagaling sila ng pagaling.

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    6. Oo, iba din talaga ang GoPro. Simula nga ng nabili ko yun, hindi ko na nagamit Nikon ko.

      Ah yung Fusion? Oo, astig nga. Tinaas na naman ni GoPro ang standards ng action cam. Galing talaga!

      BTW, may Hero5 na pala ako nung isang araw lang. Astig nung voice command. Pero pang buy and sell ko lang ito. Kay Hero4 pa din ako. Heheh..


  8. Husay ni Imyel <3
    Labyu gorl! Okay ka na ba?? Bat ka pala umuwi?

    Minsan talaga kahit di natin gusto, kahit natatakot tayong sumubok ng ibang bagay, pag andon na "it's not so bad after all" pala diba? :) Yun lagi mong isipin kapag napunta ka ulit sa sitwasyon na parang hindi ka komportable :) <3

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    1. Hala, ‘di pala nag-send ‘yung reply ko dito.

      Thank you Ate!! Work related pero wala rin namang nangyari. Hehe :/

      Totoo. Atsaka siguro ako, dumating na rin ako sa point in life ko na wala akong pakelam kung magkamali ako o kung san ako mapunta. Kasi alam kong matututo ako dun. (And may maisusulat ulit ako. Hahahaha.)

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  9. Ahh I loved this! You’re right that there could be nothing worse than regret. I really needed this today and probably every other day too. <3


  10. “I wanted to leave the city life and just live there forever”
    –if we can be just and still the kid we used to be and dream na life is as simple and possible as that~

    Andami ko ding ayaw gawin cause of fear. Guess I’m so intricate with my ways kaya ang hirap din mag go like a snap sa mga sudden changes, ++ my own fear of my own disappointments. Nevertheless, this inspires me Anew– loving every aingle of it❀❀.


    1. And sabi nga, what we want is on the other side of fear. Kaya mo ‘yan, Ate!! :)

      Pero sana nga ganun ‘no? ‘Yung paggising natin, wala nalang problema na iisipin. ‘Yung chill lang, ganyan. ‘Yung makakatulog ka sa sofa tapos magigising ka nasa kama na. Hahaha

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  11. Made me remember all those moments where I went out (for awhile) of my comfort zones too. Sobrang fulfilling. ^__^ and wow! Ruwais is such a pretty place! sobrang gusto ko yung mga ganyan place, not crowded, madaming puno, IG worthy (hahah!) and malinis.

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  12. Aligagang kaluluwa ka pala baby.
    Ganyan din ako dati. Yong tipong ang haba ng Tambay.Feeling worthless talaga.Tingnan mo ako ngayon,tambay ulit.
    Kaya mo yan.😘😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Para sayo!
      Ang laban na to.
      Para sayo ang laban na to oooohhh.
      Di ako susuko.
      Isisisgaw ko sa mundo.
      Para sayo.
      Ang laban na to.

      -kumakanta Na pala ng song ni pakyaw.
      Happy weekend baby.


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  14. I love your pictures so much here, Amielle – and this blog post is so, so inspiring. You are so right – it might be a bit scary to get out of your comfort zone, but we might find out fabulous places, new things about ourselves and a courage we didn’t know we had. Trying is definitely better than having regrets :) thank you for the inspiring post <3 <3

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  15. *virtual hug* Whenever I feel stressed and/or depressed, I just eat and want to travel. Pero Siyempre, life is not the same coz I already have my own family. Di na kadali mag travel mag-isa. But these were my happy pills and my daughter. After having and seeing my happy pills ok na lahat :) Cheer up!


  16. Hi Amelia,

    great reasons. I also believe that we must step out from our everyday life,from our habits.That is the only way to make some changes in life !

    Thank you.You have a great blog here :)


    1. Hi Ben! Sorry for the late response. Yes, I agree. We have to think outside the box and step outside the box, as well.

      Thank you so much! Happy New Year! ☺️


  17. Comfort zone ba? Hmmm… Masarap ang mawala paminsan-minsan sa kabisado mong ginagalawan. Dahil kapag natunton mo na ang pabalik, kainaman na marami kang dalang bagong natutunan.

    Masayang araw sa’yo Amielle! :)


    1. Ang lalim! Hehehe. Pero totoo ‘yan. Napakaraming aral na makukuha at napakaraming mga bagay na alam mo na ang dapat at hindi dapat pagbalik mo. Salamat po! Happy New Year! ☺️


  18. What a lovely blog you have here, very inspiring. Thanks so much for following my blog for I was able to come across yours. At first it was just a visit until I didn’t notice that I’ve been hooked to read more. 😊


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