How I got into reading

One question a bookworm would always receive is: How did your love for reading started?

Well.. I actually don’t know.

Memories from my childhood are super vague so I don’t remember much from it, but based from what everyone used to tell me, I already know how to identify objects, drawings or things at the age of 1 and have learned how to read by the young age of 3.

Trivia: I am already talking even before I turned 1! That’s how talkative I am! That is also the reason why everyone loved me as a kid. Everyone likes talking to me because I was known as that bubbly, talkative kid who has answers to everything they say. Hahaha.

Fast forward when I was about to start school, I remember how I was asked to go to the school principal’s office with my Mom and was told to read this certain book in front of the principal herself. I was young, I probably didn’t even know what I was doing, but I just did what I have been told.

I was accelerated after.

What I remember next is that I just loved reading and reading books; until my 7th birthday came and one of my godmothers gave me this storybook about Disney princesses. It was a big, blue, hardbound book, filled with beautiful drawings and stories about Cinderella, Snow White, and other princesses – which automatically became my favorite book that time. I kept on rereading and rereading it, smelling it (!!), until I grew older and had other favorite books.

You will find me reading everywhere.

I even had prescription glasses when I was younger because I used to read even if I’m in a dark place or I’m in a moving vehicle. (I can’t do that anymore. I get dizzy every time I’m reading in a moving car. Or even just by using my phone. Sign of aging na ata ito.)

One sermon I wouldn’t forget is that one night when my family and I were heading somewhere then my Mom told me that I should stop reading because it’s dark and we’re inside a moving vehicle! Guess what I’m reading that time? A psychology book.

What the hell? I was in grade school and I’m already reading about the things I’m writing on my blog. Self-help, optimism, positivity, and such. I know, I can’t believe it myself, as well.

And I guess that’s how it all started.

I learned how to save money at a young age so that I can buy my own books because my parents never spoiled my brother and I. They would give us what we want from time to time, but usually, they would always tell us to work hard for something that we want; and that it’s hard to earn money. With that, we were never the “Mom, Dad, I want this. Please buy me this.” kind of children. And for me, that’s a good thing because I brought that lesson with me until I grew older.

The photo above is taken last February 2017 and I had bought quite a few books after that so obviously, this shelf is incomplete.
Regarding my book genre

I never really knew anything about “genre” and never cared about it when I was younger. All I know is that I just wanted to read. That’s all. Though of course, what I read are age-appropriate so I started with Disney storybooks to Winx to W.I.T.C.H and other stories related or close to that. The brave kid in me even read horror books that time!!

When I turned High School, that’s when I started reading books written by Bob Ong, Nicholas Sparks, Rick Riordan – who turned out to be my first favorite author because of the Percy Jackson Series – and other Young Adult genre authors.

Up unto this day, Young Adult Contemporary is the genre that I’m still into. Though sometimes, I read other genres whenever I feel like it; so I guess, genre really isn’t a thing for me in choosing which books to read.

My thoughts on collecting books

A lot of people would tell me how expensive my collection is. And I won’t deny; it’s kinda true. Books usually cost around 300-1000+ PHP and if I would compute how much I’ve already spent with all my books, I could probably travel to 2 or 3 countries with that amount of money.

But what I would always tell them after is how priceless the learning and knowledge I’ve had from reading those books. I’ve traveled to different cities, experienced a lot of adventures, felt different kinds of feels, just by reading. It’s a treasure that I will bring with me until my last breath and no amount of money could take that away from me. From us.


Hardbound or paperback? Paperback. I don’t own any hardbound books because #1: they are more expensive; #2, the paper cover thing on hardbound books distracts me; and #3, I started with paperback books and I would totally feel OC if ever I buy one and put it on my shelf.

Physical copy or eBooks? I never liked reading eBooks. Probably because I would just be on my phone or another device (again), and one of the reasons why I’m reading is to escape that digital world I’m in. Besides, I am in love with the smell of books!!

How long does it take for you to read a book? I can say that I’m a fast reader so if ever I really am into that book, I can finish it within the day. But if not, I can turn into a slump and read that book chapter by chapter for months. (Which totally ruins my Reading Book Challenge in Goodreads.)

Do you need a room to be silent while you read? YES. Yeeees. I am so amazed with people who can read (and write!!) while listening to music. H O W?! Whenever I do that, I get so distracted especially if I know the song because a part of me is already singing and I just.. can’t do both. I also tried reading with just instrumentals on the background and I still can’t.

Favorite book or author? I don’t have one. But every time someone asks for a recommendation, I would refer Every Day by David Levithan.

Oh, and by the way, did you know that it’s just this year – 2017!! – when I watched the Harry Potter movie series because I have never read any of the books until early this year? My boyfriend gave me the HP set for my birthday last year probably because he pities me for not having to watch the movie yet. Hahaha. I know it’s always showing on movie channels but I never really watch it because I told myself that I will only watch HP once I have read the books. (Eh ang mahal ng set ng HP so ‘yun, natagalan….)

Another fun fact: My Mom loves to read as well and I think I got my love for books from her. She loves reading so much that my name, Amielle, is actually a character from one of her favorite books. :)

I guess that’s it for my book shenanigans! How about you? What got you into reading and what’s your most recommended book so far? Just leave a question in the comment box if you have any and I would love to talk with you. Have a great week ahead!

Love, Amielle

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79 thoughts on “How I got into reading

  1. This was such a lovely post and I enjoyed finding out more about your reading and book habits (: plus the picture of your shelf made me super happy! I see a lot of the books I own on there xoxo


  2. It’s funny I always need piano music when I read or write. It helps me focus ☺️ The last picture you took is so pretty! I like E books too but my eyes get tired quickly.


  3. i never liked to read ebooks too, but i have no choice since i have zero balance. lol oohhhh you are so organised with your shelf, i envy you ’cause mine is a chaos. πŸ˜‚


    1. hahahahaha totoo, todo tipid talaga. yung parang mcsaver nalang palagi ng mcdo ung lunch namin ng mga friends kong mahilig tumambay sa bookstore. πŸ˜‚ bet ko nga magpagawa ng bookshelf kay jowa yung nakahang sa wall. πŸ’•


  4. I love go read too! Both my parents were readers and I remember having these bookshelves filled with books. There are some that I just love to reread which drives my hisbands crazy. He doesn’t understand why I would be rereading something I already read! Clearly he doesn’t get it 😜


  5. Yung book na Twilight yung first book tinapos ko sa bookstore in 3 days, binalik balikan ko hahaha wala pa ko pambili nun. Nung may pambili na ko, binili ko yung last 3 books. Kita ko may 3 books ka din! Same 😜


    1. Ako naman, nabitbit lang nung friend ko manood nung Twilight na movie kasi fan daw siya nung books. Tapos ayun, nabitin ako sa movie, sabay bili na nung libro after. πŸ˜‚ Ang tyaga mo Ate dun sa binalik balikan mo yung Twilight!! Most dedicated award goes to you. Sa’yong sa’yo na ang korona! Hahahaha

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Love this post! When my mom told me I started reading when I was 3, I didn’t believe her. To me, it’s just impossible and I don’t remember anything when I was at that age. But I do remember reading astronomy books when I was 5. Hahaha I also love the smell of books, but in 2014 when I was in Europe for 4 months, I bought a Kindle just so I can read without having to worry about packing so many books to bring back to the US! I’ve read about 75 books in 4 months time.


    1. Wooow! That’s a lot of books, Ate!! Pero I agree. Siguro that’s one of the good things rin talaga with Kindle. You can bring it anywhere plus less the hassle nga. :) I believe eBooks are less expensive than physical copies rin ata diba?

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I just realized I bought and read that much books when I came back to the US. My “unlimited book allowance” got cut off. I love my Kindle. It’s my travel companion. And yes, e-books are cheaper than paper books.


  7. I used to be a real bookworm back in the days before I was 16, Heck I used to read up to 10 books easily between two to three weeks, But then over time as electronic formats became more available? I haven’t been doing it as much anymore :S oof!


    1. Me too, I have a 16 year old teenage daughter and all it is for her is social media, Whereas for me when >I< was 16 social media was going out to the movies and hanging out at the park :O


    1. Ako talaga kahit walang lyrics, ‘di ako makapag-concentrate. :( Napupunta ‘yung attention ko dun sa instrumental tapos kung ano ano na ma-iimagine ko. Hahaha! Can’t wait na makuha mo na HP this year, Ate!! πŸ’–

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Wow andami niyang libro ha ha, ako nahilig lang magbasa ng libro nung nasa Dubai na ako kasi may pambili na ako ng libro ha ha…ayaw koo din ng ebooks, gusto ko naamoy yung papel ng libro….paborito ko naman basahin mga historical fiction ha ha


    1. Ay talaga, Ate? Nabasa mo na ba ate ‘yung The Diary Of A Young Girl ni Anne Frank? Parang dun ata ‘yun sa genre na ‘yun, di ako sure. Hahaha. Edi mahilig ka rin sa mga documentaries, ganun? :)


    2. Haha mga ganyang tipo pero di ko nababasa yung Anne Frank….mga tipong post World War stories…ganyan hahaha…documentaries? Parang wala pa akong nababasang ganyan…more on historical fiction…totoong yung mga nangyari as per history pero yung story around it ay fiction


  9. This is a nice post ate! Beautifully written! I love the pictures! And ang sweet naman ni bf mo atee hehe ❀️ Rick Riordan’s books, mostly the Percy Jackson was my favorite series! I was reading it during school days last year. I finished reading all of the books and thankfully my sister had a collection so I didn’t have to buy my own. We have a book shelf on our house way back in the Philippines. Me and my sister are book readers. But then as wattpad came, we didn’t have to buy books. But for me, buying books, like paper ones, is better than wattpad hehe. ❀️ Being a bookworm is really nice. ❀️ It enhances our vocabulary. Oh well, I really love this post! The book shelf picture caught my attention! ❀️❀️


    1. I agree. People say na kaya raw siguro I’m quite good at writing kasi mahilig ako magbasa.

      I was into Wattpad siguro 14 or 15 years old ako. Mga Diary ng Panget, SDTG pa ‘yung mga uso nun. Pero nag-stop rin ako agad kasi siguro books pa rin talaga. Hahaha. Have you read the Heroes of Olympus na series? Next siya sa PJ Series, maganda rin!! πŸ’–

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Daming books! Pwedeng pabili? Magkanu po isa? 😁 Hindi ko din gusto ang ebook. Mas gusto ko hawak ko mismo yung book. Tsaka pag yung ebook nasa phone mo, madi-distract ka lang. Kaya iba talaga pag libro. ☺

    And yes, i would suggest read the HP books first bago mo panoorin yung movie. Majority ng nakausap ko mas nag-enjoy sa takbo ng story sa book compare sa movie.


    1. HAHA! Naku parang kahit ata sobrang broke ko di ko magagawa ipagbili mga libro ko kuya maliban na lang kung super emergency talaga. Hahaha

      Totoo. Tapos kapag sa ebook, ‘di mo pa magagawa ‘yung “traditional” na pag-amoy sa pages na nakaakaadik. 😁

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  11. Lovely post! My love for reading was born when I was little too; my parents didn’t have the spare money for loads of toys, so I had to learn to entertain myself and there’s nothing more entertaining than a good book!xx


    1. Awww, it’s really true that sometimes a good book is enough to keep us entertained. I’m happy you found comfort in books even without having loads of toys when you were young. Happiness really is all about contentment sometimes. :)


  12. I miss reading!!! Every down time I would still squeeze in some reading because like you, I can’t read with the TV on and my son awake. My recommended book would still be Diary of A Young Girl by Anne Frank and Bossy Pants by Tina Fey.


    1. OMG, I just asked about the DOAYG book to Ate Aysa (aysabaw) a few minutes ago. I was asking if she has read it because I’ve been eyeing it for quite a long time but never had the “assurance” to buy it. Dahil d’yan, sige, check ulit natin ‘yung kay Mareng Anne. :) Haven’t heard about the Bossy Pants pero check ko rin ‘yun. Thank you, Mommy A!

      Liked by 1 person

  13. It’s always a pleasure to meet a fellow book lover ☺ And I mean those types who even smell the pages of a book!
    Keep it up, Amielle! I admire your collection of books πŸ‘


  14. OMG!! 😍😍 the complete set of Harry Potter books. 😍😍 i miss mine.i still remember that i got a set of 1-5 and a hard bound of chapter 6 of harry potter back in grade school(2005) as a gift from mom. 😍❀️


  15. funny as it is. My love for reading started when I read the book ” The Vampire Diaries ” later on I start watching series, and I start reading other books also :). I hate reading in school because school books were not so interesting. Well most of them, but now I adore reading :)


    1. Hi there, Krikaryan! (Sorry, I can’t find your name on your blog. :( Hahaha. What can I call you, btw?) I’m so happy you adore reading now!! I know quite a few people who don’t love reading before, as well, but now they’re leeegit bookworms and I have never been so proud! :)

      Here’s to more books you will read. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Hi :) yeah, I forgot to add my real name :) is Kristijan :). For me, books are like series, movies. Yeah, it depends on books. I think that for every person there is some book that he would enjoy it :)


  16. Nagumpisa ako, I think, grade 3? I stopped reading non-academic books in college and during the board exams. When I started working and then met bookish friend from Goodreads, dun ako bumalik and nagboom bigla ang love for reading ko.

    Hoarder ako dati ng prints, pero natutunan ko naring maglet go. Charaught. I bought my Kindle in 2011 and sadly nagpaalam na siya sa akin after ng 6 years namin, beshy. Mas madalas na ko dun magbasa pero hinahanap hanap ko parin amoy ng libro kaya bumibili parin ako kapag may gusto. Hirap lang pagseries, kasi kung HB ung first book na mabibili ko at UK Ed dapat ganun lahat.

    Oh, I added you pala in GR. Di ko palang nacheck if inaaccept mo na.


    1. HAHA gusto ko ‘yung nakakahanap pa rin tayo ng hugot kahit sa pagbabasa, eh! Hahaha. Oo Ate ‘no? Parang nakaka-OC kasi tignan kapag pinagtabi mo ‘yung books sa shelf mo tapos magkaiba ng itsura or ‘yung length.

      Yes, Ate. I did! Kaso ‘di ko pa na-ttry magpaka-active sa Goodreads. Hehe banda banda dyan. Thank you!! :)


  17. I was glad on finding a new bookworm friend on the web! I also love Nicholas Sparks and I haven’t read HP too. My favorite book right now is the Traveler’s Gift. It is such an inspiring book to read since you are a traveler too. β™₯


  18. My love for reading started because of HP. I still remember those times when I was studying for my board exam and reading HP books at the same time. I’ve just started rereading HP book series but this time I’m reading ebooks. I never acquired the collection because it’s too expensive and I can’t easily bring them when I migrate.


  19. Oh this is such a lovely post, I really loved reading it all. I’m just like you, I can’t quite pinpoint the moment I got into reading, it’s just, always been a part of me, even as a small child, as far as I can remember :)
    You have got GREAT bookshelves :)


    1. Ohh, these things happen, but it’s so annoying :/ I hope you’ll find your focus again soon, read a really amazing book, or re-read a favorite, and you’ll be back on track for sure sooner than you know :)


  20. I’ve also been also a huge fan of actual books. However, I had noticed that I was already accumulating lots of them (which I usually don’t want to resell) and that we’d soon run out of storage space, so I decided to get a Kindle Paperwhite. Things have been okay, so far. Now I only buy physical copies of books that I would want to have on my shelf. Yung iba, eBook na lang. Lalo kung isang araw ko lang babasahin at di ko na rin babalikan. :)


    1. Awww. Parang ‘di ko pa ata kaya ‘yung ganun, Ate. Hahaha. Kahit na gusto ko na rin mag-transfer sa eBooks kasi nga less space tapos mas makakatipid.

      Ang kaso, parang kapag eBook, nahihirapan ako magbasa kasi nadidistract ako kapag may wifi eh HAHAHA


    2. Well, ang advantage ng Kindle is you cannot really use it for browsing. My Kindle Paperwhite only has an experimental browser, di masayang gamitin for social media. Kaya for reading ko lang talaga siya nagagamit. Walang distraction. :)


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