Rice Overdose: Food Review

As I have said on my last food review with Hooked Seafood Restaurant, there is never a day that I didn’t check out Agoda or Zomato on my phone. There’s just something in me that loves looking at hotels and restaurants, dreaming of staying or eating there. I love daydreaming.

Anyway, I promised myself to always check out food places abroad and not eat on the same fast food chain that we got back home over and over again. So when my Dad and I went out for lunch a few weeks ago, I suggested we try Rice Overdose and see what this restaurant got. To add, I have also been eyeing this restaurant for quite a while now.


Rice Overdose is a Filipino restaurant located just in the city of Abu Dhabi, inside the streets of Hamdan, Al Markaziya. What I first noticed upon entering was its interior design and how spacey it was inside. It’s more like a contemporary house design and dining in gives you that feels like you’re just eating at home or at a friend’s home.


Their area was huge enough to accommodate a large amount of people. They also have a karaoke room upstairs but I wasn’t able to take a look at it.



This restaurant is known for its unlimited rice! (Now, you get it why it’s called Rice Overdose.)

What I liked best about them is that they have a wide variety of options from their menu — from beef, vegetables, seafood, and desserts! Same goes with their rice options. You can choose between adobo rice, bagoong rice, beef steak rice or plain rice. Plus if you’re craving for Filipino street foods like isaw, chicken feet, chicken stick, et al, they have it here!

I have been wanting to try their Dark Chili Crab ever since I’ve seen them on Zomato so that’s what I ordered, partnered with Frisky Green Apple juice. As for my dad, he opted with Grilled Salmon; and Kiwi Cucumber Lemonade for his drink, as recommended by the staff.

6d52916d-2460-40bb-a4f4-96aab01834d4Frisky Green Apple (left) – 10 AED :: 5/5 ★
Kiwi Cucumber Lemonade – 12 AED :: 4/5 ★

If you would ask me what my favorite fruit in the world is, my answer would be apples. The Frisky Green Apple was sooo good, it’s not too sweet, and I totally recommend it!

Grilled Salmon – 29 AED :: 5/5 ★
Dark Chili Crab – 29 AED :: 3.5/5 ★

I loved the Grilled Salmon! It was perfectly cooked/grilled and the garlic butter sauce was a perfect complement for it. I actually liked it better than the Dark Chili Crab.

The Dark Chili Crab, on the other hand, includes 3-5 mini crabs boiled and sauteed with dark chili sauce. It lacks flavor for me but what I appreciate about it is how they served the meal. It was inside this small mason jar and I find it really creative!



The food was served within 15-20 minutes and regarding their staff, they weren’t really that much attentive of their customers’ needs. For example, on my part, we asked for a staff to come over so we can ask for our bill, the staff said she’ll be there, but she proceeded to clean the other table first before heading to us. I know they maintain cleanliness in their restaurant but there are a lot of tables available that time; so I believe she can/should prioritize us first, give us our bill, before doing that since there aren’t any customers waiting for their table. Right?

They’re really welcoming, though. :)



I would still come back and dine in this restaurant because of their Frisky Green Apple juice! Hehe. I’d also love to try their T-Bone or Beef Tenderloin Steak soon, same with their other milkshakes and smoothies.

Rice Overdose is located at the Twin Tower Building, near Lulu Express in Hamdan Street, Al Markaziya; open from 10 AM to 12 MN, Mondays to Sundays; and does home delivery! My only problem with their location is it’s really hard to find a parking space nearby.

For more information: call 0502069446 or 02 6220068; or visit their Facebook page: Rice Overdose

I also love how they made their brand logo design! Shout out to their graphic artist!

Now, where to go on my next foodie adventure?

Love, Amielle

PS: If you’re new on Zomato, use my promo code: AMIE2924 to get AED20 off on your first order! :)

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9 thoughts on “Rice Overdose: Food Review

  1. Yay! Yung ice cream kart huhuhuuh,

    alam mo kahit sa Dubai dati pag kumakain kami sa mga Pinoy resto hindi talaga attentive mga staff, kalurkey, kaya nakakaimbyerns, tapos lalapit lang pag mag aabot na ng bill at magiging malambing (para sa tip)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tru, Ate! Pero meron namang iba na super approachable ganun. Nabasa nga nila ‘yan. Nag-message sila sa’kin sa facebook after sabi sa’kin, “Sorry po sa service namin…” Hahahaha


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