Bolinao or Never: Pangasinan’s Enchanted Cave

📍 Pangasinan, Philippines

Just two months ago, I was at Pangasinan with my best friend, Kae, and her brother who’s also very close to my heart, Kuya Kim. Aaaahhh, good times!! It was a very special trip for me because after so many years of planning, my best friend and I finally traveled together.

Welcome to Bolinao!

After almost seven hours of travel from Manila, the first thing that we did once arriving was we ate breakfast like a local at the city of Bolinao. Happiness consumed me just by walking around; noticing that this place is not touched by modernization yet. From its churches to some landmarks that they have, it feels like I’m still in the Spanish Era. I was so excited for this trip! More so when we’re already driving to our first stop which was the famous Enchanted Cave. 

I don’t know if it’s just me, but every time I’m traveling somewhere, I always read and research about the place first before getting there. For me, I want to be able to know something about the place just so I can appreciate it more.

Anyway, from what I’ve read and learned (throughout the tour), Enchanted Cave was believed to be a part of the sea millions of years ago; and it’s the reason why this place resulted to this beauty.

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As of being there last April 2017, the entrance fee is P150 whether you’ll take a dip or not.

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Look at how clear that water is! It’s also ventilated inside, there are lights in every corner, and there is always someone who’s going to watch over you, so there’s no need for you to be afraid while refreshing yourself in it. Even people who do not know how to swim (aka hello me) can take a dip because life vests are given (optional) in the entrance gate in case you need them.

Wandering Around/Photo Ops

This place is huge! They do not offer just the Enchanted Cave but what they also give you is a beautiful part of their nature. They were still renovating/building some places when we got there but everything is still so peaceful.

They also have a swimming pool outdoors in case you’re feeling claustrophobic and not comfortable swimming inside the cave. (See photo below.)

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They also have an area where you can sit and hang around with friends. It’s also a great spot for photo ops and obviously, we took advantage of it. Hahaha!

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Just a few facts about my friendship with Kae and Kuya Kim.

Kae has been my best friend since high school. We were batchmates but we were never really that close because of our schedule. (We have an AM and PM session on my high school since there are a lot of students.) It all started with Facebook if I remember it correctly. I saw that she lives on the subdivision next to the subdivision where I live so – I think – I posted on her wall or sent her a message na oh, she just lives nearby lang pala!

Then everything started from there. We started going out and have foodtrips, getting our nails done, hanging out and sleeping around each other’s houses, drinking our way out from heartbreaks, and celebrating and getting kilig too with one another when a new love comes!

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If Kae’s my sister by heart, obviously Kuya Kim is my Kuya by heart. Actually, Kuya siya ng lahat ng friends ni Kae. Hahaha! He gets along pretty well with everyone, super supportive with my blog (promise as in), and he’s just always there whenever you need a Kuya to guide you. (Atsaka kasi lagi siyang online kaya mabilis din siyang ma-reach.)

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Back to my Enchanted Cave stories… Yup, we were walking on natural sea rocks. Ever since my Sagada trip, I actually don’t like walking around rocks like these especially when it’s on a high place. I felt like my grip wasn’t all too okay and feeling ko madudulas ako palagi.

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All in all, Enchanted Cave is peaceful and serene; just another beautiful piece of our world. :)

I will be posting more about Pangasinan’s beauty this week and I can’t wait to share it with you! Until my next post!

Love, Amielle

9 thoughts on “Bolinao or Never: Pangasinan’s Enchanted Cave

  1. I love reading about people’s travels to Pangasinan ❤️ My mom grew up there and I spent most of my childhood there too. It’s so nice to see Pangasinan’s wonders being appreciated 😊


  2. Waah! We were just in Bolinao for the long weekend, wanted to visit this Enchanted Cave but thought twice because it could be a hassle bringing my baby girl down there. Haha! Thanks for writing a review! btw you’re so sexy! Made me miss my dalaga body! Hahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Paglaki pa ng konti ni baby girl! ;) Nako Ate, tbh, as I was reading your blog tapos makakita ako ng picture mo, lagi ko sasabihin na sobrang ganda mo talaga. No joke! Huhu. Sana ganyan din ako ka-fresh pag nagka-baby ako! (Pero syempre matagal pa yun HAHAHA)


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