Hooked Seafood Restaurant: Food Review

Let me tell you something about myself. A day won’t go by without me scrolling through Agoda, AirBNB, and/or Zomato. It has become a part of my daily routine. And so one night when I was doing my thing, scrolling through Zomato and checking out every restaurant’s menu, taking notes of what I would be ordering if ever I go there, I saw this newly opened restaurant just a few minutes away from my accommodation. Its name is Hooked Seafood Restaurant and the inner seafood lover in me was thrilled!!

I have been looking forward for my dining experience here for sooo long and finally, a few days ago, I get to try and taste what this restaurant has to offer with my Dad.


The restaurant is a very minimalist one – with its high ceiling and its modern interior design. We came around 9-10 pm, only a few were dining in, and the environment was more of a chill and calm one. I also liked how this place didn’t really feel crowded at all because the space is big enough to accommodate a large amount of people.



They offer a large variety of choices when you look at their menu. I actually wanted to try it all but would probably try the other ones next time because – hey – seafood is hella expensive! We all know that! Hahaha!


They also have group menus (not on the photo above) and that is what my dad and I had. We ordered their Trio package (139 AED) which includes crab, shrimp, mussels, corn, four mojito drinks (no, they aren’t alcoholic), and unlimited rice. You also get to choose what sauce you want and how hot it’s going to be, so we chose the House Specialty for its sauce and just Medium for its spice. It is also said that the package is good for 2-4 persons.

As soon we placed our order, the server covered our table with wax paper and gave us disposable gloves and apron. That’s when you know things will get messy! (Do u like Messi?)


Limelight Mojito

Geared, I was ready to attack!!

And boy, this restaurant did NOT fail me. The House Specialty sauce was soooo good, I’m actually craving for it right now. I love crabs the most among all seafood options, so it was what I devoured in first. The restaurant also gave a crab cracker so that it will be easier for you to savor everything. My Dad said the medium was spicy already, but for me, it wasn’t that spicy at all.

The food was a-ma-zing. I swear.


The dessert was tempting and so is the Cajun fries but I was actually the one who finished 3/4 of the meal and I was too full to try those. As I said, there will be a “next time” so Cajun fries, just wait for me.


I believe that no matter how good your food is, if your service is crappy, then you’re not a good restaurant. But this place just have it all. Their service was good too! Staff were friendly and very attentive to your needs, and they always come by asking you how their food is or if you need anything. And I’m not being bias even though all their staff are mostly Kabayan.


A 5/5!! I love this restaurant so much and I would certainly come back to try other options from their menu. Plus, they also have a karaoke room upstairs! Gurl, you know me, where there is good food and karaoke, I am there. Hahahaha.

Hooked Seafood Restaurant is located near City Season’s Hotel, Electra Street, Najda, Abu Dhabi; open from 11 AM to 12 MN (schedule may vary because of Ramadan); has parking spaces; accepts card and credit cash; and does delivery!

For more information, call 02 6269918, or visit their Facebook page: Hooked Seafood Restaurant.

I am currently eyeing a newly opened burger restaurant and I can’t wait to tell you more about that soon! Until my next food adventures here in the Emirates!

Love, Amielle

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