Let Self-Love Be Your Priority

It’s sad that there are still a lot of people in this world who don’t know how to value themselves. People who blame themselves when something bad happens in their lives; people who punish themselves because they think they did the wrong thing. So many men and women still cry at night, asking themselves why they aren’t good enough for anyone.

Today, if you are one of them, I want you to stop.

I want you to stop and tell yourself that you are good enough. If people tell you you aren’t, don’t let them affect you. It is them who isn’t good for you and you have to erase those kind of people from your life. I know it’s hard especially when that person is really important, but if your relationship with that person is already toxic and is doing nothing but to bring you down, I hope you learn how to walk away.

But what is the very first step in loving yourself? I already said the answer above and it is telling and knowing that you are good enough. Acceptance is the key to everything. Trust me. Once you learn how to accept yourself – all your flaws, weakness, and imperfections – no one can use that against you. Be kind to yourself because at the end of the day, when it seems like the universe has given up on you, you have no one to turn to but yourself. So treat yourself right. Go to the gym not because opinions of other people bother you; go to the gym because that is what you want for yourself and doing so makes you happy.

Which goes down to number two: always remember that you are the only person responsible for your success and happiness. We can’t control and change everything that is happening around us no matter how hard we try but we can always change our perceptions, opinions, and how we react about it.

Oftentimes, we become pessimistic when times get tough and it’s not okay. When we let ourselves get dragged down by our problems and we don’t do anything about it but to complain and cry, it just shows that we are letting our problems win. We let them hug and affect us, instead of fighting them and telling them that they will not ruin our lives. Instead of whining about how hard our life is, find a solution how to make it easier because there is always – always – a way to everything. Simple as that.

Tell yourself that happiness is a choice, and today, you choose to be happy.

Another thing that self-loving people do is they never lower their standards for the wrong reason. They know their worth and they know what they deserve. They would never ever settle for less. Please keep that in mind. I’m that friend who will never get tired of telling you those things because that is the truth.

You deserve pure bliss. You deserve every sunrise and sunset in this world. You deserve to love and be loved completely and wholeheartedly. You deserve the sunshine that kisses your face in the morning and the moonlight that hugs your skin at night. You deserve all the beauty this world has to offer. You deserve the universe.

Because you, yourself, is good enough. 

And I hope that with this post, you will learn to love yourself (more) and become the best version of who you are because that person is the person who you’re destined to be.


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