Received flowers from a guy who isn’t my boyfriend last Valentines

Hi! Long time, I know. I just want to post a quick kwento on my blog because I miss talking about random stuff here. How are you? I know I’m a month late but how did you spend your Valentines Day? Did you receive flowers? Chocolates? Or did you went to school and just headed home after?

As for me, I received flowers from two different guys last month.

Obviously, the first one is from my boyfriend, Wel, who surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers on a beautiful Valentines Day morning. I was still sleeping when his call woke me up and said that he’s downstairs waiting for me. Of course, being emotional and soft-hearted as I am, I had tears of joy (long story, don’t ask) when he left and promised to pick me up for dinner.

This is our third year celebrating Valentines together. I didn’t blog about what happened last year but he surprised me with a letter inside a personalized box full of chocolates, and went to church with my family that afternoon.

Now, you might be wondering who the other one is.

Hmm.. It took a long time for me to finally admit this but, guys, Wel isn’t the only one I love. He knows and he accepts it. There’s this guy.. and I have been seeing him for years now (longer than Wel). He’s showered me with lots of things – material or not – and he’s given me everything I needed.

Clearly, he’s my dad.

Lunch time of February 13, my mom woke me up and said that there’s food downstairs. (“Lalamig ang mojos,” pa ‘yung pagkakasabi n’ya so that I’ll go downstairs ASAP.) To be honest, I thought it was from Wel because we had a misunderstanding the night before and he usually makes it up to me by giving me my favorite food. (In tagalog, suhol.) But when I went downstairs, he wasn’t there and that’s when I knew that it’s from my Dad. My Mom wouldn’t buy lots of food especially when it’s only herself, my brother, and I who would be eating it. I know her.

As if on cue, there was someone on our gate holding boxes of delivery packages from my Dad, ad well.

Usually, he’s just sending me money and buy flowers and gifts for Mom myself – that was what happened last year. My Mom received a bouquet of lovely sunflowers and my Lola got a bouquet of peach roses – so everything was unexpected. I didn’t realize that he hasn’t talked to me about what his plans are for Valentines until that day; maybe because my mind was honestly preoccupied that week.

Thank you so much, Pa. I don’t know if you’re reading my blog, but if you do, know that I love you so much and I am forever grateful that you’re my dad.

And to you reading this, super belated happy valentines’ day! I hope that whatever your current relationship status now is, you feel loved and special, not just today but for the rest of all the tomorrows there will be. :)

Love, Amielle

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