Rock Climbing After N Years

If you’re looking for the girl who’s up for adventures, well, you just found me.

Adventure fills my life. Doing extreme things and feeling the adrenaline rush through my veins is what makes me feel I’m alive. Skydiving? Let’s go. Bungee jumping? Yes, I’m up for it. Scariest roller coaster in the world? Where’s the line for the front seat? Anything extreme (except eating weird foods like fried cockroach, live worms, etc. pls no dont force me), I will say yes to that.

After feeling like a Donya for a few hours in the Emirates Palace Hotel and taking photos under the scorching heat of Abu Dhabi, my family headed straight to Yas Mall, one of the biggest malls in the city. We just did our normal routine – eat, walk around, window shop, eat – and basically just killing time until we walked inside Adventure HQ.


I always take a long look at this place every time I’m passing by it at the mall. Rock Climbing has always been a part of me. It started ageees ago, probably 10 (or more) years ago if I’m not mistaken, when the mall in my place had it. I always ask my mom to let me climb and she did. That was my last memory of Rock Climbing, too.

Thinking about it now, I realize that I had it in me even when I was this small little kid. I have always been brave; I have always been saying yes to dangerous things – to good dangerous things that some people will not even dare try. I have always been.. Me. A lot may have changed but I’m still me.

To cut the long story short, our dad allowed us to go in and here goes my brother, Llander, and I’s attempts!


I think this is my brother’s first time and he’s done good! He’s tall which gave him an advantage so he climbs fast. Really fast for a beginner.

As for me… Well. Not to carry my own chair, but hey, I think I still got it in me. The staff chose my first path to climb and it was so hard I thought maybe this thing isn’t really meant for me. Maybe this is just for the young Amielle. Maybe my body isn’t physically ready for this because I haven’t done it for years, and I don’t even exercise! I only stretch when I’m reaching for the remote.


But after finishing the path, the staff told me that the first one I tried is actually the hardest path and I did it! I conquered it! It brought back all my lost hope and I never stopped climbing for more. Of course, as a girl who claimed she doesn’t exercise, I lost my grip eventually and my arms started to get really sore. I let myself rest for a while, but I don’t stop. I’m already there, why would I let this pain stop me from enjoying this moment?

If you know me personally, you know that my brother and I rarely bond. And at that moment, I didn’t even think about the soreness I’m feeling and what it’ll make me feel the day after. What I just thought is that moments like this rarely happen and I am so grateful I had it.


How was it? It was the most tiring thing I had done on my stay in Abu Dhabi yet but the most satisfying, at the same time. Yes, it gave me super red and numb hands hours after but it pushed me to my limits. There are times when I felt like stopping already then I’d tell myself, “this is for an hour only! Sa payat mong ‘yan, ‘di mo kayang i-angat sarili mo? You’re quitting? C’mon bes, your parents didn’t raise a quitter!” Hahaha! I’d just take a rest and be back on track after.


If we’re going into deep moral life lesson right here, what I learned is that on your way up, you will always look down from we’re you’ve been. Because you can never be a rock higher if you won’t look down and take a look on where you’re going to place your feet. No matter how high you are now, where you are or what you have achieved in life, you will and should always look back on all the things that made you reach the top.

Enough of the drama! To bring back all the energy we had lost, we decided to ate at Chili’s after, and this is how we #BeatTheEnergyGap.


This day was a really fun day. My family’s complete and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.


Love, Amielle

Any thoughts?

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