Spoon & Bowl Restaurant: Food Review

You know how I try to find the good in everything, right? That’s what I’ve been trying to do ever since this evening after we ate at this newly opened restaurant in the city – Spoon & Bowl.

The place itself is very nice. Very modern and it looks more of a café, to be honest. You can see that it’s actually well-planned, staff are accommodating, but when it comes to their food and service, it’s just a no-no for me.

The food took so long to arrive and the taste, for me, didn’t match its prices. We ordered Honey Glazed Chicken and Chicken Ramen; and you know something’s off when you tell the people you’re with, “*This place* is better.” Food is actually a little bland. I don’t know if I just ordered the wrong food or I should have asked what their bestsellers are instead, but reading reviews of this place says that I’m not the only one who had the same experience.

Honey Glazed Chicken (25 AED) – 2.5/5 ⭐️

The honey chicken was okay. Not the “Woah, I’d come back for this” but not the “I am never trying this again” kind of meal. My only problem with this was its rice. It was sooo soft. Not the KFC rice in the Philippines kind of soft but the almost porridge kind of soft!! Do you guys get me? At first, I thought napadami lang ‘yung tubig but when Ate Tel told the staff about it when we’re about to leave, the staff told her that it’s because it is Japanese rice. Hmmm.. I don’t think Japanese rice is that soft.

Chicken Ramen (15 AED)

Truth be told, I’m not really a ramen kind of person; I don’t have any idea what it should taste like so I’m not rating it even if I had a sip from it. But if you would want some opinion about it, Ate Tel said that the beef ramen is better.


  • Food – 2/5
  • Service – 3/5
  • Place – 4/5

Don’t judge. Just because I’m giving this place a not so good review doesn’t mean that I am not grateful because I am. I am extremely grateful that I get the chance to eat at this place; or given the chance to have a meal to eat at all. I just want to honestly share my experience and if given the opportunity, I would still eat here but I’d rather choose another meal to try.

To end this, what do you guys think about the photos on this post? Did you notice any change at all? Please say yes. Hahaha. Everything except for the last two portraits of myself (taken from an iPhone 7+’s camera; super nice quality) were shot from the new camera I was saying on my last post. It’s Sony’s A6000 and I’ve been loving it so far because it gives me good quality photos. I didn’t even have to edit it. Everything you saw was #NoFilter, not even #BrightnessOrContrastAdjusted which I usually do when I use my GoPro. The only thing I did on the photos above were shrink its sizes so it’ll be easier to upload and it won’t load too long when you open my post. The only problem I’ve encountered yet is that it doesn’t have a Manual-Focus which kind of gives me a hard time when I’m on Manual Mode but I’ll learn how to cope with it soon.

Anyway, that’s all for this post; hope you’re all having a fantastic day!

Love, Amielle

Any thoughts?

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