Sushi Story Restaurant: Food Review

Fun fact: I have never tasted a sushi yet in my twenty years of existence. Growing up with my Mom who don’t eat much of Japanese food (or other types of international cuisine), I guess I never really became fond of it. Believe me, it was Wel I was with when I had my first taste of Tokyo Tokyo. So when I saw that Ate Tel and Ate Angel were heading to Sushi Story after a day of shopping at Dalma Mall, my first thought was: “Omg. I don’t eat sushi.” Second thought: “I know they have other food here aside from sushi. It’s impossible they don’t.”

Teppanyaki Grill – watch as your food is cooked in front of your eyes

Each of us were given an iPad for their menu and the first thing I did was scroll down for anything chicken or shrimp. After taking our orders, Ate Tel Anne kept on telling me to pose for photos but I was so shy! I know I shouldn’t because I chose this life and I should be used to people looking at me when I pose for photos but I’ll get there. Don’t worry. In time. Hahaha

Food came and I immediately stood up to take photos of what we ordered. It was then that Ate Tel told the F&B Staff that I’m going to blog about it; that’s why. I was so shocked! I never knew she reads my blog! Ate Angel even asked, “Nagbblog ka?” (“You’re blogging?”) which to Ate Tel answered, “Oo. At mahilig siya sa carbonara.” (“Yes. And she loves carbonara.”) I didn’t know what to feel that time. If I’m going to be shocked or just blush kasi sobrang kilig! She knows things about me without me telling her because she reads my blog. Wow! (Hi Ate!)

Chicken Yakitori (20 AED) with Plain Rice (15 AED) — 4/5 ⭐️
Yaki Soba (50 AED) — 3.5/5 ⭐️
Sushi Crab Sandwich (45 AED) — 4/5 ⭐️

Food was great!! You may be asking why I rated the Sushi Crab Sandwich 4 stars when I haven’t even tasted any sushi yet in my whole life and I don’t know what sushi actually tastes like.. But I loved this one. Probably because it isn’t raw compared to the typical sushi. I, myself, was also surprised that I actually liked the dish. I’m actually craving for it while typing this but I told myself to try everything here that isn’t in the Philippines first; so… Most likely not now.

Service was amazing, as well. We didn’t wait long for our food and it was served hot. (TMI: Got my tongue burned because of my katakawan.) Most staff were Filipinos or what we call as Kabayan here and they were really attentive and friendly. They tend to all our needs rapidly with beautiful smiles on their faces. Hello to Ate who took the photo below and told me I’m pretty after taking it. I don’t know if you usually compliment your customers, ‘te, but thank you. It made my day. ☺️

L-R: Kristoff, Ate Tel, KC, Ate Angel, and yours truly

And of course, thank you to my two beautiful Ates for this meal. I’ll make it up to you, soon. :)

Dalma Mall, First Floor
Unit # FF-CS-04
Musaffah, Abu Dhabi
Off: +971 2 5524290

(Update: 12/02/16) Hi! I am so excited to tell you that you will be seeing better quality photos on my blog because I have a new camera! I’ve been reading reviews about it for quite a long time now and I can’t wait to use it for my blog! I will still be using my GoPro Hero4, so don’t worry, you’ll still see wide-angled photos if you love that kind of thing.

That’s it! Leaving you with a selfie of myself trying to find my perfect angle. :p I hope that wherever you are right now, you’re happy and you’re sleeping peacefully every night. God bless!

Love, Amielle

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