Kaffeine Café: Food Review

My beautiful province of Batangas has been keeping up with the Metro! As you have read on some of my posts, café’s and even hole in the wall restaurants have been booming and this café in Alangilan is for you especially if you’re one of the few who takes their IG feed very seriously.

I’ve been hearing about this place since it opened last July and good thing I had a chance to give it a try a day before I leave for Abu Dhabi. (Yes, I am in Abu Dhabi at the moment. And yes, it’s still hot here – though they say cold days are coming. No, I am not negra.. Yet.)

This café has the chill vibe my friends and I were looking. Their staff were friendly and accommodating, too. (Not to mention, young!) It also has this small space available for those who want to have a little bit of privacy.

Photo from James Abel C

One thing that struck me most: this place has really beautiful lights! Take the one above, for example. Very perfect lighting for selfies!! Kaya siguro tuwang tuwa rin ako sa ilaw nila. Hahahaha.


Aside from coffee, they offer varieties of pasta, rice meals, and snacks that you would like. They also have snacks that aren’t on the list so make sure you ask if you want something.

Chicken Fingers w/ Mozarella (P120)

I ordered Chicken Finger with Mozarella Rice Meal even though they have carbonara (and you know how much my love for carbonara is!) ‘cause #1: it’s dinner time and I need rice on my system, #2: that’s what my bestfriend, Kae, is getting and #3: the staff said Chicken Fingers is also one of their bestsellers.

The meal was great! It has mozarella cheese inside – as its name says – and everytime you’re slicing or taking a bite of it, cheese and cheese and cheese will be there. It actually complements pretty good with the chicken. Their rice serving was perfect (for me), too. Not too much and not too small.

Tip: If it’s your first time on a restaurant and you don’t know which to eat, don’t be afraid to ask what their best sellers are.

Carbonara (P100) ⭐️ 3/5
Grilled Sausage (P120)

More like.. Grilled Jumbo Sausage. Hahaha. It was okay, too, though Renz said it’s makunat. He said that maybe it’s like that ‘cause it’s grilled. Anyone who can confirm if it’s correct? Please comment down below.

Yes, fuma-flatlay

As for our drinks, Renz and I ordered Double Chocolate Chip Blended Coffee. It wasn’t that sweet; in fact, you can clearly taste the coffee in it.

Double Chocolate Chip (P105)

It was a fuuun night; we were all laughing, sharing stories, and basically, just rekindling our friendship. We actually stayed there for three hours, so syempre.. Time for snacks!!

Nachos and Fries
Ham & Cheese Sandwich (P80) and Nachos and Fries

Nachos and Fries was so good. Masarap kasi ‘yung cheese na gamit nila (and to be honest, napakaarte ko sa cheese.) We also loved the chips that comes with the Ham & Cheese Sandwich. Sana sabihin n’yo na sa‘kin kung ano ‘yun, pls.
Overall, good food and solid night with friends.. One of the best things to have before leaving the country the next day. I hope you guys are reading this (aba dapat lang! #FriendDuties ‘yan!), and I just want to thank you for that night. What happens in Kaffeine, stays in Kaffeine. 😜

Kaffeine Café has free wifi, reserved parking spaces for customers, and is open from Mondays to Saturdays from 10 AM – 10 PM. Located at Artiquel Building, National Highway, Alangilan, Batangas; near PTT Gas Station, beside Motor Ace and across Romy’s Lechon. Contact #: (043) 425-0754. If you have questions, just message them on their Facebook account. They respond fast.

Oh. Kaffeine was also featured on one of the Youtuber Wil Dasovich vlogs, just so you know. Congrats on that, guys! 😊


Life update: I am currently in Abu Dhabi, UAE; without any idea on when I will be coming home. Nope, ‘di ako TNT ha! Really sad, but hey, that’s life!

Sometimes, you have to make decisions that would distance yourself with the people you love, but in the end, you know it will all be worth it. Besides, this scares me. Mukha lang hindi kasi enjoy enjoy pa ako  lately. (Follow me bes sa IG/Snap for my kalukahans: @amielledt hehe) But I’ve read this quote somewhere that if it scares you, you should do it. And this is me, doing it.. Knowing that I’m a step closer to my dreams.

On repeat ko din nga pala ‘yung new song ni Bruno Mars na Versace on the Floor. Listen to it after this post! Also, I will try to blog weekly about all my adventures here so just visit this blog every once in a while. Hope you’re all doing well, wherever you are! Smile! ☺️

Love, Amielle

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