Our Second Time in Hong Kong

I wanted to do a flashback post for my awesome granddad whom we all miss so much because this marks his first year of not being with us. We lost him because of colon cancer and until now, I wish he’s still here to witness everything that we have all achieved. I know he’s so proud of me right now like he always is and as what he usually say, I am his most beautiful apo (grandchild). His beauty queen. Hehe. Nako, lo. Pag-iisipan pa natin ‘yan, ha?

Anyway, this second time in Hong Kong is one of my family’s favorites because this is our first time to travel with my grandparents. My lola (grandmom) on my dad’s side and lolo (granddad) on my mom’s side. We were all so excited! It was also my lola’s first time to ride an airplane so I’m really happy for her.

This was April 2012 so it’s more than four years now. Please excuse my nene or fetus days face (which I will try to rarely post, sorry to disappoint you hahaha).


We just roamed around the city and give ourselves a rest because for our second day, we went to Hong Kong Disneyland!


Haaay lo. That’s what I miss the most about you. Your never ending jokes and that really genuine smile.


Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland!!!! Aaaaah my heart is so happy! ♥


a rare photo of my brother smiling. he rarely smiles for the camera now.


We went to Ocean Park the day after and I think I will be doing a new blog post for it. Because I have so many stories to share about that day, about that park.

Anyhow, to give you a little background about my lolo, I guess it’s pretty obvious how he seems like a funny person on photos. You know, the lolo who’s always all smiles like he’s not carrying a lot of problems when he is.. But yeah, he is that kind of grandpops. Aside from that, he’s very smart. He always have a lot of stories and writing this now, I think that I got that from him. He took Medicine in college but stopped and took Law instead. He’s charming and very easy to get along with. Always the kids’ favorite.

He always teases me that I am his favorite apo and that I am his most beautiful apo. Every time he sees me, he’d always go, “Ayan na ang pinakamaganda kong apo!” then he’d plant me a kiss on the cheek and hug me very tight..

Hay! Writing this makes me so emotional but I know that wherever he is right now, I know that he’s proud of whatever I’ve become. I may not be the Miss Universe he aspires me to but someone treats me as Miss Universe whom he’d met when he’s still here and I think it will suffice. Hehe.

I miss you so much, Lolo.

Love, Amielle

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